Friday, May 2, 2014

New Foster Welcome Packages

Holy Moly! In the last two weeks, NEBTR has gotten 14 new foster pups!! Sometimes, it's hard to keep up - but thanks to our incredible volunteers and foster families, we know we can help these dogs find their loving forever homes. But we can't do it without you - our online community of loving fans, followers and supporters.

When a new pup comes to us, he or she is often scared and has possibly been living in not-so-great conditions. We like to gift each new foster with a "Welcome Package" that includes yummy treats and soft toys to make them feel safe and happy, and to let them know that they will never be alone or unloved again.

We've created a special Wishlist just for this purpose. The items are small and affordable so it will be easier to give.

NEBTR and our pups thank you in advance for the kindness in your hearts :)

You can get to the Wishlist by clicking here.

Max Has a Forever Home

Congratulations to Max, who has found his forever home with his foster mom, Robin Carroll.  Max was too good a fit not to keep forever, and he will always know love and the companionship of his siblings.

Indigo Relaxes

Buster Says Thanks

Brutus Likes Flowers

Thanks to Tucker Printers

Many thanks to Tucker Printers of Rochester, NY for printing our new brochures and insets.

We really appreciate this fantastic donation!

New Foster Lulu

Thanks Jerrilyn Walter for getting us our foster Lulu. Lulu was found as stray in Rochester and was turned in to Lollipop Farm in Rochester. I drove out there today and picked her up. She is a year old. She races around like a rocket. She has met our cats. I don't think she had ever seen a cat before. She is smaller than our cat Darwin. She is terrified of stairs. Needs some work on leash walking but we will work on that. She is a very affectionate, love little girl. The first thing she did was give me kisses.

I was worried how Zoey would accept another dog since she is bossy. But so far they seem fine. Lulu is not aggressive at all. She has a very sweet kind personality. Wally was not sure what was going on with all the commotion when we got home. He just threw back his head and let out a howl he just wanted to express his confusion over the whole situation. One thing we have to be extremely careful of is I think she could be "running dog " like Buster was. One of the first things I am going to do is get her microchipped.

 Loretta Miner

I don't doubt that anything that cute will be a "foster failure."  She is absolutely precious!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Gizmo's Wish List!

Gizmo's Wish List!

Hey, it's me, Gizmo! Perhaps you've heard my good news this week... I went back to the vet and it looks like my kidney is back in action! My foster mama takes extra special care of me and makes sure I have the best supplements and food for my health. But I gotta tell you, it ain't cheap! If you could spare a few bucks, would you mind helping me (and mama) out with some of the things on my Wish List? The joint supplements are really making life easier for me.

You can go to my Wish List by clicking here!

Thanks humans. You're not so bad!


Where's Chica?

Adoptable Pup Spotlight! BUSTER

Adoptable Pup Spotlight! BUSTER

Buster is a 6-7 year old neutered boy being surrendered because he starts fights with other dogs and cats. However, he is great with kids!!

He is a great mix of playful yet sweet and cuddly. He was used to a doggy door/fenced yard at his old home, but he's done well learning to do his potty business on walks. He does well in his crate, and he doesn't beg for table scraps or chew anything except his toys. Buddy is a really fun, affectionate dog to have around!

Buster's favorite thing is playing with the tennis ball. He's well-behaved about not jumping up on people (he knows "down"), but he's an amazing jumper when chasing a tennis ball! Buster loves nylabones, rope toy, and Kong toy. Also loves to snuggle and get a belly rub, and to burrow under covers. Great at taking baths and loves water. He cries when the school bus takes the kids away, and wags he rear end when he's happy to see us!

If you think yours might be Buddy's "furever home," please fill out an application here.

Molly's Home Check

Gizmo says Hi!

Adoptable Pups Spotlight! MILLY AND CLARA

Adoptable PUPS Spotlight! MILLY & CLARA

Milly and Clara are two adorable, sweet-as-pie senior girls who are looking for forever homes. They both love EVERYONE and EVERYTHING!

