Saturday, October 6, 2012

Member Dog of the Day: Muno

Muno owns Pam Hess.  Muno is the one eyed mill dog that they adopted in February of this year from NEBTR.

Update on Peanut

Hi all,

Hope all is going well. My little adopted dog Peanut (formally Mandy) is doing so well. What a blessing she is. She is finally starting to act like normal dog. I keep working on trying to get her to play but she doesn’t seem to get it or maybe she really isn’t interested in learning. :)  Either way, she doing very well and everyone loves her that comes into my office. We are definitely inseparable and she just loves riding around in the truck. You guys are doing such a wonderful thing for these dogs. I would have never had the privilege of having Peanut in my life if it wasn’t for guys. Keep up the good work!

Let me know about the tax info.

Thanks and enjoy the day.

Gail L Stone
Enrolled Agent

Stone's Accounting Inc.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Member Dog of the Day: Bentley

Bentley owns Renee Kmetz

Thanks to Walter Williams

This goes out to a special man, Walter Williams.  He has been devising all sorts of creative fundraising ideas, and making the beautiful graphics to accompany them.

He initiated the "Summer is for Seniors" campaign, which evolved into the Senior Trust Fund.

He initiated auctions of Boston Terrier memorabilia on Facebook, raising much needed funds for Boston rescue, including such beautiful items as these below.

 Walter is also running special promotions for Chip In dogs such as Florence and Chester.  We want to say thank you Uncle Walter, for always being there for our pups!  Bless You!

Walter writes,  "While this weekend signals the end for the summer for seniors program it does not mean the end for further senior trust auctions if i come across any more Danbury or other fine collectables. We saw Wilma adopted but the loss of Bruiser took the wind from our sails. The formation of the senior trust remains its greatest accomplishment.  We have to keep doing these things for our NEBTR!  Hope you had a great summer !"

Dog Shaming

From Dog Shaming:

Mazy Has Her Own Family

Every once in awhile, NEBTR has a special needs dog that touches everyone's heart, such is Mazy, our little brain damaged foster, and a special foster family sent from heaven to love and care for her, Kim and Evette Heinle. Below is the story of that pup and her foster family.

> Dear Friends,
> This has been a whirlwind week for us and Mazy. After nearly two years of waiting, we are happy to announce that our Mazy has found her Forever Home! She is happy, healthy and doing great!
> We are so very proud of this little girl. She has been on a long journey but the ride was well worth it. We cannot praise the NEBTR Board enough for having the "heart" and the commitment to accept Mazy into the Club's care, despite her health problems and the risk that she might prove to be a long term foster. The Board's vision proved to be correct. I wish all of you could have experienced the remarkable transformation of Mazy since she came into our care. Progress has been slow, but steady over the past two years. And then amazingly, perhaps fueled by the prayers of countless members of the Club and the many thousands of people that saw her on Petfinder, Mazy became a real Boston! She is still "special", but in the past six months she has developed a new personality, more confidence, a greater awareness of her name and surroundings, and (best of all) a desire to socialize with her brothers and sisters.
> Despite all that Mazy has been through in her short life, she is still "Cute as a Button", and will probably hold the Petfinder "Most Viewed" title for quite awhile. Our Maze continues to grow in spirit, if not in size, as she has grown older. Where at first I could not hold her for fear that it would trigger one of her horrible demon attacks, in our final days together she would hop into my favorite recliner, knowing that soon I would be there to put her on my lap and rub her ears and neck.
> So to all of you that have stood by Mazy these past two years, who have watched her grow from a distance, have contributed in many ways to her care, have prayed for her, and kept her in your heart, Evette and I wish to say, "Thank You!" Its because of you, the wonderful folks of NEBTR, that Mazy is now with Elaine in Toms River, New Jersey, and is happy, healthy and loved.
> Special thanks goes to Sheryl, who always supported the decision to rescue Mazy from her cabin in the Catskills, and despite early evidence that Mazy may be a long term drain on Club resources, never wavered or second guessed the decision that this little girl deserved a chance at life. Our thanks also to Lisa and Lou for being terrific backup foster parents when we needed time away. And thanks also to the rest of Mazy's pack, who would sometimes get into tussles among themselves, but never....ever. ...took advantage of their special sister. They knew, beyond any doubt, that she was just like them, and also not like them at all, and would give Mazy her space and an occasional nuzzle of unabashed Boston affection.
> On Wednesday morning, when I said goodbye to Mazy for the first time, damn but she knew! She looked straight at me, her ears bent back, and a puzzled face that conveyed, "Hey Dad, oh no, this is not good"! I am certain that all of you know have seen this look on your own dogs. As I drove to work, my eyes became moist, I fought back tears heading south on Route 9. "Mazy was leaving." Sad? Of course. We both are, as Mazy was a hard child to raise, and in some ways the easiest one. That sort of defines our Maze, a constant contradiction. But our sadness has been replaced by joy; the joy of knowing that with your support, we have succeeded in saving a life and enriching others in her adoptive family. Miracles do happen. Mazy is our Miracle.
> Please join Evette and I wishing our precious Mazy well on her remarkable journey. She deserves it.
> Kim and Evette Heinle
> Tuckerton, NJ

