Saturday, January 19, 2013

Flo Says Hello

Look how great she looks!!

Isn't she a pretty lady?
She takes her daily thyroid meds, which helped cut down her weight.
She eats a raw meat diet with a teaspoon of cod liver oil and vitamins each day and her coat is soooo soft and shiny now!
Her coat was incredibly dull and awful when we got her.
Flo is a real funny lady : )

Jerrilyn Walter

Friday, January 18, 2013

Roxy is Adopted

Roxy and Mugsy resting up for New Years Eve. What a perfect match, they are in love. 


Thanks again,
Karen Rittenhouse

Hi Karen,

That picture is absolutely beautiful.  They were meant for each other.  We couldn't be happier that you found us, and Roxy found you and Mugsy.

Thank you for sending this.  It makes a Happy New Year for us in rescue.


Thursday, January 17, 2013

Happy Gotcha Day Boots

Hello NEBTR,

A year ago today we welcomed Boots into our household and immediately fell in love with his gentle nature, unwavering affection, and goofy playfulness. He is a constant source of joy in our home and we are truly thankful for NEBTR and his foster mom, Jackie Foster, for helping us find such an amazing new member of our family. Since Boots' adoption, he's acclimated wonderfully to his new home in Brooklyn. He loves to visit the park, get in the car and go on trips, or just cuddle up with his parents and watch TV. Attached are a few pictures of Boots from the past year. Thanks again for everything and Happy Holidays!

 Matt Gross & Victoria Abrami

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Member Dog of the Day: Louie and Liam

Louie (on both pics on the left) is 4. He is super smart, sweet, energetic, loving, very mischievous  and yes everything you can think of a Boston boy lol .
Liam, he will be 4 tomorrow, is about the most loving and playful boy i have ever met. He rather sit right next to you and make sure he is being held than anything else, well ok, food is even more important than that to Liam.

My husband Matt and are active people who go hiking, camping etc. The boys on our side. But we don't mind lying around the couch ever so often :)

I'm looking forward working with all of you and helping where we can.

Conny McGraw
Rochester, NY

Wookie is Adopted

Sharon Davidson was the Foster Mom for the darling Wookie, pictured above.  Wookie has truly hit the doggy powerball lottery.  He has been adopted by Sharon's mom Kay, and will be living the good life with her.  Added bonus - Sharon gets to visit!

Congratulations to all!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Bailey Joy Update

We are in the process of trying to see if there is anything orthopedically that can be done to help baby Bailey Joy walk.  Look how tiny she is in the picture with her foster sister.  Thanks to Elly Monfett for caring for her and helping her grow bigger and stronger.  Elly sends along this movie showing how Bailey Joy gets along.  If you would like to help her and her medical care, we have set up a chip in at  or on the first page of our main website.  Thank you!

George Starts Heartworm Treatment

Cynthia O'Brien Kaiser:

NEBTR foster George starts Heart Worm treatment today. Prayers and good thoughts for this sweet guy.

Adopt Zackie

Zackie is one of our awesome seniors, being fostered by the very caring Dawn Stone and aided by Benny.  Zackie is one of the senior trust beneficiaries.  Won't you consider giving him a forever home?

Monday, January 14, 2013

Rocky Celebrates Christmas

With his awesome Foster Mom Sandee Herrington!  Rocky is still available for adoption.  How could you resist that face?

Sunday, January 13, 2013

New Foster Bryant Boston Thunder

We welcome new foster Bryant Boston Thunder to NEBTR.  His foster mom writes, "Despite his weight (30.7 lbs) he is trying to keep up with our active family. He appears to prefer the company of men. More responsive to young men. Patience is the key with him right now. My whole family loves him. He is the King around here. The other dogs are all females."

We thank foster Mom Linda Brennan for opening her heart and home to this boy.  Linda, thank you so much for taking Bryant into your care.  It is your first foster with NEBTR, though you have a lot of experience with fostering Seeing Eye dogs.  We are all here to help you with anything you need.

Update on Moto

Erin Cantrell:

I adopted Moto from NEBTR 5 years ago and it has been the greatest 5 years since. He is old now but still got a lot of spunk. If you are looking to adopt a Boston Terrier these are the people to help you find the best match for you. Thanks NEBTR!