Saturday, February 1, 2014

Why I have Trouble Couponing....

Sitting on the couch will do that every time,  lol

Duncan's New Sweater

Thank you so much Nancy McDougall for Duncan's sweater!!! He looks so adorable in it!!

Buddy Says Thanks

Buddy Thinks His Foster Mom is Awesome

Dodger With His Favorite Chew Toy

Adopt Stella

Jinx Goes to the Rainbow Bridge

With sadness, we offer our sympathy to Strausie Stephens on her loss of the beautiful Jinx.  Jinx was her first foster, and stayed on as a loved and cherished member of her family.  Sadly,  she writes that "he had a tumor in his nose and it was really obstructing his breathing. He made a big impact in a short time. We will miss him."

Thank you for being there for him when he needed it most, and for showing love to Jinx for the final part of his life.  I know that Jinx and all of us appreciated it.

Adopt Dooley

More Photos of Athena

Friday, January 31, 2014

Buddy's Up!

Buddy Sleeps In

Sleeping Dante

New Foster Athena

Athena this morning and Athena now! :)

Please welcome Tinsel, formerly Athena,  to NEBTR. She was a stray found in MD in this terrible cold weather, and taken to the local shelter there. She was terribly thin when she arrived, and the staff there thinks she's around 6 years old. They also stated that she seems to have just had a litter of pups as well. I'm going to see if my Vet can get a look at her tomorrow to see if this is indeed the case. She's just a little thing. She weighed 14.2 pounds on January 24th, and as of today weighs 16.7 !!! That is a whopping 3 pounds in only 6 days. I don't know what's going on there, but the vet will certainly set the record straight for us. :)

She is such a dear little girl, although she's only been with me 7  hours, I've already fallen in love with her.
Here are some photos of her. :)

Chris & Athena

Thanks to Chris Cassner for taking this beautiful girl into her heart and home. Chris, good luck with this sweet precious girl! You will do an awesome job as always ! So lucky to be in a warm foster home!


Fena her - just saying Hi! She is a forever foster and living her days with her forever foster family with lots of love and comfort.  Fena is also a Virtual Foster and we welcome you to like her Facebook page;

For more information on our Virtual Foster program, visit;

Update on Hamilton

This coming Sunday makes 2 weeks since Hamilton found his forever home.
:) I just got an email from his family and want to share it with all of

Chris Arendtsville, PA

He is so handsome. Robert said to me last night that his warranty was
about to expire. I told him they would have to pry him
out of my cold hands before I would give him up. He is such a joy to
have around. And he is very well behaved. He hasn't convinced
Bronzon to chase him around the house yet. But he is working on it.
Bronzon has a big blue hard plastic ball that he can hold in his mouth.
Hammy can't get it in his mouth. It is quite comical watching
him pushing that ball all around, trying to grab on to it.
Chris, if you ever come back this way, let us know. We would love you
to come by and see Hammy in his furever home.

That's great Chris, must make you feel so good.



Thursday, January 30, 2014

Tigger Thanks Vance Camisa

Thanks to Vance Camisa, foster Tigger received this beautiful winter coat in the mail today.  He most certainly looks very warm and handsome in it!  Perfect timing with this relentless cold and snow!  Thank you so much from Tigger and Denice!

Silly Penny

Bella's Surgery

Miss Bella had a long day today. She had a lot of bleeding due to her having puppies and her uterus was larger. Then she had  3 bad stinky teeth pulled. She is exhausted and sleeping . poor girl.
Feel better soon, Bella...Your foster Mom will give you lots of TLC!! Thinking of her, each day will get better form here!

Update on Brewtus

Brewtus is loving life! He is quite a handful and requires constant supervision (as he actually demands it) and tests every boundary but as soon as he cuddles up to you on the couch with those big googly eyes you can't help but love the big goof. He is doing better everyday with the routine we have in place and constant behavior correction and positive reinforcement. He requires a lot of time, structure, and consistency but I have no doubt he'll be the most amazing Frenchton family member in his future forever home. Though he's two years old, he's still very much a puppy in many many ways. He loves to cuddle, sleep, bark bark bark, and play play play! He isn't fond of strangers at first at all and he doesn't get along with male dogs. He was poorly socialized as a puppy so I think with continued work he could improve tremendously. He is potty trained and crate trained, though he'd prefer to sleep with you and be your side 24/7. I'll update again soon! Enjoy the pictures of this incredible cutie Frenchton boy!!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Brady and Marty Say Happy Hump Day

Buddy and His New Toy

Buddy Thanks Sara Puskar

Pangya is Waiting for Warm Weather

Say hello to handsome Pangya on of our forever fosters as well as a Virtual Foster. He is 3 yrs old and has terminal cancer but shhh, he does not know that. His foster family makes everyday special for this wonderful boy. Here he is praying for warm weather!

