Saturday, March 26, 2016

NEBTR Alum Bronx and Brooklyn Update

Hi! We LOVE Successful Adoptions and finding Forever Homes for our Fosters! Here is an update from Bronx and Brooklyn,...

Posted by Northeast Boston Terrier Rescue on Thursday, 24 March 2016

Adorable Oreo

Coquito Is Adopted

Coquito, now Conan, was adopted today by Kathy and Fred Glacken from Huntington Valley, PA! He will be living like a king with them and his older (and MUCH bigger) fur brother Mars! I've grown so attached to him, not only because he was my first foster, but he was such a good boy... I cried like a baby leavung him! But I know the Glackens will give him nothing but love and spoil him rotten with the best life imaginable!

Amanda M

Congratulations!  And best wishes for Coquito's new happy life with his very own forever family.  Thank you so much for fostering.
I still feel sad with every foster that leaves my home for a new forever family, but then I remind myself that a new pup in need of love and care will arrive soon to fill that empty space in my heart. - Jeanne

River Goes for a Walk

Walking down a friend's farm road, River posing on a hay bale :)


Piper is Going Home

Circumstances have changed for the original family of blind 10 year old Piper and she can now go back to the family she has known and loved.  Piper approves and gives a high five!

Thanks to Jen for temporarily fostering her so that this reunion can take place.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Maggie and Walter

Rex and Maui, Now Molly, Are Adopted

Rex and Molly (fka Maui) were adopted this past weekend!! Woo, another great story to add to the collection. Check out some pics of this duo settling into their new home. Happy Gotcha Day Rex and Molly!!

Jeanine Sicinski

That's wonderful news. It's always great when a bonded pair gets adopted together!  Thanks Jeanine for all your wonderful care of this precious pair!

Oreo is Doing Well

We picked up our foster Oreo ( the one with the tail), 10 days ago. He is a 2 year old cutie, which as you can tell by the picture, is fitting in quite well with his foster family. He will be neutered on Friday and once he gets his stitches out, he will be ready to find his forever home.


Cappy and Boo

Cappy is such a handsome boy with his white face, black ears and black/brown brindle body and of course that tuxedo. Boo is just adorable and although he doesn’t look like a BT we did discover that he is 50% BT. His momma was a purebred BT and his papa a Dalmatian and he was born on 1/13/2004 along with his 2 siblings,  making him 12 years old. They are never far apart.

Sandy Z, Foster Mom to Cappy & Boo

Miss Ladybug - and Ozzy

Miss Ladybug here! Well... today I'm a butterfly.  ;) Just wanted to wish everyone a happy Spring and tell you how life has been for me.  

Well, let's start by saying I'm so thankful that NEBTR saved me.  When volunteers from NEBTR first met me they couldn't help but notice the large lump I had on my belly.  I had it removed.  I also had a hernia down there too that the doctor fixed up for me.  He also gave me my pre-puppy abs back.  Whoo-hoo.  Oh, and some clean teethers.  

So now for the kind of scary news... Mama got a call from the doctor saying that the lump they removed was cancerous (low-grade) - they believe they got ALL of it and it shouldn't return.  

All that's left for me to do is get spayed and sort through adoption applications...  Who is looking for a pretty senior girl? 

Bloopers... Ozzy was jealous of Bug's outfit until he got to wear it... 


THIS is what my day was lacking.....THIS PHOTO.
Thank you so much Kelly!  :D