Saturday, March 23, 2013

Boston T Party

Sara Went to the Rainbow Bridge

Deb Dolan writes:

I am very heartbroken to tell everyone that little Sara went to the rainbow bridge tonight.  We would have had her as a foster for five months tomorrow.

She was such a spunky little girl, it's hard to believe she's gone.  She died in my arms.

She had Cushings, which impairs the immune system.  When we first got her, she had kennel cough, then pneumonia.  Then she got better, then she started having trouble breathing again and on antibiotics again.  She finally got spayed several weeks ago, and they found that she had a cancerous ovary, but it look like it had not spread.

Last night she started having shortness of breath again, and I took her to the vet today.  She was having labored breathing, which is what happens when she gets sick.  Sara had a seizure and died shortly afterwards in my arms.

We are so very very sad.  She will be greatly missed.  My favorite picture of her is attached.

Deb, remember the love! She was a lucky pup to have you take such wonderful care of her for all those months. God wanted her journey to end in your arms. Bless you for loving her!
As Beth McFadden writes, "I'm so sorry Deb. We had a 15 yr old foster, Buggs, who we also had for 5 months, that died last April.  They really become one of your own when you know that they aren't going to be leaving you.  I would say he was probably the most rewarding of all the fosters I had.
The sadness will pass but all the nice memories will remain.  Thank you for caring for and loving her when she needed it."

Who, Me?

Friday, March 22, 2013

New Foster Penny Lane

Sharon Sweeney writes:

Meet Penny Lane( I am a huge beatles fan). Her name should really be yoda or bunny...This girl continues to amaze me with every passing minute. She was in a puppy mill for at least 8 years - in a cage- never knowing human kindness; never smelling grass or eating food from a bowl, you know the drill... She was shaking  and stinky when Jodi Groff( ANGEL) met me and gave me this treasure.. Took her for a bath and grooming at Petmsart( I have rescued many dogs so they fit me in).

She loves my dogs and my two rescues( my own dogs) adore her. My one girl ,Chelsea( 7 years old)  has seemed to adopt her and is trying to engage her in a squeaky ball play( a first for Chelsea). Sweet Penny will now walk on a leash, eat from a bowl, allow me to massage her, follows all of us around in the house. She is with me in the bedroom in a pet bed which I enticed her in by putting a small soft treat in an open bone..

She has rotten teeth. She was supposed to be spayed and have her two really bad teeth removed tomorrow but she has terrible itchy skin. I initially gave her chicken and rice for about 8 days and then gave her Blue small breed food with innova whitefish( recommended by a Boston terrier owner whose dog had major food allergies). She has been itching her body since I received her but she started licking her paws and now has a huge boo-boo in between the toes on her paws.... The vet gave her a shot and prenizone and an antibiotic to help deal with this. The sore she created was huge.. This does not address the origin of the problem and I hope to address this issue with Linda today.

She is amazing - she is a wonder girl and here come the pictures.....I have rescue Many dogs but she is the treasure...She has taught me so much...and I pray that I can offer her a better life.

Thank you Sharon from the bottom of our hearts for all that you are doing for this beautiful girl!  You are amazing for showing her a new life!


Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Look

New Foster Mandy

Welcome new foster Mandy.  Mandy is a puppymill survivor who somehow ended up in a Pennsylvania shelter. Her time has come to finally feel what it is like to live in a warm loving home.

Thanks so much to Leslie Kaucic for opening her heart and home to this little girl.  Mandy is terrified and hiding much of the time but Leslie's work has begun and Mandy is coming along slowly.  Your love will help the healing begin, bless you and yours. Soon she will take treats, kisses and become the dog she should always have had a chance to be. The end of one chapter and the beginning of a beautiful new life thanks to you!

Her foster mom writes,

"Mandy will not come out of the crate on her own, I slowly slide her forward on blanket and gently lift her out of crate.  When I place her on the floor she lets her front legs slide out and I have to stand her up.
It's so pitiful :-(   she still will not take anything from my hand, but eating well.  On a positive note, she will now walk outside on her own (once I get her out of crate and shut door) and back inside into crate.  The less I have to pick her up the better.  She will come to me when we're outside and show me her belly for pets.  Also she is now going potty outside!  She was hardly going  and I was getting worried.  Two days ago I started putting Yogi, my Golden Ret, out with us. I have complete control of him and thought it might help.  She seemed comfortable with him right away and peed!  She has gone every time we go out now! 
I know it's going to be slow going with her and hope she can soon enjoy life.  I will appreciate the little things, like when she first takes a treat from my hand! "


Update from Leslie.  REAL PROGRESS!

