Saturday, March 30, 2013

Update on Bauer

I fostered "bad boy" Bauer last year for about 3 months after he had to be moved from his original foster home for biting.  He was quite the character, 38lbs and very talkative!  The perfect home came forward and adopted him in Feb 2012.  His new mom Janet didn't care about the negatives and fell in love from the first time she saw his pic.
I checked in since it has been 1 yr now, and her daughter sent me this pic, she said "he never leaves her side".  And they are now living in Florida!  I couldn't be happier that they found each other!!

Leslie Kaucic

Poisonous Food for Dogs

Many pet owners love to treat their dogs to an occasional dinner table scrap. But did you know that some foods are very dangerous for dogs and can result in serious illness and death? It is important that every pet owner know the list of poisonous food for dogs, so that you can keep your dog safe.

List of Poisonous Foods for Dogs

There are many great places to find lists of poisonous food for dogs. Below is a list of some of the most common food items that can cause serious problems for your pet.
  • Chocolate – Many pet owners are aware of how dangerous that chocolate is to a dog. Theobromine, an ingredient in chocolate, can attack the dog’s central nervous system. The darker a chocolate is, the more dangerous it is for dogs. When a dog eats chocolate, it can lead to serious problems, including heart issues and death.
  • Onions – A small amount of onions will probably not be harmful to your dog, but the thiosulphate in onions can cause problems in larger amounts. Because thiosulphate will build up in your dog’s system over time, it is better to avoid feeding your dog foods that contain onions.
  • Garlic – Garlic also contains thiosulphate, so should be avoided for the same reasons as onions.
  • Grapes – This one might come as a shock to some pet owners, and will disappoint the many dogs who enjoy chomping on a grape now and then. While some dogs will eat grapes and have no problems, grapes can cause kidney failure in some dogs. You should avoid feeding your dog raisins for the same reason.
  • Sugar Substitutes – Avoid giving your dog any foods that contain sugar substitutes, particularly those that contain xylitol. Xylitol can cause serious medical issues in some dogs, including liver failure.
  • Yeast – If you enjoy baking, be sure to keep yeast and uncooked dough away from your pets. In some cases, the yeast will rise in the dog’s stomach causing very serious complications, including a rupturing in the digestive tract.

Poisonous Food for Dogs: Symptoms

Below are some of the symptoms you may see if your pet has eaten any poisonous food for dogs.
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Lethargy
  • Heaving
  • Refusing food
If you see any of the above symptoms, contact your vet right away. If you know that your dog has consumed dangerous foods, do not wait for symptoms to appear. Instead, contact the Animal Poison Control Center at 888-426-4435 or your vet’s office immediately.
When you call the number above, a fee will apply, but some locations have set up a pet poison control hotline that does not charge callers so check your local phone book.

Poisonous Food for Dogs: Treatment

The treatment when a pet eats poisonous food for dogs will depend on what he ate and how much. There is no one treatment that will be right in every case. Treatments may include providing fluids, inducing vomiting or surgery.
Many dogs who suffer from such food poisoning make a full recovery. The key is seeking treatment as soon as possible.


Happy Gotcha Day Sassy

It's Sassy's 1st Happy Gotcha Day. It's hard to believe she been with us a year. She fits right in to our family like she's always been with us. Here's a picture of her enjoying her Happy Gotcha Day after a walk and and a special treat.

This day was only possible thanks to foster Mom Elly Monfett and NEBTR.

Thank you!
Linda, Helen & Sassy

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Foster George

George (as he is called now) was abandoned off exit 23 of I 87 in Warrensburg, NY, a couple weeks before Christmas 2012.  Luckily, someone found George and brought him to a nearby veterinary clinic.  The people at the clinic took care of George and did blood tests and started his immunizations.  They discovered that  he was heart worm positive.  The clinic put George on and NEBTR stepped in to help this senior boy in need.

