Saturday, March 29, 2014

Easter Baskets for Pugs, Leia and Harley

I recently received Easter Baskets for my fosters.  I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart and my babies truly enjoyed the treats.  I have had a lot going on here the past few weeks and apologize for the delay in getting this message out.

Thanks to SuzAnne Bollinger for the basket for Pugs.

Thanks to Rhea Henderson for the basket for Leia.

Thanks to Loretta Miner for the basket for Harley.

What a great group of Rescue Angels you all are!

Linda V.

Brody Says Thanks to Jodi Wasiak

Awww!!! BRODY received the basket and I took some pictures. Thanks so much, Jodi Wasiak

Kim Smith and Brody

Scooby is Settling In

He was nervous as to be expected with yet another new home. He snuggled under the blanket on the couch with me while I watched tv. He had no accidents last night but cried when I went to bed. I took his bed in my bedroom and he was content but a little later he was on my bed sneaking under the covers with me!!! So we both got a good nights sleep He is still sneezing but I want to wait a little while to see if the meds do their job. I liked the name Scooby so Scooby it is!!!  Thanks to Chris and family for suggesting it!

Bonnie Towner

Nala Thanks Easter Bunny Jayson

Little Princess Nala got her Easter Basket today. She promptly demanded to try a treat and enjoyed her dinner in the new doggie bowl :-)

Thank you to Jayson Chrzanowski for being her Easter Bunny.

Here is Sophie getting comfortable in my husband's chair.  She also says thank you for the fun packages she received!

Sophie has been an absolute delight! She was very, very shy and timid the first couple days, but by the weekend, she came out of her shell! She is lively and funny and very sweet. She is a very good cuddler. We have a 3 y.o. cavachon in our home also, and they are getting along very nicely. Truly, we could not have asked for a better, more positive first experience with a foster.  She doesn't have that frightened look in her eyes anymore. Again, she is such a sweet girl! 

Abby Jolley

Welcome to NEBTR, Sophie, and thanks Abby for helping this beautiful girl!

Neat Dog Trick

Look at what one of our member dogs can do!

Wade is Feeling Better and Says Thanks for His New Manwear

Well, Wade is back and feeling better than ever! I think having those teeth out has him already feeling waaaay better than he probably has in years. 

Which is great!

Unless your happen to be my house. He broke out of his crate somehow today (it was still closed), and took a tour of destruction starting in my living room. He pretended he was a mountain goat, leapt up on every oiece of furniture, cascading files and projects everywhere. After that got boring, he knocked over the gate and went up the front steps, somehow managing to open a door, and raided my lingerie and took a nap (going from the evidence). Feeling revived, He then decided to go down the back stair case (for the maid. Obviously), knocked down that gate, and celebrated his completed tour by knocking over first the garbage to fill his belly with coffee grounds, and then the recycling bin to wash them down with some craft beer remnants from Free Will Brewery. I know what youre thinking. That guy has excellent taste. You are correct! 

This took up most of the day, I assume. He then wauted by the door for my husband to arrive to witness his display of creativity and sense of adventure.

Yes, my poor husband dutifully cleaned it all up. I heard this story on my way home.

Wade is a wonderful dog. Just about perfect, really. But he does NOT like to be alone. We already use a pheremone spray,  give him treats and toys in his crate, and he is borrowing a Thundershirt to help with his lonely anxieties.  Wade does have a long Frankenatein like line of sutures down his neck, and was neutered just 2 days ago. So we REALLY need him to be calm. And stationary. And stay out of my unmentionables.

Good news! Wade got some of his own underthings today! Doesn't he look distinguished in his fanciest of fancy underpants? I think so. He is such a good boy :) some nice supporter bought him a 4 pack of these very stylish manderwears to curb his indoor sprinkles! We LOVE them! And he does not feel silly at all now :) he is a proud old man, you know!

For an old dude, he got a lot done today.

