Saturday, December 7, 2013

Molly Says Thank You to Santa

A HUGE thank you to Molly's Secret Santa. She was so excited when a package came in her name. It's the first time she ever got mail, lol. This is even more special for her. We've had her for over two years. She came in with Fena after their owner died. She had a large mammary tumor, had to have all her teeth removed, deaf and we have been battling glaucoma. Two weeks ago she went blind even after all we've tried. We aren't sure how much longer she has with us but it may not be long so this is probably her last Christmas. :(
She may be blind and deaf but as you can see her sense of smell is still spot on. Here is a video of her opening her gift (with a little help). My own Wilbur is teetering on the naughty list for trying to get in on the action. She is sitting here gumming one her bones. She can't do much anymore so it's so awesome to see moments when she can be a normal dog again. We are saving a few bones for Christmas Day.
Thanks again for the very special gift Secret didn't have a name so I would like to thank you. 





Reverse Santa

reverse santa

My pups Daisy, Lola & Dolly got the most awesome "reverse Secret Santa" package in the mail from our Secret Santa recipient Honey Schezzini and Christine.  My dogs loved the homemade puppy treats & handmade bandanas--thank you!!!  We were not expecting that! 

We hope Honey enjoys her toys, new blanket & duck breast treats, too!  What a great group of people :)

Denice Schnaak

Upside Down Bruno!

Bruno resting up for his big day tomorrow!

Chris & Bruno
Arendtsville, PA

Now thats a belly that needs some rubs! Good Luck Bruno!!

Best Seat in Town


Cleo parked right in front of the fireplace heater :-)

Canonsburg, PA

Dash at the Holidays





Who rescued who? Indeed! Today we are thankful for family and friends and a dog named Dash, a little man in a dog suit, who brought joy into our lives. We are thankful for all those at NEBTR who helped in his rescue, care and rehab. Bless you all, especially Erin Sullivan.


-- The Kirkland Family

Harley Meet and Greet

Harley has an amazing applicant he will be meeting Sunday. He has been with NEBTR nearly a year, and has a bite history. This could be it for him! Everyone please send calming non biting vibes!


Best of Luck Sweet boy!!!

Booker's Secret Santa

Booker received his Secret Santa gifts today and, boy, was he thrilled! He got lot's of great toys and treats. He especially loved the little duck that he got.
Booker has a meeting with a potential adopter on Sunday. He's very excited about it, and that if he does get adopted, he won't have to share his new toys with four other dogs!
Thanks to his Secret Santa!
~Liz & Booker~

Renzo's Secret Santa

Santa made an early delivery today to Renzo - he was so excited when we opened the box of goodies! He didn't want to wait to unwrap his sock monkey-he ran around with it still in his mouth all wrapped up still and he is curled up in his new bed right now.  Thank you to the Sturm family for their generosity!

Carrie and Renzo
Alloway NJ

Enjoy Renzo!!

Brady and Rudy's Bandanas!!

Rudy showing off his new bandana!! Strike a pose Rudy!

He sure is handsome!!

Friday, December 6, 2013

Silas, Rosie and Chloe

Sporting their new bandanas.  Thanks so much to Leslie for finding these!

Very Very Fashionable!!!

Hair Raising Day


Watch those Holidays Calories!

Wendell the Cave Dog

Wendell starred yesterday in a Christmas theme photo.  It was so popular that,  by popular demand, we present Wendell, the Cave Dog!



wildman Wendell

Wild Wendell the cave-dog. or poor Wendell.

Brady's Secret Santa

Brady got mail today from his secret Santa. He will have to wait till Christmas morning to see what he got!! LOL   I know I am a traditionalist!!

Thank you Secret Santa (Sara McLaughlin!!)
Christine & Brady

Rosie and Aidan

Aidan didn't feel well equals Rosie to the rescue. Aidan loves his foster sister!!
DuBois Pa

It looks like it goes both ways! What a cute pair.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Puppy TV

Dooley and his foster brother Louie watching some Puppy TV. :)

Rochester NY


Bright Eyed Elena


Krista Dooley:

Bright eyed and bushy tailed at 6 am!