Milly can usually be found relaxing on the couch, and Clara is a fan of a good belly rub!
These beautiful older ladies are just looking for somewhere to call home. They came to NEBTR as a pair, but their foster mama says they don't spend much time together, so could possibly be adopted to two separate homes.

If you think yours might be Milly or Clara's "furever home," please fill out an application on our website and send us a message to let us know you're interested!

Milly and Clara's Wish List

"Golden Girls" Milly and Clara would just be tickled to receive some of the items on their Wish List! They thank their kind friends and fans in advance, and send lots of slobbery senior kisses! xoxo, Milly & Clara

Wish List:

Adoptable Pup Spotlight! EDDIE

Adoptable Pup Spotlight! EDDIE

Have you always loved Boston Terriers but secretly missed the idea of a long happily wagging tail? Well, no need to go without either any longer!

You can have the best of both worlds with me, Eddie the adorable 16 month old Boston Terrier Mix!
My foster mom says I have sunshine for a personality. I’m as sweet as can be and I get along great with all dogs and people of all ages. I like to play play play! But no worries, my switch isn’t always stuck in the “on” position. I would love to cuddle up in your lap with my head tucked under your chin, or chill out curled up next to you on the couch watching TV.
I’m young, fun, and I listen pretty well. My training is really coming along but I’ll need your help and patience to get me the rest of the way. My ideal forever family might have youngsters or another dog looking for a playmate. Or maybe an active adult looking for an adventure partner. You see, my “mix” not only gave me a full length tail, it also gave me more of an athletic build than your typical BT. I’m a little bit taller and a little bit longer. I weigh about 27lbs and I have perfect BT markings. My fur is silky and shiny. My tail has a little white tip, and one ear is up and one is bent. People stop my Foster Mom all the time to tell her how handsome I am. I love the attention! So what do you think? Could I be the boy for you?

P.S. I like fun cool kitties who like dogs and like to play as I do try to play with them as if they were doggies.

If you think yours might be Eddie's "furever home," please fill out an application on our website today, and send us a Facebook message to let us know you're interested!

Baby Molly is Adopted

Congratulations to baby Molly, who has found her forever home with Elly Monfett.

Buddy Has a Forever Home

Congratulations to Buddy, who is now living happily with Strausie Stephens.  You landed in a great home, Buddy!

Tootsie is Tired

She is finally tired. I can't believe it.

Medical Update on Skittles

First we want to make sure we thanked everyone who donated to Skittles and wanted to give everyone an update.

She has been on so much medication that her poor liver has suffered. We have moved her to one of our members, Linda Antonelli, who specializes in immune diseases and starts with the food and nourishment of the dog. Skittles has been with Linda for about a week. Skittles is making small improvements in her health but still has a long way to go.  Although we know that Skittle is not anemic, there’s a whole lot we do not know and her blood tests are trying to tell us; we know her liver levels are extremely high.  Skittles will continue to work with Linda and her vet to reduce Skittles medications and boost her immune system which will hopefully bring her liver levels back inline and reduce other internal problems due to all her medications.

We will not know exactly what is wrong with her until we can decrease some of the medications she has been on and put her liver back on control.Through all her health issues Skittles is a sweet girl who enjoy cuddles and soaking up the sun.  She is getting a little stronger every day but is not out of the woods yet.  This little 9 year old girl is a fighter and we are all hoping she continues to make improvements.

 We will continue to give you updates on our sweet Skittles, and again, we thank you so much for allowing us to to be able to help Skittles.

