Monday, August 15, 2016

Congratulations to Abigail

Abigail, my sweet little redhead, passed her official tests last night: she has now earned her Canine Good Citizen Advanced title and Therapy Dog.  She can now go on therapy dog visits and will be registered with Therapy Dogs International.  After she completes ten visits, she will be eligible for her Therapy Dog title from the AKC, in addition to the two titles she now holds, Canine Good Citizen and Canine Good Citizen Advanced. She worked very hard, I am so proud of her. Just goes to show that a rescue dog with epilepsy can do anything she sets her mind to do! 

Her neighborhood buddy Hogan, a rescued Papillon, also passed his Therapy Dog examination last night.  For those who live in the greater Capital District of New York, the Animal Protective Foundation in Scotia has comprehensive training programs for dogs such as puppy obedience, CGC, Therapy, and Agility, plus their instructors have numerous years of experience, are all certified, and use gentle, positive methods to train the dogs.  Also have the best shelter in the region.


Bella II Is Grateful For Love

River Is Feeling Better

BeeBee Learns to Play

Ponch Is Adopted

I am thrilled to share that Ponch is on his way to a new and better life! He is gonna be a snow dog in Vermont!! I couldn't be happier for him. He is going to be spoiled rotten and get to go to his new daddy's work everyday!  How awesome is that?!! His daddy makes snow boards and I'll bet we'll see Ponch on one before too long!! He's gonna be the only king of his castle!! Haha! Gonna miss my squish face! Congrats to the Haidar family!!


That is wonderful; BT heaven to be with Dad 24/7, oh happy dog!

Congratulations to you and Ponch!!! What wonderful news!!!!

Tess Receives Gifts

OMG!! Doorbell rang again and more wonderful gifts arrived for Tess!! Thank you, Lorilee Roub Tomlinson for her new leash by Pet. Tess has already picked it up in her mouth and began walking herself into the kitchen.....probably for more treats! And thank you, Hardy Wiedemann for her new adjustable red collar by Sofi! It looks great on her and matches her Puppia red harness gifted by Christine & John Bruno!! Thank you so much!!