Saturday, December 22, 2012

More on Foster Daisy

Catching some rays with Otis Chubbykittybelly and Lola Cupcake, my pug/brussels mix. Daisy finally gets spayed next week :)

Erin Sullivan

Friday, December 21, 2012

Ozzie Is Adopted

Today was a bitter sweet day... Ozzie went to his forever home this afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Pinto arrived at my house around 2 pm and met Mr. Ozzie, and took him home. They seemed like very nice people and I have no doubt that they will take very good care of Ozzie. I will miss him very much, he is such a good boy. I am happy that another BT has been helped and has a happy ending. Everybody in NEBTR plays such a important roll in helping these dogs get to safety and I am very happy to be a part of it.

Ann Marie Gatto

Thank you so much Ann Marie.  It was your loving care that enabled Ozzie to find his forever home, and we all thank you for opening up your heart and home to him.

Ozzie is between 7-9 years old, he is a very quiet, well behaved mellow gentleman. He likes spending his time sunbathing, and lounging around. He gets along well with his foster brothers and sisters and the resident house cat. The big highlights of Ozzie’s day is when its time for breakfast and dinner. Although Ozzie loves his foster brothers and sisters, and cuddles up with them in a dog bed, he does not show much interest in playing with them or any toys, I think he thinks of himself as a “retired” gentleman whom is too distinguished to play ball or tug. He would prefer to find a nice sun spot and bask in the sun and catch up on his tanning, or sit around and watch TV with you. The words to best describe Ozzie are “kind, gentle soul.” He is housebroken, and a very easy keeper.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Bosley Has His Surgery

Bosley, the Boston left outside of the Allentown, PA vet clinic had luxating patella surgery on Thursday. Carolyn made the arrangements and met us on the turnpike to keep him overnight and then get him to the vet hospital the next morning. It's pretty amazing. He was discharged the same day! The surgeon said he had no restrictions except those he puts on himself. After one quiet day Bosley has made every effort to follow the surgeon's instructions. He's walking, playing with our three Bostons and trying to figure out how to do everything. We're keeping him from stairs and jumping but letting him do everything else. I'm kind of sad because I thought he would face a long recovery and we'd have him with us for a while. It won't be long until he's ready for adoption. The staples should come out in two weeks. He's a great little dog and it's going to be wonderful to see him running without pain.

Janice Boyer

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Walter Has a Forever Home

Walter adjusting very nicely in his new home--and my sweatshirt! He is a love!!!!!! Funny too:) first time with a Boston. I have 2 Frenchies and they get along amazingly!

Jennifer Ariemma

Harley is Adopted

Congratulations to Harley, who has found his home for the holidays with the Pickman family.  And special thanks to Pam Hess and her family, for being his very special foster family.  Congratulations on another wonderful placement!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Update on Chibby

Tom McCarty writes:

It's been about a month now, and Chibby's doing fine! He's a great dog! Thanks NEBTR~!