Saturday, November 17, 2012

Stained Glass Memorial

Bec Maier did this stained glass panel of Paige and Cal. It is 26" long and 14" high.
Like Tammy Trivelpiece and me, Bec volunteers in both greyhound and Boston terrier rescue.
I just wanted to share. I absolutely treasure this. And, I WILL hang it better when it's daylight! Bec also made a beautiful stone/marker for my foster BT KoKo. More pictures to come.
Bec is more than willing to donate a portion back to us if any of you are interested in stained glass panels, etched glass etc.
FWIW, KoKo's stone and this panel were $250.

Joy Riley

Cat musings

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Update on Daisy May

I got a chance to visit with Daisy May and her new family last weekend.  Her Mama had surgery recently and was in rehab.  I was afraid the Miss Daisy might have reverted or had a problem because she was gone for several weeks.  But she was such a good girl.  She has filled out and looks great and as you can see loves her Mama. The last picture is how she greeted me.  She obviously remembered me and covered me with kisses.  I love happy endings.  Joan Stark Ontario NY

New Foster Trickster

Welcome new foster Trickster!  Our new foster home, Tammy Groat-Messick, drove all the way from her home near Albany, NY to New Haven CT today to take in her first foster with NEBTR.  He is an estimated 3 yo who was found as a stray.  She said he is very skinny, probably has "dry eye" and was scooting on his behind at the shelter so much that it is raw.

Tammy, thank you for doing this trip today and bringing Trickster to your home where we know he will be given the best attention and a lot of TLC. 

Tammy says,  "He's home with his foster Mom (ME)...........have a lot of work to do, but it will get done and when I'm done he will shine like a diamond......."


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Austin and Daisy are Adopted

Congratulations to Austin and Daisy, a bonded pair who have found their forever family with the Evangelistas.  Their Boston Chico died a few weeks ago at age 15, and the Evangelistas wanted to fill the empty hole in their hearts.  They have set up a Facebook page for Chico, and hopefully Austin and Daisy can help to fill the void.

Special thanks to Sandy Bellinato for being such a loving foster mom to these two precious souls and for keeping them together when they had lost everything else.

Update on Rocky

I just wanted to give an update on foster Rocky. He is doing wonderfully. He has FINALLY put on a little weight and I think he is ready for adoption. I'm trying to post pics her so you can see my handsome sweetie!

Sandee Herrington

Anatomy of a Boston Terrier

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Happy Halloween

From Florence, Vivienne and Chester  (and Jerrilyn Walter) .  And below are the pups of Joan Stark, all decked out for Halloween:

Gidget as a little Angel

 Missy and Duke as Hippies
 Foster Beanie as Elvis with Joan Stark
Beanie singing for Dogs

Update on Pappy

Pappy came from Clifton Animal shelter Spring 2011. He is living happily ever after with his mom. a retired DVM, Dr. Daphne Mobley.  For Halloween, Dr. Mobley was a policeman and Pappy her "prisoner."  This is a super, super success story for someone who had led a very rough existence.  Thank you Dr. Mobley for giving Pappy the love he needs.  And a special thank you to foster mom extraordinaire, Carolyn McCarthy, for giving him her home for 6 months until the perfect forever home was found.  This is foster at its best!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Update on Otto

Otto is still doing great!!!! Here is a picture of him with my Lola. He's very sweet with her - she's a spoiled rotten Diva!

We survived the storm. We were very VERY lucky. We suffered no damage or flooding, which is more than I can say for many of my friends and neighbors. Unfortunately, property devastation aside, we know 3 people who lost their lives.

We had no power, heat or hot water for 4 days. Dogs wore sweaters and blankets and we layered up and had blankets too. Everyone got along great and now Otto loves Lola...they sleep in the same bed together every night!! They will even cuddle on the sofa together too!! (Photo attached.)

Hope everyone else is doing well. Bracing for Wednesday's nor'easter!!!

Jenn Hanly
Staten Island, N.Y.

Florence and Vivienne

Jerrilyn describes these these girls as "Two Peas in a Pod".
Thank you Jerrilyn for caring for Florence.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Zoey is Adopted

Congratulations to Zoe, who has found her forever home with her foster family, Loretta and Joe Miner.  Thank you to the whole family, who have opened up their home and hearts to this little girl!

And to Buster, who has found a playmate and best friend.  Loretta writes,  " I was so shocked it seems like just this week Zoey and Buster turned the corner in their relationship.  They are actually so much alike  in personality it is amazing.   They both love to play and love to walk.  They are both very dominant.  They played for almost an hour again tonight with big dog grins on their faces.  I just never thought they would get along so well.  Doing the things that Carolyn told me to do really defused the aggression.  So thank you so much Carolyn.  Enjoying my sweet pups :-)"

Central PA Pet Expo

Megan Sanchez reports on the Central PA Pet Expo:

"This pet expo I had a booth at for NEBTR was a huge success. I was able to raise $90 and put the word out that we exist and what amazing work we do to over 4,000 attendees! We already have a home check set up for a possible adoption from a family that heard about us from the show. I had an amazing time with some amazing people. Check out the photos attached from the event. "

A big thanks to all our volunteers who helped at this event!