Friday, November 5, 2010

Deegan the BT Star

A world famous Boston Terrier is Deegan, whose mom posts on the BT bulletin board at woofboard,com.

Deegan was in "Hotel For Dogs" as Georgia. There were actually 3 Bostons who rotated the role in the film. As Deegan's mom tells it, "Nip/Tuck were 2 rescue girls from Florida. They are very timid and would do hardly anything. The did the tech stuff like going and sitting on their mark and holding things in their mouth. Deegan did all the action. The feeding scenes, the bone flying thru the air and running (his favorite part and mine too) the walking scene the dog catcher scene and a whole lot more. I was contracted to go to Dream Works and bring a Boston to represent Boston Terriers when they were picking the breed to play the part. We were there with quite a few other breeds vying for it. Baby my Boston that I took with me won over the big wigs hands down with her Boston antics and that is how the Boston Terrier was picked for the part and Deegan played it, along with Nip/Tuck."

Deegan was called "Nubbins" by his trainers because he always wags his little nubbin tail.

Deegan was also in the Jennifer Lopez movie "the Back-Up Plan" as the wheelchair-bound pup.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010