That was very funny from where I'm sitting, Erin.  I hope your husband has a sense of humor😂. I'm so glad Wade is feeling better and sounds like he feels quite at home.

Boy, he sure is a cutie, adventurous, but cute. That was very funny to read! 

Friday, March 28, 2014

Milly Collects Bowls

Every day Milly takes all the dog bowls and puts them in the living room on the rug. What a girl!
DuBois Pa

I think it's important for a girl to have a hobby, don't you? Lol 

Thank you Easter Bunny from Chica

Clara Has Dental Surgery

Miss Clara did pretty well. She had 8 teeth pulled. She only had 20 to start w. I sent some pictures. Milly did not like to be with out her today. She chewed the baby gate. But was giving her kisses when she got home. The girl in the picture is my friend Kelsey who did the dental while I monitored her heart rate and temperature. She is resting now.
DuBois pa

Update on Buddy's Surgery for Eye Removal

Buddy had a check up today to make sure his incision was healing.  All is well & he was a very good boy as usual.
Melanie Stein  ♥all you need is love and a dog♥

Brady and Rudy in Their New Home Get a Gift From Foster Mom

Heard from Brady and Rudy's new family yesterday. They are doing great! Seem to be settling in just fine. They are having a great time. I sent a surprise care package to them with treats and toys including their favorite chuck it balls. Enclosed are the pics Glenda sent me of them and their package.

Boy do I miss them!! Lol


Brendle Selfie

I don't think Brendle is ready to start the day yet.


RIP Snow White

Happy Birthday Dash

MaryLou Hancock Kirkland :

Happy 5th Birthday,
Dash Loki Kirkland!

Wade Starts the Best Day of His Life

Thursday, March 27, 2014

He's Safe!

Thanks to the efforts of the group and our Facebook fans, this boy is now SAFE!  The Shelter estimated him to be about 7, neutered. He was a stray whose owner never came forward. They say he is friendly but he cried in his cage all day. How heartbreaking! Special thanks to Stacie Kyle for going to get him!!!

Thanks to Sara McLaughlin, this boy will be transported today to his foster Mom Bonnie Towner.  Bonnie, thank you so much for opening up your heart and home to this boy in desperate need! Bonnie writes, "I am so happy to be helping with fostering."

Now he needs a name. Any suggestions for Bonnie?

Stacie reports this morning, "Our boy is resting comfortably before his big trip today, he really is a good doggy. His eating is fine, his stool is fine, but he has a cold that's a bit worse than just sneezing. Sending him to Bonnie with bed, blanket, collar and leash and why this perfect gentlemen ended up in a shelter blows me away. He slept later than I this morning. He will make anyone a great companion."

Milly Likes the Couch

Milly spends lots of time w us on the couch. Cooper is in this picture. Clara likes the dog bed. 
DuBois pa

Nala and Brendle Are Tired

Fosters Nala (on the left) and Brendle (right) got tired waiting for me to drop something while making dinner.
Brendle is the new guy and Nala is sure to remind him which bed is hers, which toys are hers and which part of my lap is hers. He is very good at respecting her princess mentality :-)
Nala goes for her spay tomorrow. Wish her luck!!

Jax Says Hi From Florida

Jax says hi to everyone from his Florida vacation... he’s such a man, doesn’t need no bed or blanket, just sun... Lucky dog!  He's really living the life now!

Wrigley Gets His Cuddle On

Mr. Wriggles is learning the fine art of the snuggle, I love it!  He has come a long way, as this was not something he was comfortable with a few weeks ago when we got him.
My husband is a sucker for the NEBTR boys Wrigley in his lap and Tigger, standing by... 
Denice, Jackson, NJ

Ace Thanks Katherine, Hardy and Tuna

Ace received his Easter basket! Thanks to Katherine, Hardy and Tuna!!

