Saturday, November 9, 2013

Foster Patsy Update

.....She has been off the antibiotics for two weeks now and the vet wants to re-check her kidney functions; if there is something wrong with her kidney function, the vet said it can be managed through diet... but we'll know more after Patsy's test ! Thank you everyone for your positive thoughts!!!

Thank you, everyone for thinking of Patsy...I'm hoping all tests are good for her! She is an awesome little girl!

Thank you,
Patti M

Thank you Patti and paws crossed that all is well!

Foster Vic Grows Taller!

Here are some photos that emphasize Vic's Napoleonic tendencies to try to look taller to those in the room with him :)

Chris & Vic
Arendtsville, PA

Where is Dooley?

Where is the rest of Dooley?

Dobby T-Shirts

Maria Pastuszak, with the help of Chris Cassner, has set up this fundraiser for Dobby's medical care.

Click here if you would like to purchase one.  This is a limited fundraiser, lasting 20 days. Show your support for Dobby and NEBTR!

Update on Trickster

Tammy Groat:

Finally got a good pic of Trickster........he has come such a LONG way in 1 yr.......

In Memory of Nikki Nik



Nikki lives on in all the fosters that she helped to find their forever homes and in all of our hearts.



With her mom Janet Hassell and foster sister Brooke, who was adopted by Patrizia D’Milano


All of us at NEBTR want to send Janet Hassell and her family our condolences over the passing of Nikki yesterday. I know that losing Nikki was a terrible loss for you and that Nikki wasn't just a pet, she was a big part of your life. Every time I saw you on facebook Nikki was featured in photos on your page. Special dogs are rare but you were fortunate to find her, and Nikki was lucky to have you as her loving owner. You turned a backyard breeder dog, abused and mistreated, into a loved family member. And countless Boston Terriers of NEBTR have you to thank as well.
Our deepest sympathy,
Walter Williams and NEBTR


Janet writes, “ My sweet Nikki was a great dog. She accepted all of my fosters and treated them like her own. Nikki had DM and lost total control of her back legs. She was put to sleep on 10/29/13. Run free now Nikki, They broke your body but not your spirit. We loved you and will miss you deeply.”

Friday, November 8, 2013

Bruno Smiles!

These photos were taken in a dimly lit room while Bruno was sleeping. 
So please excuse the quality of the shot. I was taking photos of 
Bruno's smile.  Think he was dreaming of next month when he is scheduled 
to go to his forever home. :)

Chris & Bruno
He sure does look like he is having pleasant dreams!

More on Foster Butch

Poor foster Butch had a run of bad luck.  He lost an eye to glaucoma, and his owner was unable to keep him due to health reasons.

But now Butch is in the loving care of Foster Mom Melanie Poggi-Baker and she reports that he is a very loving boy who deserves a forever home of his own.

 Foster Butch snoring away!

You're Their World

Chloe Selfie


5 Historical Facts about Boston Terriers - Fact # 1

Brought to you by Animal Planet, we bring you fact #1 about the historical origin of the Boston Terrier

Fact #1 

Some Boast a Haggerty Spot

A circle of dark hair on top of the Boston's head (smack dab in the middle) is 
known as a Haggerty dot, spot or star, depending on who you ask. We just call 
it cute! Dogs with this special marking are descendents of one of the original 
lines of Boston terriers owned by the Haggerty family in the early 1900s, 
according to the Boston Terrier Club of America. Highly respected Boston 
terrier breeder and judge Vincent Perry called this mark "the kiss of God" 
and considered it a lovely addition to a dog's perfect markings.
Coat colors and markings are a big deal in purebred circles. Each club's 
written standard details what's acceptable and what's not. For example, 
the Boston terrier's ultra-short coat is only permissible in three colors -- 
brindle, black or seal, which appears black but when viewed in bright light 
has a red hue. These colors are then complemented by a splash of white 
on the muzzle, chest and between the eyes. It's also OK if the back lower 
legs and front legs (in full or part) are white.

Image Credit: GK Hart/Vikki Hart/Getty Images | Hulton-Deutsch Collection/CORBIS | Don Mason/Corbis | JupiterImages/Thinkstock | DLILLC/Corbis | Bloomimage/Corbis

Rosie and Chloe

A couple pictures of the girls. We took a little nap today. They are doing great. 

