Saturday, November 23, 2013

Happy First Birthday OK Babies

A year ago, Mama dog Katie had six beautiful Boston terrier puppies as a backyard breeder.  The babies were listed for sale at a very young age, and Tina Bates, who came upon their pictures,  posted that she wondered what their fate would be in a year.  It looked bleak for them, and especially for Mama Katie.  Katie was under a year old herself, and it seemed impossible that she would not become a breeding machine.  Her babies would likely have the same fate.  Tina wanted to help them all, but couldn't do it alone.

But their luck was about to change.  Because three rescues worked together to help these babies - Tina Bates, formerly of Zoe and Mondo's Mission, now of the Oklahoma Boston Terrier Rescue;  Jennifer Spencer Martin, of Nebraska Boston Terrier Rescue; and Ellen Thelin, of Northeast Boston Terrier Rescue.

Tina, with Ellen's assistance, was able to get all of the babies, including the Mama into her rescue.

They didn't know it at the time, but these puppies were about to embark on the adventure of their young lives.  They were initially named Guinness, Shannon, Bridget, Keegan, Finnegan and Hunter. First, they stayed with Tina and played as puppies do under her loving care until they were old enough to be weaned.

Hunter was the littlest baby boy and he stayed in Oklahoma, where his forever mom is a vet tech who initially helped the litter.


The rest, including Mama Katie, went to Nebraska to their temporary foster homes.  Soon after, they found forever families of their own.

Here are 3 of the babies at Jennifer Spencer Martin's house in NE in February.

Guinness, with an almost black face, traveled to Nebraska, where he was adopted by Kym Coulter Mullins.


Shannon, the littlest girl, became Pixie and found her home in Nebraska with Jo Flurry Vaughn.



Finnegan, who also stayed in Nebraska, showed an aptitude for agility, and his forever home encouraged that talent.

In February, two of the babies, Bridget and Keegan,  and mother Katie flew east to NEBTR.  They flew in the cabin with two Boston lovers, Raina Osterbuhr and Renae Hansen,  and who took loving care of them until they landed at LaGuardia airport.

Ellen picked them up from the airport and they had some play time at Jerrilyn Walter's house.

 Bridget and Katie were fostered by Ellie Monfett, and Keegan's foster mom was Deb Dolan.  They made sure that all the babies found perfect forever homes.
Bridget became Pearl and was adopted by John Reddy.  The Reddys were previous adopters and welcomed Pearl into their family.  Pearl had a sibling she loved to play with and to go on car rides with.



Katie was adopted by Steven Wamboldt, who had two five year old Boston Terriers for Katie to play with.  He could not wait to add a third Boston to his family. 

Keegan, now Ozzy, found his forever family with the Vollmers on Long Island, NY.  In his new home, Ozzie has a permanent playmate in Otis, who is an energetic baby too.


Denise Vollmer wrote in October,  "Thank you for all you do NEBTR..I was reminded of how lucky we are that you all rescued Ozzy..and he found his way to our home and hearts! He is a bundle of happy energy and we just adore him! He came on his first mini vacation with us this weekend .."apple picking". You can see form the attached photo that he and his fur brother had a ball They were taking a rest in a shady spot..Ozzy is sprawled out froggy style!"
Deborah Dolan noted, "I can always tell Ozzy by his  BIG white blaze. He's so fortunate to have found you an your family."  And Denise commented,  "Thank you Deborah Dolan for giving him a great start before coming to us! He is so extremely handsome! !! He got big too..he's my watchdog, my silly willy, my snuggler and just THE BEST!"


How far you have come in a year, Babies!  Some of you are halfway across the country, all in loving homes.  This is what rescues working together can achieve.  Many, many thanks to everyone involved - it took a village,  but Tina can rest easy knowing what a year brought in their lives, thanks most of all to her!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABIES!  And many, many more!

Former foster Rex Says Hi!

I just had to pass along these pictures and sweet note I got from Suzanne, who adopted my very first foster, Rex. It made my day to see how well he is doing. For those of you that remember, Rex was about 10 years old and completely covered in red, scaly, yeasty skin. Look how amazing he is now! 

 Hi Heather:

It's Rex!  I was thinking about you because my 4 year Gotcha Day is coming up.  I still remember all the kindness you showed me and how well you took care of me.  I was a little sorry old man when I came to you but your love turned me into a happy, feisty, healthy little man. 
I'm doing fantastic.  I'm going to be 13 years young and I am as playful, ornery, headstrong and happy as ever.  I love going to for long walks (I can keep up with my pit bull brother Junior and he's only 3),  playing in the yard, following my Mom around and snoozing on my variety of beds.  And of course.... I love my snacks.  I have a great life and get to do alot of things and plan on living a long, long time.  I can't hear that well and my cataracts make it difficult to see.....but I'm feeling great.  All this thanks to you.......I will never forget you.
I have attached some pictures of me.  I hope they make you smile.

