Saturday, December 1, 2012

Foster Baby

Dear all,

I'm writing to provide an update on Baby.
She is getting better & trusting us more by the day.  She is starting to learn that she is safe & loved with us.  She shows no aggressive/dominance behavior towards us or our own BT Taylor.  She shows no food aggression as she eats her own food.  Her coat & breath have improved much with regular water & kibble.  She & Tay walk together without problems.  In the house, they sniff & acknowledge each other but respect each other's space.

Early on, she didn't like being touched, but this has gotten better.  We acknowledge that she doesn't like to be picked up. 

She still displays some nervous energy, but this gets better every day.  She doesn't sit still at times, but we stick with her.

She is very spry & loves to be outside.

In the house, she sticks with us.  At night, she sleeps on a dog bed (hers now as it seems to comfort her) in our bedroom on the carpeted floor.

I'm attaching some pictures as she is quite photogenic.


Jamal Ahmad, M.D.
Assistant Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery
Foot and Ankle Service
Rothman Institute Orthopaedics
Thomas Jefferson University Hospital

Friday, November 30, 2012

Halloween Two Mile Walk

Halloween 2-mile-walk - fundraiser for Lions Club to raise money to train seeing-eye dogs. Bill, myself, Tara as a court jester in red and black, foster Sassy Sara as a princess, and Papi in a manly black sweater with orange pumpkins on it.

Deborah Dolan

Beanie is Mr. May

Congratulations to Beanie, the NEBTR forever foster of Joan Stark.  Beanie was chosen as "Mr. May" for the 2013 Bully Breeds Calendar. 

If you would like to purchase one you can get one here.   Isn't he handsome!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Hard Knock Life

It's a hard knock life for Omar and Breezy, who tucked themselves into this comforter this morning.

Patricia Hallam Joseph

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Update on Jazzy

Jazzy came from a New York shelter where she had been dumped while giving birth. She was our 4th foster and was with us for 2 1/2 weeks. She is now living in Princeton, NJ with her Golden Retriever sister Rosie.

Beth Powell McFadden

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Spike is Adopted

Congratulations to Spike, who has been adopted by the Ortwein family!

And a special thank you to Beth McFadden, who has been his loving foster Mom!  A job well done! 

Walmart Fundraiser

Thanks to Benny Stone and his human friends,  the NEBTR Walmart fundraiser was very successful, raising $544 for the group.  Special thanks to Cynthia and Craig Musselman, our fundraisers extraordinaire, and those who helped, including Tish, Linda, Dawn and Joy.  Wonderful job all!

Dapper Benny manned the kissing booth.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Can I Sleep on Your Couch?

Foster Daisy

Here is Daisy. Such a little cutie pie! Today she finally decided to pick up a toy and play a bit, though the concept seems strange to her. Daisy is such a sweet little package, and every day we see a little bit more of her loving personality!

She is so patient and sweet, I painted her nails to pretty her up. One small drawback, it makes her missing toenails pretty obvious :/
My husband cuddled while I painted. We just love her!

Erin Sullivan

Each of our foster homes who have taken a Puppy Mill survivor into their care always say it has been the most gratifying experience as you watch them begin to enjoy the little things in a dog's life that our own enjoy.

Erin, thank you for giving her the confidence to let you see her emerge from the memory of the hell she came from.   She is beginning to trust people and especially you.  Just beautiful!

Sheryl Trent, President, NEBTR

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanks to Gingerlead

Thanks to Barry of Gingerlead, NEBTR has received a small male and small female GingerLead to our rescue for any Bostons recovering from knee or hip surgery, or older Bostons with weak hind legs.

NEBTR sincerely thanks Gingerlead for their most thoughtful and generous donation.

Update on Benji (formerly Tank)

Dear Group:
I am not great at posting updates but thought I should let you know what has been going on with Benji.  I originally talked my husband into fostering with the hope that we would become savy foster parents and help many bostons in need find their new forever homes.  I still would like to see this happen one day but I am a strong believer in the fact that things happen for a reason.
I was asked to consider fostering "Tank." who was found at a garage sale with a sign around his neck free.  Luckily a woman with a good soul took him knowing he was in a bad situation.  This young woman was in the process of raising two very small children and going through a divorce, yet she know that Tank needed to be saved.  According to her it appeared that he had been living out of this families van.  The economy has hit many people hard and unfortunately Benji was given the short straw.
After I brought Benji home it became apparent that not only was he in need of some medical attention, but that he definitely did not want any parts of getting to know my other two dogs.  He had a dry eye and an infection in that eye that needed care as well as some badly rotting teeth.  Thank goodness my home check volunteer Alexis recommended getting a baby gate and considering using the laundry room as an aveune for separating the three dogs because I would have never of guessed that this process could be so difficult.
My mother in law had been living by herself approximately 20 minutes away.  Although she is in good physical condition, she is on a fixed income and really should not be driving any longer.  She recently lost her spouse 2 years ago and most recently her dog.  I saw this as a perfect opportunity to allow her to stay with us and help us care for Benji.
The relationship began to grow through their daily walks around the house.  Benji is very overweight at 30 pounds and my mother in law would do laps around the house with him as a form of exercise. 
Most recently Benji has gone through his dental appointment and had 3 abcessed teeth removed.  He is on doggie prozac and is now running free in the house with the other two dogs.  I am not saying every day is perfect but for the most part the three dogs are living together without problem and Benji seems like he is trying to learn how to play.
I am optimistic that Benji will continue to grow in his comfort zone and feel loved as he lives through his senior years.  I have learned so much from this fostering process and look forward to doing it again in the future.