Pangya has a Facebook page and like him at ;

To learn more about Virtual Fostering, visit;

Update on Maxy Moo

Buster Says Thanks for His Kong

Max's Two Year Gotcha Day

Milo and Lea aka Lee Lee are soooo happy a box arrived today and wanted me to thank Stacie Kyle for sending it and to Stacie, Erin Sullivan, Nature's Variety and all those who sent items for the gift box.

They received special food bowls, lots of toys, treats and food! Lee Lee horded all the toys in the crate, she doesn't like to share all the time! Their foster mommy's co-worker's even gave them some treats too!

Dooley and His Baby

Dooley taking a nap with his baby.

Thanks to Jeremy Laura from Tigger for the Gifts

Tigger and I want to thank Jeremy Laura for his awesome Coolaroo platform bed, for his doggie bed, blankie & toys.  It is something I highly recommend, as my dogs seem to love the feeling of being elevated on their beds off the floor (especially my big old lab girl).  All my Bostons (and Daisy Dog-pictured) had to come check it out as soon as it was put together.  We are very grateful.  Denice, Jackson, NJ

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Buster and Bella are lucky dogs

The Petco gifts arrived today. This was the only pic so far. They got lots of goodies. A leash,  treats,  toys. They are lucky dogs. 
DuBois pa

Indigo Says Thank You for the Sweater

Cooper Sleepy Time Selfie

Oscar Gpes to Petco

Milo and Lea (AKA Lee lee)

My Boston Fiona went to my parents for a sleep over since she was getting very jealous for attention. Lee lee has been very anxious and just wants to cuddle. They are doing good with only one accident in the house. Lee lee has two names I realized the owner mentioned it but I forgot about it. Lea is her full name and Lee lee is her nick name. 

Milo is doing great,besides sit he gives paw, lays down and gives his belly all the time. He already leaned leave its and drop its! 

Lee lee finally tinkled for me today around 4. I was so relieved!!! She is a bit cold but I will keep watching her! She seems to want more quiet time for now.

Check out how relaxed they are!!!

They are so cute...and look like they both can get themselves in some trouble - mischievous look on their little faces LOL

Buster and Bella Cuteness

Two spoiled fosters. Buster loves his Kong toys. Bella and her sweet flower on her collar. Buster and his suitcase. Lucky dogs.
Thanks for all the gifts, too!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Gunner is Adopted

Congratulations to Gunner, who was just adopted by Torin Eastburn!  And special thanks to Foster Mom Nancy Ingersoll for all her love for Gunner and for finding him the perfect family!  Nancy, you have done a great job with Gunner.

Flo and the Antique Rug

I won this antique rug in the auction feast in November. It was donated by Sharon Sweeney.
Flo has become obssessed with it.
If you have the patience, take a look at this slow video of what Flo has recently started doing to this and all area rugs in our house.
Flo is a very quirky girl!

Jerrilyn Walter

Great Update for Molly

Here's a good Molly update. We tried one final med (which thank god recently went generic). That dropped her eye pressures. I put her on Victoria's meatloaf recipe and a lot if supplements and combined it did the trick. She even got some of her sight back. All in all she is doing great, complete 180. Yay!!!

Just as a side note I did a bunch of research and apparently vitamin C could be a way to help combat eye pressures. I found a bunch of sites where many people saw huge differences in readings just by adding that to their dog's diet.

-- Jodi Groff

That is fantastic. What a miracle.
So happy for Molly.

Happy Gotcha Day Rocky

Foster Obee Enjoys the Sun

Buddy Waits for Spring

Buddy says to wake him up when spring comes.

Kristy Ieraci

Welcome New Foster Ziggy

Welcome Ziggy, a young "Bugg".  He is a nice boy, in beautiful shape and absolutely adorable!  Thanks to Erin Sullivan for opening her heart and home to this boy.

Benny and Madison

Benny Stone:

This is the way Maddy and I prefer to spend these cold snowy days. We let mom up to pee.

Tigger loves to Play

What a cutie! Tigger loves either play fighting or napping, he has bonded strongly with my other 3 dogs.  I think he would thrive in a "pack" of dogs!! He is so social...