Happy 4th Birthday Chubba Bubba



Janice Jones Boyer:

Chubba Bubba's 4th Birthday! Corn Dog Cake. We are squeezing the stuffing out of happy times.

Vic's New Home

This is Vic at his forever home. He's so relaxed now. He loves being 
an only! Damon, his new owner posted this photo on his Facebook page 
along with a funny caption. 

Chris Cassner
Arendtsville, PA

His new owners write,

"Hi Chris,

Just wanted to say thank you for bringing Vic. Jacquie and I love him,
he's a very well behaved dog, except when it comes to his ball. He's had
a slight issue with getting over excited during playtime and scratching,
and hopefully he'll learn that he'll lose ball time when he consistently
scratches. (We had to hide them on him yesterday and give him stuffed
animals to play with)
Other than that though he's very well behaved, no accidents so far, and
he does very well alone.

Last night he curled up with Jacquie and I while we watched TV and slept
like a baby.

He doesn't seem to like the cold too much but he hasn't gone on a full
walk yet, today I'm going to try to get one in before the huge snowstorm
that's heading my way.

Vic is very happy and thanks to you!

Thanks again!"

Jack's Secret Santa

Jack was so happy to receive his Secrete Santa gifts!  Thanks to Walter Williams!

That's a lot of gifts, Jack! You are a lucky boy.

Video of Zeus

He's amazing!!  Big hugs to Zeus!!

Dooley's Secret Santa

Dooley wanted to say thank you for his wonderful gifts he received. 

He will be able to bring his new ball collection to his forever home and enjoy them for years to come. 
Trust me he is loving his gifts even so his pictures don't show it lol. He is the poster child of "oh no, there is foster mommy with her camera again. Quick, let's look miserable"

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the generous gift!


Spike’s Parents Tie the Knot

Recently, Spike's parents Daryl and Val Fogel made it official and tied the knot!  Spike was not able to attend in person, but was there via cardboard cutout and handmade custom pins for the guest bearing his illustrated likeness. We know these folks personally, and were lucky enough to be invited to their special day. They are the sweetest couple, and it was a beautiful event I am happy to share.
Erin Sullivan
As Spike's foster mom, I would like to wish Daryl and Val a big congratulations. They were a very nice couple and I could not be happier with where Spike made his forever home.
Beth McFadden

Cleo in Her Adopt Me Bandana



Here is Cleo modeling the "adopt me" bandana.

Thanks Leslie Kaucic for finding these! They are great :-)

Canonsburg, PA

Wendell’s Christmas Wish

Happy Holidays Wendell

For his mom to stop dressing him up in stupid costumes for the annual Christmas card. Poor Wendell, what a sport.

Wendell is the pup of Jim and Gretchen Wager.

Gretchen writes:

Wendell works for cheerios, he is very food motivated. I have been posing him since he was 14 weeks old along with clicker training. I took the picture at home with a dollar store tablecloth and my friends American Girl doll pony with antlers. You should see his cave dog Halloween costume, complete with false teeth!


Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Former Foster Brooke's Birthday!

This is former NEBTR's puppy mill rescue, Brooke.  She turns 5 today!  She was fostered by Janet Hassell and I adopted her last October.  I love her to pieces!!!!

Patti M
Foster Mom to Patsy
Verona, NJ

Happy Birthday Brooke! We know you are very happy!!

Patsy is Ready for the Holidays

Hi Everyone!!

Hope you had a safe and happy thanksgiving!!!  Our tree is up and Patsy is ready to celebrate with us.  She has been enjoying what is left of the sunshine outdoors and lounging about our home.  She is shown in one of the pics with former NEBTR puppy mill rescue, Brooke.  Patsy is also feeling much better and is doing well.

We are truly blessed and grateful.
Thank you,
Patti Maddamma
Foster Mom to Patsy
Verona, NJ

Look at that sweet old face!  She's adorable!  These girls are truly blessed, Patti.  Thank you for giving them both such a wonderful home.