Former Foster Spike sends pictures

Here are some of the many photos that the Beckwith's have sent me. They 
are the WONDERFUL family that adopted Spike.
Spike must have a closet full of sweaters and collars by now. :) He's 
livin' large with his best bud Rockey at his side.

Chris Cassner
Arendtsville, PA

Chris this warms my heart and makes my day! I still remember Rocky would cry when a dog would visit. He hated being an only dog. They so needed each other! 
Newington, CT

Rudy Gives cuddles….

Foster Rudy and Meagan, his human foster sister, like spending quality time together


Cuddling with Rosie and Cleo



I'm feeling a little under the weather today. Luckily I have these girls to cuddle with.

(Cleo has the pink collar)


Hello Sunday Valentine


Nighty Night Madison



LOOK EVERYBODY...MOM BROUGHT HOME A LIVE ONE. This is my new foster sister Madison, and she can run like the wind. Dakota, she has one blue eye just like you.

Mom left Madison's favorite toy in the car and just remembered to get it for her. She promptly took her toy up on the sofa and fell asleep on it. Nighty night Madison.


-- Benny Stone  (and Dawn!)

Renzo is a Star!

Hi All-

Renzo did every Boston Terrier proud today. The taping for our feature on WPVI was finished this afternoon and he really hammed it up. Cecily Tynan absolutely loved him and even got down on the floor to play with him (in an awesome leather skirt and boots :-). 

Thank you Sara and all for making this a reality. It will air during the news at 9am on Saturday, Nov 30. It will also be available on their website. I'll post the link when it becomes available.

Oreland, PA

Does your Boston Lick its Siblings?

The question was recently asked, Why does my Boston always lick my other dog (s)? Here is a video from one of our members;

We thought we would share  some of the responses from our many Boston owners;

It is affection, in the same way that monkeys groom each other, licking is so with dogs. Sheryl

That's what I thought, because its usually right before bed time. I've been told to stop it but I think it's nice, especially since it took a bit for them to like each other. Thanks Sheryl! 

In the evening, Papi licks Tara's whole head and upper body so that she is soaked when she gets into our bed.  We think it's very sweet - it's like he's grooming her.Deb

Louie and Rocco lick each others whole faces but mainly ears, for a good 5 minutes! Then he licks his pee pee area which I am not sure if I should stop it. No one seems to get turned on and I just assumed it was a sign of affection. 

From the Halls of Montezuma...

To the Shores of Tripoli! Happy 238th Birthday to the United States Marine Corps!!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Is this my good side???

Cleo, any side is your good side

Former Foster Luke is now in Heaven

  • We have very sad news that we said our final goodbyes to former NEBTR foster Luke. We had 3 wonderful years with our beloved friend. He was a great guard dog & loved a good snuggle with blankets on the couch & a warm sunny day for lounging outdoors. My husband and 
    I thank you for allowing us the honor of adopting this gentleman. He is forever in our hearts & we already miss our friend dearly.

    Trisha and Michael Sicurella

    We are so sorry for your loss, but we thank you very much for giving Luke the best three years of his life.

Former foster Maya does the dishes (pre-wash cycle)

Remember Maya?

Maya's mom and dad said she loves to help out in the kitchen and they sent this photo. Laughter is at times good medicine, we thanked them for sharing this one! Maya is spoiled rotten but they are committed for life and love all her antics, she remains well behaved and mellows out more each day. 

Newington, CT

Oh how cute.  So good to see Maya!

Adopt Leia and Pugs, Bonded Sisters

Wouldn't you love waking up to these beautiful sisters during this exciting holiday time of year?

These two girls were an owner surrender.  The man's wife passed away and he is moving in with his brother and sister-in- and law.  They had three dogs themselves and could not take these two beauties.  So the poor owner had to surrender them (after just losing his wife).  He was so sad about this and requested that they be fostered and adopted together so I agreed.  I am going to try and fulfill his wish and try to keep them together.  We all know what a great bond siblings can have!

Leia was 4 in September and is a great girl. She is potty trained and absolutely loves to play with toys. She is great with other dogs, people and kids and listens well.

Pugs is 12 years old and doesn't look a day over 8 (with the exception of a little gray around her eyes). She is pretty mellow but loves to interact with other dogs. She has her own language and speaks when she gets excited! Other than that she is quiet and loves dogs, people and kids.

Both are in excellent health and UTD on their shots and will be a wonderful asset to anyone who has the love to give these beautiful babies!  Wouldn't you love waking up to these beautiful sisters during this exciting holiday time of year?

-- Linda Vermeylen

Thanks to Linda for caring for these beautiful sisters when they needed a new home of their own.  Special thanks for keeping them together when they had nothing but each other.  And now let's find them a home of their own where they can always have each other!