Friday, December 4, 2009

Macy and Lillian, Together at Last

Nick and I were blessed with the opportunity to be a part of a bigger plan and provide a gift and truly make a difference in someone's life. A little lady in the Finger Lakes region of NY recently lost both her husband and her beloved dog. A dear friend of hers helped her apply to NEBTR and through a series of events, we delivered Macy to Lillian in her home yesterday morning.

Lillian and I spoke on the phone several times before we decided that she wanted Mace and would be a good fit for her. When that decision was made, I believe she was so excited that she was in tears on the other side of the phone. Macy is a beautiful little companion, exactly what Lillian needs and wants.

Nick, Macy, and I left at 5:45 Friday morning to make sure we were there in time. Every little detail was so clearly orchestrated down to the weather and traffic. We arrived ahead of time, much to Lillian's delight. Lillian and Macy hit it off beautifully. We spent almost 2 hours with them talking about Macy and her care. Lillian demonstrated a lot of common sense and flexibility and a desire to get everything just right about Macy complete with a list of questions. I have no doubt that she will be an excellent Mom and companion to Macy.

Macy settled in very nicely while we were there. She explore the house (with Nick in tow) while Lillian and I talked and laughed our way through all the paperwork. Macy was pawing at Lillian for more treats in less than 30 minutes and we found her sleeping at Lillian's feet midway through our time there. Lillian was so thrilled; Nick and I were too.

Gail met us at Lillian's and true to Gail's form, she was a great cheerleader for both Lillian and Macy and their new family! It was fabulous. Gail will continue to be a support and help to find/buy some of the things for Mace that can't be bought locally as they live in a pretty rural area.

The whole thing was so beautiful it was hard to be too sad as we left. I cried just a little bit, but Lillian's happiness is so much stronger than my sadness at losing her. There aren't enough moments in our lives where we are given the opportunity to truly make a difference in someone else's life. I hope that Nick and I never miss an opportunity like this again...

I spoke with Lillian around lunch today before we left the Finger Lakes and every thing is going beautifully. Her voice is so much more vibrant that it has been in earlier conversations. She had some questions (what's a k-o-n-g?) and shared that Macy didn't even miss us! (Of course! Nick and I prepared her for over a week. Honestly though, we think she knew. She acted like she knew and settled in much quicker than I anticipated.) She looked up when she finished her bone and seeing no one, she continued along her day. She hasn't sat by the door or looked for us at all. (That was a bittersweet comment) Lillian said to me "she is such a good dog." And I had to agree. No accidents in the house, she "did her business outside this morning" and Lillian shared that Macy refused to jump up in her bed last night. So she brought Macy's bed over next to her bed. I nearly fell over as I couldn't keep Macy out of our bed all night if we tried!!! Nick assured both of us that once Macy get's more comfortable she will most likely jump up in bed, "it only takes once..." which is so true.

We are going to miss her very much....but we know that Macy is in very good hands. She was planning on taking Mace for a car ride (complete with pillows on the front seat so she can see out) and who knows what else today. I let Lillian know that Iwill call her next weekend and check in. "Oh you do that" she said.

What a beautiful ending to this story.

-- Contributed by Vicki Rowe

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