And the special miracles are the love of Kim and Evette and her forever mom, Elaine.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Breezy With Her New Fashion Accessory

Foster mom Padi reports on her forever foster Breezy. (Forever fosters are those rescued Boston Terriers whose needs are such that they cannot be put up for adoption. Loving people like Padi agree to care for them for the rest of their lives; normally, NEBTR continues to pay their veterinary bills while the family covers their other expenses)

"Breezy, our forever foster, went through another successful
surgery this week, this time to remove the new mast cell tumor on her
hindquarters. She did great! Of COURSE, she cuddled up with the staff
at PVSEC while waiting for surgery, and fell asleep right on the arms
of the receptionist (cuddling while someone is working is her super
power). We will have biopsy results back next week. In the meantime,
her blood sugar is really coming into manageable levels, and we have
figured out a way around the Cone of Shame! We think she looks like
she's at the beach. ;). On the way out of the specialty vet, we found
a four leaf clover. We think it's a good sign."

All the best,

Padi in Pittsburgh

Bless you Padi for your loving care!

Update on Rocky, Sandee's Foster

So can I tell you how sweet Rocky is!?

Rocky's dental went very well, but long. The Dr said it was some of the worst abscessed teeth she has seen. It was the first time in her career that she ever cut into a tooth and had pus come out. (I apologize if anyone was eating.) one abscess was so deep she had to put a compound in to create a bone graft. He had four teeth removed in all. He came out of anesthesia well, and I was so relieved. He must be so relieved to have all of those painful teeth gone. Thankfully he is eating and drinking well. I have been making a sort of porridge out of his food. He's on special food for his kidneys. (the vet gave me a bag for free last visit! So sweet!) He's on tramadol for pain, unfortunately antiinflammatories would be too harsh on hisi kidneys. He's also still on antibiotics. His spirit seems good though. He's even more cuddly. I'll post again in a couple days to let everyone know how he's doing.
Thanks for all the positive thoughts!

He is doing so well since his dental extractions. He had his checkup on Wednesday and the vet said the teeth look great. He is finished with the pain meds and antibiotics and is doing wonderfully. He barks his head off when I get home from work until I give him a good cuddle. He follows me all around the house. He still has the same sweet temperament, but there is definitely something different about him since his teeth were taken care of. He seems like he has more energy and life. It is no doubt because he is eating so much better. He is a regular chow hound now. He's still on the special renal food, but he's eating so much more of it. It may be wishful thinking, but I think he may finally be putting on a little weight. He had a renal panel done on Wednesday and vet thought she would have results by Saturday. I am hoping the levels are better. Then we can start looking for his forever home. He is elderly and has pretty severe arthritis and the hypothyroidism, but he is such a personality. He still has so much to offer and would be a great companion. Until then, he has a place to call home.

Sandee Herrington

Member Dog of the Day: Gilbert

Gilbert owns Judy Wade

Update on Breezy

We got some really frustrating news this week about our awesome foster
lady, Breezy. She has developed another mast cell tumor, which
appears to be very active and growing. It's on her "lady parts,"
making surgery the realm of specialists only, or maybe impossible. As
you might remember, she is also a diabetic, so the alternative
prednisone+chemo route might not be available, since diabetics cannot
ever have prednisone. We're giving benadryl and lots of love either
way. We have made an appt with the local more specialized clinic and
hope we get good news since we caught it so early.

Poor babette :( This girl is just the sweetest thing in the world,
only six, and a non-stop cuddler! We've given her an extra bully
stick and she thinks she has done something special this week. I
think she must have been a puppy mill dog, because she has a lot of
odd features like bone spurs on her ribs and the health issues, and
she was obtained in Amish country. We don't care, cause we love her
and everyone who meets her does too!

Anyway, sad news - hopefully we'll have better news soon.

All the best,

Padi in Pittsburgh

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Member Dog of the Day: Kiwi

Kiwi owned Ellen Hansen, and Kiwi is remembered with love today.

New Foster Bosley

I had the chance to visit with our little abandoned Boston this morning.  He has been named Bosley by the staff of the Allentown Animal Clinic where he remains after having surgery yesterday.  He still has a catheter and an IV, but Dr. T said he scarfed down his food this morning.  He is medicated and so very lethargic but did respond to a little ear scratching.  He is beautiful.

Dawn Stone

New Foster Zoey


 Meet Zoey:) A cute little 3 1/2 yr old Boston just rescued from the Hudson-Mohawk Human Society, just outside of Albany, NY on Saturday. She is quiet and a little timid as she adjust to her new surroundings. She is a sweet girl in need of a forever home.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Pet Adoption Day

We had a great day yesterday!
Thank you to all our volunteers that came out to help ! Thank you to our foster moms !!! And thank you to their family for helping ! We sold all of Linda's cupcakes !! Raised over $100 !!! And Sophia is going to her forever home in 2 weeks xoxoxo we will be there next year !!


Member Dog of the Day: Cash

Cash owns Megan Sanchez!