Saturday, May 26, 2012

BT Rescue in Italy

Meet Marzia Ugo Nina Donnini!! She has written to us to tell us about her new Rescue Group in Italy !!!!! We are so happy to meet you and hear about your new group Marzia !!!! Her passion to help shines through !! Thank you Marzia xoxoxo
Hello everyone at NEBTR
I'm an Italian girl and I have 2 Bostons.
I with some others BT owners have started the first Italian BT Rescue and, even if this breed is not so popular in Italy, we have rescued 7 dogs from the beginning of this year (4 from shelters and 3 from a puppy mill)
I hope that you can help Jerry, the BT/French Bulldog mix at Manhattan Center...they want to kill him...
Please let me know if is possible to adopt him from Italy and keep me update about him if you can...
Thank you for your work with this little dogs !!! God bless you !!!

Marzia with Ugo and Nina, her beloved Bostons

Friday, May 25, 2012

New Foster Gus

Meet new foster Gus. He is 6 years old. His owner had to go into a home so her family was coming into her home for a year taking care of him 3x a day. He is a super sweetheart and is doing well in his foster home. More updates to come!

Jerrilyn Walters reports on the volunteers who reached out to rescue Gus and his Jack Russell Terrier buddy, Shiloh.

"Hi everyone,

I wanted to tell everyone about a very special rescue that took place
over the weekend.
We got a call from a woman in Florida who needed our help. She told us
that her mother had gotten very ill with Alzheimer's and had moved in
with her other daughter to be cared for. She left behind two dogs in her
home, a 6 yo BT named Gus and his buddy, an 11 yo Jack Russell Terrier
named Shiloh. The pair of dogs had been living alone in the house for a
year, with the son in law coming by to feed and take them out a few
times per day.
The daughter in Florida was worried for them and the daughter that took
in the mother had become overwhelmed with caring for her mother and
increasing debt that she could no longer care for the dogs.
Her and her husband were planning in euthanizing Shiloh the JRT and were
also considering doing the same to Gus the BT. They were simply
overwhelmed with health issues, debt and the responsibility of going to
the other house to care for Gus and Shiloh every day.
Well our colleagues in the Pittsburgh area sprang into action!
Sara Liberte drove several hours to pick up Gus the BT. When she
arrived, she could not bear to leave Shiloh behind, just because he
wasnt a BT. She took them both home!
NEBTR volunteer Leah Colonello picked up Gus the BT later that day and
reports that he is sweet, happy and healthy.
Another NEBTR volunteer, Megan Sanchez, took Shiloh the JRT until he
finds a home or foster home. He is also sweet happy and healthy!
The daughter in Florida who orginally contacted us was so moved by our
actions she wrote:

"I don't have the words to tell you how grateful I am for the NEBTR
volunteers. I have decided to start helping at an animal rescue here in
Orlando as a result of your kindness. My sister tells me that her
husband cried from happiness when he came home and told her that the
rescue volunteer took Shilo too.
Should I contact you for updates on Gus & Shilo? I also plan to send $25
per paycheck to help pay for the vet bills, should I send the checks to
the address on the surrender agreement?"

We are so grateful to everyone involved in this rescue effort. Gus even
has a couple near Pittsburgh already interested in him! Shiloh is
available - spread the word!
Check out their picture I have attached here.

Many many thanks to Sara, Leah and Megan and countless others who helped
with this and other NEBTR rescues every day!
Every action goes a long long way.

Hooch the Naughty Pup

While Hooch is not a Boston, pug, or Frenchie....he is an awesome foster brother to 25 former foster pups....and this video is too funny not to send.
Lisa Vaughan
Allentown PA

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Mr. B Crosses the Rainbow Bridge

Our deepest sympathy goes out to Joan Stark and family on their loss of Mr. B.

Joan writes, "It is with a very heavy heart that I have to share that we helped our beloved Boston (also known as Mr. B) to cross the Rainbow Bridge today. He ended up with pulmonary fibrosis and was struggling for every breath. We had a rough time find a diagnosis but after consultations with cardiologist, internist, radiologist and multiple tests and medication trials this was the end result. No response to meds meant that there was nothing more to do. While he wasn't an NEBTR rescue boy, he was my first rescue boy. We got him eight years ago when he was two. He had been found in an abandoned house. He had been going in and out through the doggie door and feeding himself from garbage cans and whatever he could find and would go back to his crate at night. He weighed ten pounds and was full of parasites. he grew into a beautiful brindle boy of 23 pounds and was such a joy to our lives. He is the reason I joined NEBTR and continue to work with rescues. He was such a happy go lucky laid back little clown. He did tricks for treats, and before he went to sleep for the final time gave me one last kiss and one last high five. This must have been the reason that Beanie came to us as a foster. Run free at the Bridge Mr. B.