A foster for Northeastern Boston Terrier picked George up from the nice people at the clinic on New Year’s Eve.  Our foster decided that this nervous, sweet guy should  be named “George” since he was found close to Lake George, a lovely, serene lake.  George was brought to the foster’s vet and it was determined that he is about 11 to 12 years old.  The vet felt that George could be younger but he had been neglected his entire life so he may seem older than his years.  He had frostbite on his testicles which explained why he HATED going outside even for quick potty breaks, it has healed nicely since.

George started heart worm treatment, a series of injections that kill the heart worms but are also potentially lethal for the dog.  He didn’t like exercise restriction but is currently days from completing treatment  (YAY) and has started Heartguard so he is protected from heart worm infection and will always, like all dogs, need a monthly heart worm preventative.  George is house trained but does mark, he is getting neutered soon and we are hoping that will improve.  George’s sight is poor, especially in his left eye but he sees well enough to live a full life.

 He is very anxious, he does not like fast movement, he startles and cowers, but noise doesn’t bother him.  He is very sweet and gentle even when he is very nervous.  George loves his crate and bed, a chew toy and cuddle time with his people, and he LOVES, LOVES, LOVES food!  It is the one thing that he is not at all shy about.  He eats so quickly that he has special bowls that force him to slow down.  George has been on exercise restriction so his energy level is not well known yet but he certainly seems to have a lot of pep in his step when the weather is nice outside.  He loves a good nap and cuddle most of the time, and he has the best tail wag with a wiggly hind end that we have ever seen!  George is especially attached to his foster Mom and gets nervous when she’s not around.  He will need time and patience to adjust to his forever home but is very loving and deserves the best in his golden years.  We can’t imagine how anyone neglected and dumped this boy, he is just the biggest sweetheart.

--Cynthia Kaiser

Special thanks to Cynthia, George's foster mom, for all the love and devotion that she is sharing with this special boy!

Happy Gotcha Day Sadie

This is the one year anniversary of the day that we picked up our failed foster Princess, now Sadie. She came to us abused and aggressive. One year later she is a sweet gentle and calm girl. Happy gotcha day/ 12th ish bday to our Sadie girl!

Cindy Kaiser

Congratulations, Cynthia, to you and your canine and human family. Thank you for fostering and helping NEBTR. Awe . . .love happy endings! How blessed are you both?
Thank you for sharing the love!


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wanted, Buster

 Buster needs a home. He is a sweet boy NEBTR and fill out an application today!

Adopt from rescue don't shop at pet stores, put the puppy millers out of business.

Wish List

Would you like to provide a treat for a foster Boston? We have an Amazon Wish List where you can send a specific gift to a deserving pup. I know several who would love receiving a package! Fena, Romeo and Dash have already sent in their requests. Just go here and make a purchase. Remember, it is tax deductible as well.

Foster Smokey Is Home, Permanently!

Foster Smokey was adopted this past weekend after 10 months in his foster home!  Congratulations to Smokey, his foster family, and his new family.

We are Rescue

New Foster Dodger

Dodger is only eight months old.  This baby is deaf.  He lived with an elderly couple in the south who advertised him as "free to a good home" on craigslist.  For Pet's Sake Animal Rescue in TN took him (intake date 1/14/13) in and shipped him to Social Tees Rescue in NYC.  Social Tees Rescue called SNORT because they don't keep dogs in foster homes very long and didn't feel comfortable adopting him out. SNORT found a foster home for him but realized that he needed a home familiar with deaf babies.

Janice and Ray Boyer with NEBTR agreed to foster Dodger.  Thanks to the Boyers for providing their love and expertise for this special boy.   He will be in the most caring hands with them and with their experience with deaf dogs he will blossom with their guidance.  He will also have a deaf foster brother in Bubba.  According to Janice, the two already like to bark at each other.

This is another example of rescues working together.  Thanks to all for the great cooperation and communication.

Happy Gotcha Day Rocky!