DuBois Pa

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Bryant has crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge

It is with a sad heart, that I must tell you that Bryant had to be put to sleep on Sunday. With Cushings Disease and an elongated palate he fought an admirable fight. Something terrible happened to him during the night and even the folks at the emergency vet could not make him better. He was all snuggy in a soft blanket and I was kissing on him(which he secretly liked), when he approached the bridge. I'll miss him.

Dawn Stone

Goodbye Bryant - run free... You took such good care of him, I'm sure he knew you were there. Thanks for all that you and his previous foster mom Linda Brennan did for him. 

We know how sad you are but we also know that Bryant was loved for the last part of his life, and he knew this, so that all your sacrifices and care for him were appreciated, not only by us, but certainly by Bryant.

Adopt Rudy and Brady, a Bonded Pair





Foster Spot Lounges Around

Foster spot lounging around

Melanie Poggi-Baker

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Marty and Daisy

Marty & Daisy sleeping on Jonathan's leg

They look very comfortable, foster mom!

Looking out the window and catching rays.....






 Christine M. 

Gilbert Goes to the Rainbow Bridge

Gilbert went to the bridge today. He suffered cluster seizures and there was no turning back. He was almost 14 and came to us through NEBTR some 10 years ago. We'll miss him terribly. God speed my friend.

Judy Wade

 Judy, we all send our condolences on the loss of Gilbert.   What a wonderful life you gave him, and he was lucky to spend his life with you. No matter what age, they leave us with a hole in our hearts.

Happy 10th Birthday Beadoe

Hi All,

My dear little deaf brat Beadoe is 10 tomorrow. Back in the day, he was an infamous NEBTR boy. We got him when he wasn't quite 4. He is deaf and had a horrible bite history. His "purchasers" had kept him in a cat crate covered by a sheet for years. Fortunately, we were contacted by a concerned family friend and he came to us.

During our early adventures, Sheryl and I had many laughs about a more appropriate name for him.  Beadoe was an almost 4 y/o BT "puppy" when I got him.  I posted alot about his climbing over my front, picket fences (and me charging after him), his jumping into the 42" pool. He's still a nutbutt, but now a velcro boy.  He'd never been allowed to be a puppy or socialized.  Other than the fact that he's deaf, he's a normal, 100% Boston Terrier.
I so hope we will continue our adventures for years. I'm just so glad we took a chance with him.  He always wanted to be a good boy, he just had no guidance.  He's an awesomely good boy.

 His blog is on our Website and he's mentioned in Julie Klam's "You Had Me At Woof."
Anyway, happy happy birthday Beadie. We've shared almost 6 years of adventures together. Here's to many, many more!

Joy Riley

Happy Birthday, Beadoe.  I think you've done pretty well for yourself.  You certainly hit the doggy powerball with Joy!

And Erin Sullivan's crew wants to say Happy Birthday as well!

Cozy Afternoon with Vivi and Zeus

Augie Says Hello


Gale Vanselous:

Augie just dropping in to say hello.

Please Vote for NEBTR

NEBTR member Sara McLaughlin has entered NEBTR in the station 6abc in Philadelphia's contest.  The winning group will be featured on the news.

Every Monday at 10:00 AM, votes from the facebook poll are tallied and the organization with the most votes is crowned the Shelter of the Week and featured in a special segment on Action News.

We are asking everyone to vote for NEBTR. 

Click on this link to access the poll.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Former Foster Spike says Hello!

Spike is doing great. We can't believe it's been a year! Here are some photos...he likes to wear disguises, conk out, and snuggle with daddy :)

Valerie Ortwein

Little Vivi and Big Zeus



Yup--both are pure bred Boston Terriers. Just like all people, they come in all sizes, colors and shapes!!

Wendell is Little Beasts Dog of the Week



Wendell won the photo of the week contest and is being featured on the BT Web site Little Beasts . Check it out.


Congratulations to Wendell and to his parents, Jim and Gretchen Wager! We can see why.  It's a wonderful photo.

Monday, November 4, 2013

More Halloween Fun!


Smalls and Juno!

Thanks to Shawna Merritt for sending these.  Sherry will be available for adoption soon.  She even has a smile on her face!