Mill survivor Mandy has been with me just over 2 wks now and I have finally had some progress.  She had been coming to me outside and starting to yawn at certain times which is good cause she's thinking!  But just over the last 24 hrs she has made some great strides.  Yesterday, she ate 2 pieces of food out of my hand!!   I mixed up her dinner and was sitting on the floor in front of her crate with the bowl placing 1 piece at a time in front of her.  she usually won't eat anything until I move my hand away, but I rested my hand on her bed with food on my fingers and she ate it!  next attempt she would not but then time after that she did, so I didn't want to push it and just put the bowl down and walked away.  Also, she wagged her stump yesterday when she ran up to my Golden Ret Yogi!!  She will jump up to his face to say hi!  I have only seen glimmers of happiness when she is with him.  She does not seem fond of my BT Ozzy.  Not sure if it's his energy or bad experiences with Male BTs.  Then today she came out of her crate on her own!!  I have been trying to coax her every time ti go outside, patiently waiting for her decision.  She's knows what I want by this point, this morning Yogi and I went in the kitchen and called her to me and she came and sat by us.  She went back in so I walked over to door and called her and she came out!  I'm so happy!

Leslie, we have all been waiting to hear that this beautiful butterfly is slowly emerging from her long time in a chrysalis.  It is these tiny steps that each who foster a PM survivor live for.  We all share your joy for these magical moments of discovering their new life full of fun and care.

Thank you to all who do this for all of our dogs, especially the PM survivors.

Sheryl Trent, President NEBTR

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Party Time

Foster Dodger and Friends

Dodger update! Dodger is getting hand signal training in his foster home and hes doing quite well. He's settled in nicely with his foster siblings. Left to right, Former foster Chubba Bubba (also deaf), Former Foster Kitty, Foster Dodger, and Former Foster Rex. What a gaggle of Bostons!

And many thanks to Terri Anderson for helping Dodger's foster mom in teaching sign language to this swwet, deaf dog.

New Foster Myles

Miles is a sweet girl, but extremely depressed because her world was turned upside down.  She is a  retired breeder.

Thanks to Brenda Frank for opening her heart and home to this beautiful girl!  One day her memory will fade and someone will love her forever and your sacrifice helped get her there.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

New Foster Lola

Meet new foster Lola. Lola is sweet, crate trained, potty trained, healthy, loves to play and is great in the car. Lola is 2 years old. She will be ready in a few weeks, keep an eye out for updates!

Lola is being fostered by the amazing John Gilligan. At first she was very timid and hand shy.   John notes,   " I've spent the entire weekend running/walking Lola and my dog Caoimhe, as well as taking her around to socialize with friends and family who also have dogs. Lola would hardly let anyone near her on Friday, and she's already become great friends with Caoimhe, and she now trusts me enough to walk up to me so I can pet her and play with her. From time to time it seems she puts her guard up and is cautious to approach, but she's definitely got a lot better with me."

 Lola (right) resting after a long day.

 Lola in deep thought.

 John's girl Caoimhe and Lola

Caoimhe and Lola with their dad John, enjoying the fresh air.

Happy Gotcha Day, Squigy

Happy 1 year adoption "birthday" to my fur baby Squiggy ! He was an abandon drop off found starving in the south side of Williamsport Pa. Luckily we found him! he has put on plenty of weight and absolutely loves everyone.

Winston Inspires Ana Cecere

The photo above is a NEBTR named Winston.  His Mom was Ana Cecere, who found this picture as she was looking at our updated web site after Winston's death.  Ana writes, "When my beloved boston of 15 1/2 years passed away I saw a picture of him in our website under fundraising with his little paw up asking for help! That is when I decided it was time to start looking for another boston in need through NEBTR. And then came Brady, he was meant to be with us, he is our world! Dogs teach us amazing and profound life lessons. As much of a challenge as it was in the beginning my husband and I keep falling in love deeper with him and I thank all the Foster moms in the group for being so dedicated to their fosters, for knowing their foster babies so well and for asking all the right questions to find the right home! There is always the right dog for the right family."

We are thrilled that seeing Winston's photo on our site brought Ana her beloved Brady.  It was as if it was meant to be, that her beloved boy brought Brady to them!  And it brought Ana into a more active role in the rescue, where she helps other Bostons in need.  We truly appreciate her many gifts to the organization.

We asked Ana to tell us more about Winston and she wrote:

Winston was the love of our lives!
He was a very gentle soul that came to us at age 8! It was a very sad story, you could see that Winston was dearly loved by the previous owner and she gave him up because she could not afford to take care of him! I didn’t have to know her to know she was a wonderful person!  This is the most unselfish act of love one could do! Winston came to us with the threat of developing cancer again and we decided to treat each day with Winston as a gift and as if each day was his last day! He blessed us with another 7 ½ years!!!!
He was pleasant and very well- mannered dog! What a good dog! He was gentle in is ways and very playful with a great personality! When he passed gas he would look at us through the corner of his eye and silently leave the room!  We would know before the smell hit us (really bad smell) because of his sneaky way of leaving the room, it was very funny!

On birthdays he would join the party by singing happy birthday with us! It was quite a sight! No one could sing a happy birthday without laughing in between! His last Christmas with us he join me in singing Ave Maria on the couch! Needless to say that, that memory, still brings tears to my eyes! 

When he would want affection he would put his little paw up (like the picture on the website) and he would touch you to grab your attention!

A good guard dog, but very smart, as soon as we would welcome someone into our home he would welcome them also. He loved his walks and he was very friendly with other dogs. He loved to cuddle under the covers and I would wake up in the morning with him resting his head on my harm, laying down like a human.