Lani Thanks Rex Bollinger for the Easter Basket

Chica's Easter Basket from Jackie

Many Thanks to Shelter Love Events

Eddie Thanks Easter Bunny Judie Clabaugh

Jami Gonyea:

Eddie loves his Easter Basket and he's sending smooches to his Easter Bunny Judie Clabaugh.

Duncan Enjoys Life

 Duncan is settling well into his foster home.
The first picture is him finding the best sun ray in the house!
He is a HUGE cuddlebug and is happiest when he is snuggled on the couch.
He loves playing with his foster brother, Rupert. 
And the last picture is Duncan helping me as I work from home.

We are really enjoying our time together! I hope these will make a good addition to the blog :)

Alyssa Renwick

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Wade Has His Surgery

Well our sweet old man is snoring away on the heat pad on the couch. . 

The Vet said his xrays were NORMAL! no other weird masses or anything suspicious, and his heart is a normal size and shape, which is GREAT news! He did say that on the ECG machine Wade has an abnormal heart beat which slows down and then picks back up again, the name of which I can't recall because I was so excited to have him back that I'm not sure I was paying 100% attention.

He had 5 teeth out, the vet said they were old infected teeth that had gone untreated, and were very loose :(

The growth was very weird and he is hoping it is a benign fibrous growth. The results should come back next week.

Everyone said he was such a good patient!  He is the sweetest boy we have brought to them I think!
Thanks everyone for your well wishes today! Soon he will be off to his new life thanks to NEBTR


Leia Goes to the Rainbow Bridge

It is with an anguishing heavy heart that I have to tell you that Leia ran out of the house this afternoon and was hit by a car and died instantly. I am in such disbelief.  She was only four years old but the only peace I have is that she is now home with her sister Pugs who died last Saturday.  Who says life is fair?  My only hope for her was a good life!  RIP Sweet Baby girl.  You will be deeply missed!  My heart is truly broken.

Linda V.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Milly loves Alex

Milly loves to lay with my son Alex. (Millie is one of the Golden Girls, Milly and Clara)
DuBois pa

She looks very comfy & sweet!!

Skipper Goes to the Rainbow Bridge


This is a very sad communication that I am making--Skipper, 14 years old--I have had him since 2008--has "gone to sleep".  The Vet ask about his quality of life and I had to be honest--he has lost hearing and some sight--he hated the snow and ice and had refused to go outside or get in my car--so-on Saturday, March 22, 2014, I had to make the decision and for him as well as for me, I had to make it.  I miss him, but I know that these years have been good to him and very good for me.  He has many friends here at the condo, two of them were with me to say goodby.  He will be cremated and I have arranged to have him barried with me--when the time comes.

Agnes Busch

I received this very sad email today.  Skipper was pulled from a pound on DE in 2008.  We guessed he was 8 or so.  I was lucky enough to foster this sweet guy.  Skipper had a huge perianal hernia that my vet thought was too risky to repair.  Agnes had it repaired at Cornell.  Skipper lived the great life with Agnes in the Hamptons.  One of my most proud adoptions ever.
That is so sad... But so sweet that Agnes and skipper had each other. Frolic with the squirrels in heaven, little buddy.  Katherine

This is an incredible story. She will be buried with his ashes, what a great life she gave him and what a good foster home you found him, Joy. RIP, Skipper.  Stacie.

This made me tear up.  So sad & beautiful at the same time. Skipper was a very lucky boy.
Melanie Stein  ♥all you need is love and a dog♥

Penny's Fancy Flower

Thanks to 'To the rescue'! Penny got her fancy flower and I LOVE IT! She's indifferent I think but it's sparkly and matches her collar perfectly!
Thanks Chris!!

Collingswood, NJ

I'm so glad that you are happy with the bling, and Penny is tolerant of it.  lol 
Thanks so much for sending the photo.  It really made my day!!!
Chris Cassner

You can get one for your dog at Too the Rescue, at Etsy shop where sales benefit NEBTR.

Birthday Boy! Happy Birthday Rocco