- See more at:

Rosie Enjoys the Spring

But not without a blanket :)
Rosie is a Florida girl by heart lol

Conny McGraw

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Adoptable Pups Spotlight - MILLY and CLARA

Maverick Says Hello

Duncan Says Thanks for the Collar

Adoptable Pup Spotlight - BENJAMIN

Adoptable Pup Spotlight - INDIGO

Adorable Pup Spotlight: BRENDLE

Ace is Adopted

My boy Ace was picked up yesterday by the Healey family. His new family was so excited to have him. The two daughters (six and nine) were already fighting over who gets to walk him to the car. I am so overjoyed for him. This is the conclusion of my first foster and, man is it bittersweet! I will always have a place in my heart for that little guy and remember what (I can imagine) he went through before NEBTR came to his rescue. I want to thank my foster support ladies Vicki and Tammy. And also Jodi for showing me the ropes at the mill that day.
Thank you to the whole group for letting me be a part of this awesome team.

Kendra Giangiulio
West Reading, PA

Sooooo happy for Ace!!!! Sending much love from NEBTR!  And thank you Kendra for all you did to transform this neglected puppy mill boy to a loving companion.  Awesome job!

Behavior Continuum in Photos

Miss Milly Has a Ball

Miss Milly had a great time yesterday playing out side. She loved the little soccer ball.
DuBois pa

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Fena's Kong

Little Miss Molly Speaks her Mind!

Sweet Gizmo!

Miss Fena Lovin' Life in a SunSpot

Good Golly - Miss Molly

Sun Buddies

Coconut Shrimp

Good morning.

Check out Miss Rosie. This is right after I rubbed her down with coconut oil. Lol. She could so this all day long lol.

Conny McGraw

News from Gizmo

Tuna Says Good Night

Sleep tight everyone!

Tuna Fish Wiedemann

Wilbur Says Thanks

Wilbur received his welcome package and we wanted to say thanks! He doesn't play with toys but he likes the little puppy toy! He shook it and chewed on it, the first time I've seen him play!

Morgan Pa

Your Choices Affect Your Dog

Welcome Bella and Summer

Hello all!!
Kim and I are finally in a place where we can help out again with fostering!!! Our first fosters since superstorm Sandy arrived Friday!!!

We picked up mom, Bella (14) and daughter, Summer (8).

They are super sweet and really attached to each other. Where one goes, the other goes.
Bella is a ball of energy, you'd never guess that she is 14! She does have some bumps and lumps that need to be looked at, hopefully they will be fine.

Summer is more laid back, but once she warms up, she will follow you all over to get you to pick her up and cuddle!!!

They are excellent on leash, I've never had two well mannered dogs on leash as these two are.

This was a rescue meant to be for us~when Jerilyn asked me about rescuing these two, that happen to be in our town, I was hesitant at first, only because we are in between moving back home and not 100% back yet. But I felt that we were able to at least temporarily foster. When I got the address, I thought to myself, are these the two bt's that I saw a few days ago playing in the yard?? Sure enough they were the ones!! So, Kim and I bring them to our almost completed home where our daughter is there helping us get organized and she says, I know those dogs!! She is a hair stylist and the pups' late human mom was our daughters client!! She has seen many pictures of them through the years and she remembers when Bella had the litter of pups that Summer was from. It truly is a small world!!

I will keep everyone updated on them as we learn more!!

Kim and Evette Heinle

Thank you Kim and Evette for being there for these two beautiful girls, who have been loved their whole lives and will continue to be loved thanks to you!

Wade Dreams of a Forever Home

Here is is a shot of Wade from earlier today :) watching me do some outdoor projects. He is such such a sweet little old man. We love him to bits! 

Doesn't It look like he is dreaming of his perfect home?

He is such a handsome boy :)   Thank you for taking such great care of him!

Prince Has Been Adopted

 Prince went home with his new family tonight.  He will be loved beyond words!
Above are Prince and his new family. Thank you Robbie Smolinsky and Tammy for giving this sweet boy a great home. P.s. I might have cried a little after you left — 
Melanie Stein
 YAY!!!! Happy gotcha day Prince!  Thank you to Melanie for all you have done for him.  You were totally his savior, being there to find him and then to find him a home.  Great job!