When my husband came into our lives, Winston started marking everywhere and as soon as my husband would sit on the couch he would immediately jump up and sit next to my husband very quietly very straight and looking at him through the corner of his eye to make sure he would keep an eye on him (it was very funny).

If my kids misbehaved and I would yell at them Winston would leave the room! He did not like any commotion!

If he had an accident in the house, he would shake and sit and put his little paw up like saying I didn’t mean to! He was so cute I don’t ever remember being upset at him! Who could with that face! If you would say to him (Winston what did you do??) he would sit and turn his face left or right and look through the corner of his eye.

After Winston passed I really had a very hard time, he came to visit, and as crazy as it sounds, he told me I had to help other Boston terriers.  My girlfriend Shawn was fostering for the group at the time and told me how great the group was and I decided to take a look to adopt another dog! I was amazed to see that Winston was on the website and for me this meant that adopting was not enough, I had to do more than that and Winston was asking me to do it!

Winston’s memories still bring tears to my eyes! He left us February 25 of 2011, he didn’t die of cancer, his body just gave up, it was a very sad day, but the love we experienced with Winston was well worth the pain! I am eternally grateful to Winston’s foster mom, Anita Cornell for picking us as Winston’s new family!

Dogs like Winston are the reason why people should look into rescue! What a gem he was! You never know what you will get but so far I have rescued 3 Boston Terriers and I wouldn’t trade any of them for the world!

New Foster Stewart Leggington III

Stewie is a 3 legged pup who came from a breeder.  His amputation was not done correctly, and some very generous people in NYC worked to get him the medical care he needed to remove part of the bone.  They also helped Stewie find his way to NEBTR. 

A huge "thank you" to Elly Monfett for volunteering to foster another disabled pup.  She just recently found the perfect home for disabled Hailey Joy.  Many, many thanks Elly!

Monday, March 18, 2013


If you can't adopt, foster.
If you can't foster, sponsor.
If you can't sponsor, volunteer.
If you can't volunteer, donate.
If you can't donate - educate, network, and crosspost.

Everyone can do something, large or small, to help save a life.

Thanks for choosing my life :)

Update on Hailey Joy

She is wonderful! Walking amazing.  She actually places her feet now.  Left right, left right.  We have gotten good bend in both.  She comes to work with me every day so she gets oodles of attention.  She stays home alone too though in her crate with the other kids sometimes when I go to the gym and stuff.  She goes to work with Jake every once in a while and during his senior fitness class he says she doesn't touch the floor once because they just hold her.

 A client at work that's been coming to us for years she has a bosty as well and I introduced her to Hailey and told her her story.  She called back after her appt and she asked to talk to me but I was busy so the receptionist relayed the message...she asked what Hailey wnated because she wanted to buy her something.  She said "Does she want a blanker or a Vermont teddy bear or something." ha ha ha Yes, Hailey wants a VT teddy bear!  I couldn't believe it.  It was so sweet.

Little miss is sleeping right now, next to me of course.  She wrestles with Cheech the foster boston.  He nibbles her ears. 

She's a whiner!  We wake up in the AM, She sleeps in the bed with the rest of us all, under the covers of course next to her sister.  And we change our diaper and eat and I get ready for work and she goes straight back to the bedroom and stands next to the bed and cries!  She just wants to go back up and sleep.  She went to our puppy party at work on Friday.  She's a snob pretty much.  Wants nothing to do with the other dogs, just their people.  She will sniff them if they come over to her but that's it.  A coworkers rottie was in a few weeks ago, a gentle giant and I put her on the ground assuming shed be an oblivious girl who would just go over and think nothing of her.  Nope....she got down and saw the rottie who didn't even budge and she screamed! and ran in the other direction ha ha it was sad but funny.  I brought her back in had the rottie smell her and put her back down and she kept some distance but she was fine after that.  The rottie was just like, what did I do? 

She's fully vaccinated.  She's hit 4 pounds!  She has muscles in her legs and buttcheeks.  And her backend doesn't look so atrophied.  Its bulkier and looks less like a weird club.  her ears are all the way up!  Shes so fun.  I cant wait til I can get her outside.  Hope you enjoyed the update and pictures.  Hugs and doggy kisses. 

--Heather Braun and Hailey

Thank you so much for the update, Heather.  It was wonderful reading about the progress you have made with her.  We are pleased to hear that she is doing so well.  And also special thanks to Hailey Joy's foster mom, Elly Monfett, for her first care of Hailey and for finding the perfect placement for her!

Bella Boo is Styling

New collar and harness...she's like a new dog!!!

Bella has really come out of her shell!  Thank you, Patrizia, for all of your loving care for Bella Boo!  What a difference from being a puppy mill mama!

Bella Boo is thinking: "Maybe if I lay real still, the Human will think I'm one of the dolls!!!"
Human is thinking: "Yep, look at my dolls!!!"

 Must guard the Human's yarn....good watch dog!!!!

 A very relaxing weekend for Bella Boo!!!

On doggie patrol at the Patrizia Doggie Spa with my Boxer, Jess!!!


Bella Boo is loving the sun....she is such a good girl and enjoys the company of her foster sister, Jess!!