Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Wecome Ida

Ida is home with us now and is a ball of energy! She was great on the car ride home. She slept almost the whole time. Now she is getting her energy out. Here are just a few photos of our new foster girl.


Dottie Following Doctor's Orders

Dottie had her spay yesterday. She did well! Clearly she has no problem following doctor's orders of taking it easy, as she's been snuggled on my lap like this all morning!


Penelope in Her Forever Home

Two years ago, I was sent to pick up an owner surrender, Penelope.  My job was to foster her, to get her healthy and ready for adoption.  Problem was, we fell in love with her the moment we met her and could not dream of letting her go.  I knew the right thing would be to put her in an adoptive home to create space to foster another pup, but Hannah loved her too, and they quickly bonded.  Here are some pictures of their day together.

Here are my girls, Hannah and Penelope


Joy, these pictures of your Hannah and Penelope are adorable. You can see how these sweethearts have bonded. Isn't it wonderful to see happiness every single day?! - Joyce

Finn the Clown

Finn cracks me up. He has such a huge personality. He is always up to something. Most of the time it seems to be trying to make me laugh or feel better. And he does lol. This morning he sat on the table to hug me. And when I say say I mean like a human lol than he farted and had to look at his butt yep he is special