Former Foster Spike's New Sweater

Here is Spike in ANOTHER new sweater, and new bed with his forever
brother Rockey. Spike has more sweaters than I DO! :)
I'm so glad he's in a home that loves him so much.

Chris Cassner
Arendtsville, PA

Zeus taken over the Bed


When my husband leaves for work.....

T-Shirt Fundraiser- A Success!

The check for the NEBTR T-shirt Fundraiser arrived today and we did great! Thanks to 
EVERYONE who bought the NEBTR t-shirts. This was a good amount you helped to raise in only 21 days! 

Chris Cassner
Arendtsville, PA

Chris; Thank you for all your efforts and they were great T-Shirts too! This helps NEBTR to continue their work to rescue, adopt and foster our dogs.

From Rocky Rock’s Foster Mom

RockyCecere (2)


Thank you for such beautiful messages! I believe that to, he was meant to be with us for his last month to be able to let go. I spoke with his former family last night to let them know Rocky has gone to the bridge and they were very very sad and they expressed their gratitude to all of us for doing what we did for Rocky. They did not have the resources. We were all crying on the phone.

Tt was very disappointing to see Rocky getting better and better after he came to us and the suddenly his health declined and died in 4 days He passed away with Cushing's and he had fluid around his lungs caused by a tumor around his heart.  And up until Thanksgiving, he was trying to mount my Brady all the time, he would steal Brady's crate, it was funny to watch a little dog in a large crate and a bigger dog in a small crate. he would try to steal Brady's bone of his mouth and he was always ready to cuddle. I have to say I am very proud of my Brady, he was gentle and a gentleman with Rocky. Rocky will be remembered with much love and admiration, he was truly a rock. We called him Rocky Rock because he went through the ringer and he was always sweet and he wagged his little tail until the end. I don't think I can write anymore without getting emotional so I am going to take this opportunity to thank every single one of you that has sent us such loving and comforting messages! Thank you all and may God bless you for all that you do!

I love you all, what an amazing group of people we are!!! The dedication, the love, the support, the way things are so organize, the set of rules that when followed make things run so well. This is a very impressive organization.

Thank you so much, to everyone for taking the time to write such beautiful notes of support and love for us.

We send prayers to everyone that is having a difficult time and needs healing. To all the fosters and not fosters that are having health issues, may God bless you all for all that you do and may you experience His healing love, comfort and peace. May all the animals in the world experience health and peace!


God bless!
Ana, Mike and Brady boy

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Duffy is Adopted!

Hi Everyone!

I am happy to say that Duffy was adopted today by Julie Strulson of 
Ambler PA.Over the past weeks since he has been with me, Duffy has 
shown his "true colors". He is a super active dog, wants lots of attention 
and food! I wanted to make sure that Julie came here to see him when 
he is comfortable, and that she sees that he needs a lot of attention 
for all of his energy.

She brought along her brother, to meet him as well. Duffy took to both 
of them, and was happy and literally running around the room in circles 
when they were here. I was afraid that this might be a deterrent for 
the adoption, but Julie said that her parents rescued Boxer is the same 
way, and she is used to that. They went out in the backyard together, 
and all he wanted was her! I am sure that he will be better where he 
can be the only dog and get all of her attention.

It's been hectic here for me with my 2 litters of pups, and the 3 
fosters, and all of my other dogs. I felt bad that such a high energy 
dog wasn't able to get the one on one attention he needed, being here 
at this time.She agreed to take him to obedience school, and I am going 
to help her find a local dog club that has obedience classes.

Duffy was my first foster adoption, and as they left the house, he 
didn't even look back! Which, of course, made it easy on me!
Now back to Rocky and Robin, my couch potatoes, and my own dogs, and 
tending to my 9 little babies!

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I think that Duffy now has 
lots to be thankful for!

Loretta Dolan
Manalapan NJ

Congratulations & best of luck to Duffy.  Enjoy all the rest, especially those babies!!!

Thank you for taking him from the shelter and getting him to his forever home!

Many congratulations and thanks, Loretta.  Great job with Duffy. To your Placement team too -congrats!