Saturday, April 16, 2016

Good Golly....

Nice Saturday afternoon nappy

Posted by NEBTR Molly Virtual Foster on Saturday, April 2, 2016

Nature Walk with Mom!

We went on a nature walk yesterday! It was sooooo much fun, we couldn't stop smelling everything in sight!󾁎󾁂󾁋

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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Former Foster Simon....

Former Foster Simon;He is also learning to "fetch". When he first got home, he played "this is my ball, you can watch...

Posted by Northeast Boston Terrier Rescue on Sunday, April 10, 2016

Sweet Molly

Molly enjoying one last fire for the season. We weren't expecting snow in April but Molly has found the silver lining.

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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Skittles Girl....

Hello my friends. It's me Skittles. I gotta talk to you all because ya know my momma Linda can't do this. My platelet...

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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Happy Gotcha Day Ozzy

NEBTR Alum Ozzy on National Pet Day

Maria's Raw Food Recipe

I use ground beef, fish, 3 veggies(carrots, spinach, carrots, cabbage), and 1 fruit(apple, strawberries, banana), mix with eggs including ground egg shells, vitamins, some herbal supplements.

Mix well, I make giant 1 cup size meatballs, put them on a tray freeze partially, then pop the balls in a zip-lock freezer bag.

Freeze them on a tray, once partially frozen I remove the tray put the raw balls in a zip lock freezer bags, and thaw daily as need.


Jeter is Adopted

Congratulations to Jeter and the Fitzgibbons on Jeter's adoption!!! He has found the perfect family to fit his active and loving lifestyle! I couldn't be happier for all of them!! I have attached a photo of the new family!!


Great news, great job Shawna!

Blessings for the happy new family and a world of love and happiness for Jeter.-

Monday, April 11, 2016

Oreo is Adopted

ADOPTION DAY FOR OREO!!He's having a great time! What a cutie... Running around owning the house already!

Posted by Northeast Boston Terrier Rescue on Saturday, 9 April 2016

Adopt Axel

Hi, I am Axel, a single B/W boy seeking love, and companionship.  It has been said I am around 10 years old, but my foster mom isn’t convinced that is a fact!  I am a happy, healthy fun-loving guy with a strong body, lots of energy, bright clear eyes, and strong clean teeth.

I am playful and love a basket of toys and balls, and really enjoy being with my foster fur-brothers and sisters.  I love being outside, and a fenced yard would be a great place for us to play fetch.  I am house-broken and clean, and quiet, although when I get frisky and we’re playing tug of war I may play “tough guy” and give a playful growl.  I love to lounge around the house, too, and am happy either on my bed, near you on the couch, or curled up in bed-anything goes!   I really seem to love young men, and think I’d be so happy with a buddy like that to pal around with!

If you have cats, I am not the right dog for you, because I chase foster mama’s poor cat at any chance.  This makes her life tough, I know, but I can’t seem to help myself.  For some reason, I get fearful when I meet other dogs while I’m on a leash, so I need work on this aspect if you like long walks.  I have the fitness and enjoyment, it’s just that other dogs make me nervous in strange places.

Could you be my one and only?  I will be faithful to you for life!!!  Please consider taking me home to love forever,


Sunday, April 10, 2016

Update on Rocky V

For all who don't know Rocky's story - he was turned into a shelter with a severe eye injury after running into a fence. The choices were either remove the eye or have a skin graft done to his cornea.
We went for the graft and it was successful.

Months later, he lost his healthy eye to an aggressive infection. So we are so thankful we went with the graft and saved his eye, otherwise he would have no eyes now.
Corneal ruptures don't always have to result in enucleation. Some eyes can be saved! Gabriel the puppy is another example of a corneal rupture that healed.

Diane - thank you for being Rocky V's rescue angel

Jerrilyn Walter

Thanks to everyone who have sent their get well wishes to our Rocky. Just to expand on Jerrilyn's account, it was she who traveled to Boston to pick him up from the shelter where he was left and who arranged to have the surgery which saved his only eye. She even picked him up from LI to bring him to his subsequent doctor appts where he received his surgery.

 He came to us as skin and bones at 19 lbs with all ribs showing (he's now 30 lbs - admittedly a little overweight from the Cushings) and almost no hair. He cowered in his bed, in pain and not even wanting to eat for the first few days until Victoria suggested 'Nutri-Cal' which got his appetite going.

In his last visit this week to the Opto, we learned that the latest corneal ulcer is healing and he is on 3 meds twice per day in addition to his Cushings meds. This is such a surprise since the doctor had told me that the ulcer was probably non-healing and would require a grid to close it . We are keeping our fingers crossed that he continues to improve and that we can keep the Cushings under control.