Saturday, January 1, 2011

Friday, December 31, 2010

Update on Bruno/Lefty

This is a Christmas message from my boy Bruno's family (aka Lefty) that was my and Sheryl's project foster from a puppy mill (he came in with my Ivy). To me, this is what it is all about.

-- Happy holidays, Linda

Merry Christmas Linda,

Just a little Christmas greeting to let you know what a perfect match you made for us. Lefty is the best gift Lynne & I ever received.

Cheers, Bob

Monday, December 27, 2010

Foster Joe

Recently, I got my new foster boy Joe. He is 18 lbs. and very thin, you can see his back bone. He is an all black beauty and 5 yrs. old.

Joe was rescued by Best Friends Animal Society along with 27 other dogs from a puppy mill. They were all slated to be euthanized. The Animal Rescue Fund (a shelter on Long Island) partners with Best Friends and helps them with special medical needs dogs so they had Joe shipped here along with a few others on 08/23. Joe was very dirty, had long nails and was very nervous. He was emaciated. For this reason (and after 2 months in the shelter) he wasn’t thriving and no one wanted to adopt him. They then called NEBTR and asked if we could take him.

Joe will heal slowly but surely, but I’m concerned about his eyes. Only a very special person would adopt him. I’ll cross that bridge when I get there. I’m glad I have him. He likes my dogs and although he doesn’t play or run, he fit right in. He’s ate their stool a couple of times, but we are keeping him separate from the main dog yard until it is cleaned up. He is absorbing all the activity like a child who never experienced fun. I look forward to a new challenge. He is a very sweet boy and does not bark (YET).

-- Linda Antonelli

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Update on Lexington

I was just talking to Lexington and was amazed that it has been a little over a year now that I've had him. It doesn't seem like it could have been that long. This has been quite a year. In the spring I got hurt and spent July and August completely laid up. Lexington went with me to my mother's place and charmed her completely. My mother has never trusted or really loved any other dog, but you should just see her coo to him. She is one of his favorite people, and he is absolutely her favorite dog of all time. We also spent some time in MA with my Godmother, who also fell in love with him, and started to think about possibly getting a dog sometime. With all the different people walking him he acquired some less then ideal on-leash pulling, but we have been working on that since I have gotten up and walking again, and it's improving.

In news Lexington probably thinks is grand, my job got rearranged and so I lost it Sept. 1st. My unemployment insurance has been plenty for our simple needs, including, of course, Lexington's health insurance and his good (Wellness) food. I also have the time to work with training him. In fifteen minutes I taught him to jump over my cane, and to go under it too. This is a dog that was meant for the circus. :)

As I was thinking of the progress that he and I have made in the past year I wanted to also give you an update. He and I are working out really well together, and regardless of whether or not a recent resume I sent in gets accepted, we will be fine financially. I have an amazing ability to make things happen when needed. It's not always pretty, but he will always be taken care of.


* He is now friends with, not only with my neighbor's dog Bertie, but also an adorable French Bulldog puppy, Sam. A couple days ago he met a tiny Boston Terrier puppy, Fig, and it was like they were long lost siblings finally reunited. I have never seen him play so much with another dog. Usually a good interaction is when he sniffs, plays a little and then walks off. With Fig, he was really getting into it and was being really tolerant of puppy behavior like face nipping. It was incredible to see. Just today he met a friendly little Pomeranian and that too was perfectly civilized, but nothing like with Fig.
* He frequently gets walked with other dogs. He also loves his walkers and when I know I have a late night I hire one of them to come hang out with him. I love this dog-walking company and the people that walk for the owner. I know that when they are watching him, it's likely that he's having the best time of his life.
* In this year he has also become extremely affectionate. Besides his adorable cuddling at night, he now will often come up to me, and others, for just affection.
* I can also hug him for extended times between ball playing sessions and he seems to be enjoying it, rather than suffering it.
* He knows Sit, Stay, Touch, Down, Paw (shake), Wave, Leave It, Bring It Closer (the ball), Game Over, and Look At Me. He can also jump over my cane as well as go under it on command. His self control to stay seated while I hide his ball for him to find has also improved a great deal. (He came with some of these, I've just firmed them up.)
* He doesn't mind when I play with or clean his paws now.
* He has developed a new habit of wanting to approach strangers for pets, while on the street. He also wants to actively approach children. This came after he played with a few toddlers and saw that they will throw him the ball a lot. To be honest, a lot of his interest in people is related to who will throw him the ball, but he seems to also be searching out affection at times when he could be harassing people to play, and this seems like a really good step.
* Putting him on the Simple Solutions Wellness Salmon food seems to have solved his allergies as well as his dry skin. It's really nice to snuggle up to a soft and happy hound. It has also made picking up after him far more pleasant.
* I have discovered that while he loves car rides more than anything, it does make his poop a bit soft right after. But at least I now know this.
* I also know that he can swim like a champ, though he does get really cold really fast.
* Wherever we go, people fall in love with him all over the place. "Cat people" love him as well as "Dog people".


* He seems to have developed further issues with big black dogs, but maybe this worsening is my imagination. It may more be that he's getting better with the smaller dogs and staying the same with the bigger dogs.
* Lately I have been working with his leash walking a little more. I think I have now tried every leash/harness option besides the head halter. Having all sorts of other people walk him while I was laid up led to all sorts of ill behavior to now get rid of.

He's so damn cute, and I am so happy that I have him. Please pass on my thanks again for NEBTR allowing me to adopt Lexington. He is currently curled up in my lap and is happy as can be, if a little chilly from our recent rainy walk.

Love, Kate