Terry Tomory writes:

Thank you for the anniversary card! Rocky is doing great! We are thankful to have him in our lives every day! Here is a recent picture…waiting patiently for bedtime!

Nitro Has a New Blankie from Walter

Nitro wants to say thank you to Walter Williams for his new blankie! He is all warm and snuggly in it!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Monday, March 25, 2013

New Foster Buster

Janet Hassell writes:

Thanks to everyone for the transport of Buster to my home. He is a doll.  He fits in well with the rest of the pack. He will have lots of fun playing with my girls.

On the second day, Buster and my BT Onyx went from a walk.  They both walked very well together. Then we came home and Buster is going to take a dog nap. He also had fun today playing
ball as he is a great ball player. He was also playing with his new best friend Miss Maggie May. His foster mom said they look they twins. LOL..

Thank you Janet for opening your heart and home to this beautiful boy!  He is definitely in the best possible hands!

New Fosters Winnie and Cooper

Winnie and Cooper were brought to a vet to be put to sleep, but the kind vet contacted a shelter, where they remained until a NEBTR volunteer discovered them.   They were cold, shivering and terrified in there. It's
freezing outside and this place held a lot of big dogs barking constantly. The boy, Ike, pancaked to the ground when she tried walking him past the cages. The girl, Tina, seemed a bit more at ease.
Their feet were muddy and wet and Ike barked when you walk up to his cage but then turned into a pussy cat when he got away from all the dogs barking.

These two comforted each other while in the shelter, and the NEBTR volunteer knew they had to stay together. 

NEBTR sister group SNORT offered to take both of them in a foster home in Philadelphia, so they are safe and loved now.  Thanks so much SNORT!  Watch for more about these two cuties on their website.  And thanks again for such amazing cooperation. You can read more about them here.

Happy Gotcha Day Anniversary Boshi (formerly Monkey)

I yr Gotcha Day Anniversary of Boshi (previously Monkey). We are so in love with him. Thank you!!!

And Thank You!, Tracy Taylor, for choosing to adopt, not shop

Dancing With the Stars

Hey remember me? I'm Zack. I dance for my breakfast...I dance for my dinner...I dance for a walk...I just like to dance. I'm looking for a furever partner to dance with.

Im available!!! It could be you!

Pet Evacuation Plan

I got a big wake up early this am regarding pets and home fires. At about 12:30 am, luckily we were awake, we heard our next door neighbors screaming for help. Joe and I ran outside and left the dogs with our 13 year old son who was awake because we just brought him home from his friend's Bar Mitzvah party. Our neighbors were just outside their front door in their pjs. The house was on fire in the back and fully engulfed in black smoke. Both of them were beside themselves and had inhaled smoke. Knowing that they had two cats, we opened their front door but black smoke poured out at us. We knew that we could not go in but tried calling the cats to us. Sadly, they were too scared or it was too late. The first responder made us back away from the house. Eventually, our neighbors were taken to a local hospital and should be okay but it drove the point home how quickly fires spread and how we need a better plan. Our dogs are currently crated in our path out the front door and can easily be accessed via the main entrance and nearby windows but leashes are by the back door, we have one that refuses to be crated and sleeps by our bed, etc. We always felt properly prepared regarding smoke detectors, signs on windows that tell first responders that we have dogs, our plan, etc. but We will be reevaluating our evacuation plans. I just though that I would share this since we were shocked how very quickly the fire next door progressed. 

Thank you, Cindy Kaiser, for reminding us all to think about our pets' safety

Sunday, March 24, 2013

True Friend

Update on Dotty

Maria Pastusz:

My Dotty adopted in November was a breeder for 7 years. She did not even know what grass was or how to walk. She was under weight and a mess, teeth chips just falling out of her mouth. Now finally spayed, dental complete, infections healed and a pack to follow, just in the past two weeks she is running, chewing bones and nibbling on her pack mates, she is beginning to love life.

God put her in the right place, Maria, and your love has helped the healing to begin.