Your Momma and Daddy miss you already."

 Joan Stark Ontario NY

Feature Foster, Max

Max is 10 years old, but he didn't get the memo: he hasn't heard that senior dogs should be slow, sedate and thoughtful. Max subscribes to the you're as old as you feel theory, and he feels like a teenager. He has no idea where the gray whiskers came from, and he's not about to let a few gray hairs keep him from some adventures. He has the maximum energy level for a Boston Terrier, and enjoys interacting with his people in physical activities. He loves to chase thrown objects and has been trained to drop balls at the feet of his human pitcher. He walks well on a leash, and enjoys long walks through the neighborhood.

He barks only when he deems it necessary, and will wait patiently behind a gate until permitted to go elsewhere in the home. He is crate-trained and sits patiently in one spot while traveling in the car.

Max is an affectionate, adoring Boston who has many years left to love a family who could appreciate all he has to offer. He is neutered, house-broken, has great teeth and is up to date on his shots. Won't you open your heart to 26 pounds of unconditional love?

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

New Foster Hank

I wanted to update you all on our foster, Hank. He is a ten year old brown Boston who was dumped outside a Connecticut shelter.

We've had him going on 2 weeks now. He is very sweet and gentle. He's a big boy...35 pounds. He has a great appetite and gets along well with other dogs aside. He likes sleeping in his bed and under the blankets in our bed (while snoring loudly), and he loves chewing on raw hides. He enjoys leisurely walks and car rides. He doesn't seem to have much experience with cats. He's very interested in ours. I think he just wants to smell her, but so far she hasn't allowed too much of that. During one of their first few times meeting, she hissed at him, and he whimpered and peed. :) Poor guy. He would really be a dream dog for families with or without other pets.

 We think he's an old soul. I can't imagine how someone could abandon him. I've attached some pics.

 Liz Brooklyn, NY

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Update on Nitro

Nitro is doing well! He is much happier after his mouth surgery. He loves to go on walks and roam the back yard. He loves to give kisses and cuddle too. He has become the bath giver in the house, he cleans everyone. He had a little spill and lost a nail recently, but he recovered quick!
Check out a pic of him!
Allentown PA

New Foster Rocky

Presenting our new foster, Rocky! He will be lovingly cared for by Renee Posey until he is able to find a forever home.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Dog and Cat Video

New Foster Bruiser

Bruiser, a ten year old Boston,  was found in the Manhattan Animal Control Center.  This is the beginning of a new life for Bruiser, who now gets cuddles instead of having to wander the New York Streets alone.  Despite all, he is described by foster mom Narelle Wolf as being sweet and friendly.

He says,  "Thanks for breaking me out of there!"  

And here is a video of him playing at a New York dog park with his foster mom and all his new dog friends!

Update on Tori

Tori is starting to relax a little.  She loves this rubber squeaky toy and was throwing it around the kitchen while was making supper.  Any time I moved however, she would grab it and run in her crate.
Trust me Tori...I don't want that slimy thing.
-- Dawn Stone

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Jake has a Forever Home! And a New Name!

Jake/Spock's new parents, Sara and Will, describe their first day with their new fur baby:

Just wanted to let you know that Jake (or Spock, as I decided to call him,
since he can't hear to be confused by a new name) is settling in nicely to
his new home. He did excellent on the 3.5 hour drive, just slept the whole
way! He spent a good hour sniffing around the apartment ...
He seems to like walking on the leash around our neighborhood, and he
behaves very nicely on the leash. I've taken to carrying him down our
stairs, since they're a bit steep and he fell last night the first time he
tried them - though he didn't seem hurt at all I don't want to risk any
accidents, and I think his depth perception (or poor eye sight) makes
falling too easy.
He didn't seem interested in the doggy bed I made him to sleep on, he picked out an afghan instead to sleep curled
up on near our bed. He slept through the night (though 6:30 am is a bit
earlier to wake up than I would normally like!), and has been napping most
of the morning next to me on the couch.