Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Pangya got Antlers


DIY Coconut Oil Treatments

Found these Do It Yourself treatments with coconut oil. I have used the Lip Balm (minus the red palm oil) for Jaxx's nose as it stays cracked most of the winter. So far, no cracks this year!
There may be a few other uses you can try on your dogs (coconut oil body treatment), but I know everyone has coconut oil on hand and thought I'd share.

Northfield NJ

DIY Coconut Oil Treatments

Vegas says Thank You Secret santa!

Vegas would like to thank Tara Conforte for his secret Santa presents!! Doesn't he look handsome in his new sweater?! Thank you!!!

Omar says Thanks Secret Santa!

Omar would like to thank his secret Santa! His new collar fits him perfectly and he LOVES the bully stick ring and kong stuffing. His sister claimed the kong toy for herself! Thank you !!!

Zoey Says Thanks Secret Santa!

Zoey would like to thank Jennifer Warwick for her secret Santa presents! She loves the toys (she carries them around in her mouth and we call them her babies). The bully stick ring is one of her favorites too! Thank you!!!

Monday, December 29, 2014

Thank you!!

Molly likes her presents!

New Foster Hattie

I just wanted to update everyone on Hattie.

She is one of the three that were surrendered by the backyard breeder in Rochester after an attack on one of her other dogs; she's the one with 3 legs. Joan and Jess drove hours yesterday to get her out of the shelter before Xmas! (I had the shortest drive time at 3 hours to give perspective! Thank you ladies!)

Anyhow, Hattie is settling in nicely. She was just spayed on Monday, so I am keeping her very confined. It makes it a no brainer to keep her separated from the other dogs. When you come close to her, she wiggles her whole back end. It's so cute! She seems very gentle and loving. She likes squeaky balls and chewies.
I've picked her up to get her in and out of the car, but I've been trying to limit that now due to her incision. She is wonderous the way she gets around on just three legs. She has to hop rather than walk. She manages the stairs in and out of my home to use the restroom. She's truly amazing! Again, I've been limiting this activity to the minimum because she was just spayed.

I can't even guess how she lost her leg. It is healed so well, it must have been years ago- despite the fact that she's only 3 years 11 months. She came with AKC papers, so it seems that is all that the former owners cared about- breeding her, missing leg or not.

Last but not least, she came with nothing but a tiny collar. I would like to set up a wish list for her if anyone can point me in the right direction. She could really use a harness, dog bed, and squeaky toys. I'm glad her life of breeding is behind her. Send this little lady lots of love!

Sandee Herrington

Romeo Likes to Watch TV

A hearty welcome to the new NEBTR members. You have joined a dedicated and caring group of people.

I live in Delaware and am fostering Romeo, who is a young boy (about a year and 1/2), and who is very nervous around strangers. I learned something more about him tonight--he likes television shows about dogs! We were watching the movie about Hachi (the dog from Japan who met his master at the train station every day and continued coming to the station for 9 years after his master had died). Romeo kept jumping off the couch and to go to the TV for a closer look. I've tried to include the photo. I'll also attach a file (as I've not had good luck with including photos showing up). Hopefully you'll be able to see it!

Shawna Corsello
Newark, DE
my Bostons, Panda and Buddy Holly, NEBTR foster Romeo, and Pomeranian foster Mindy Mouse

Delilah Enjoyed Christmas With Her Family

The best Christmas of her life for this puppy mill survivor!


Wilbur Thanks Santa

Wilbur would like to say thank you very much to the Keene family for the gifts he received on Christmas eve!  Thanks for thinking of him!  Happy New year! 

Leslie and Wilbur 
Morgan PA

Frodo's DNA Is In

Cupcake's Adventures

Thanks to her secret Santa Cupcake is enjoying her new Kong!

 Cupcake also likes to watch the squirrels!

Remy Thanks Santa

Special thanks to my Secret Santa family....Kristen & John Mallin and their BT's Neely & Charlie!  Thank you so much for thinking of me.  I love my new harness and my sweatshirt hoodie too!!

Holiday hugs and kisses,
xo Remy xo

Update on Bruno

Hi I am Bruno's foster mom he is doing every well , he is sweet and loves to cuddle . He is doing great with my own dogs and cats . He love squeak toy and at night I have to put them away so I don't hear them all night ,he is a pleasure to have and today is the first day that he saw me put my sneakers on and know that I was taking them for a walk . He absolutely loves to go for a car ride .

Mary Thomas
Feeding Hills Ma
Sent from my iPad

That is such a sweet update. :)  I can picture you picking up squeakies as you head for bed, and his eyes lighting up as he realizes what your sneakers mean in regards to his day.   

Thanks for the smile. - Chris C

More on Leroy - Week 5 in Foster Care

Good morning!

Today makes 5 weeks that Leroy has been in our care.  Thought I would give an update on this amazing little guy.

We have mastered sitting, using the crate, mobility continues to improve with little to no issue. Appetite is good. Continues to do well around children and other dogs ... and most importantly loves cuddles.

Attached is one of my "favorite" pix of this little guy. Who wouldn't want this guy? I know I do and I am trying really hard not to be a foster failure. :)

New Rochelle, NY
Foster Mom to Leroy
Fur-ever mom to Kai Xin

Duncan's Happiness

Duncan had a lot of issues when he came into my foster care back in March 2014, and I hate to say that most of his issues still exist, despite our many efforts. He has good days and he has bad days. However, no matter how bad the day is, we still end it the same way every night by crawling into bed together and falling asleep nestled against each other. Duncan is a very anxious dog and has become extremely attached to me. I like to call him my shadow – he doesn’t like to leave my side. Even in the home, I must let him know when I am leaving the room so he knows to follow me or else he will start crying until I come find him. 

But this isn't all about Duncan. My family also wouldn't be complete without Duncan in it. I can't imagine a day without him and I look forward to every day I have to look forward to spending with him in the future. It may have taken 14 years for Duncan to find where he always belonged, but I know we will make each other happy for the rest of his fragile life.

I really want to thank the volunteers at NEBTR for changing the lives of dogs like Duncan. I hate to even think of other dogs who are tossed to the side and never given a second chance. NEBTR has changed my outlook on Senior dogs and dogs with disabilities. I am so grateful for each and every one of you, no matter what your role is for NEBTR, for giving these precious souls a second chance at life.

Alyssa and Duncan
Saint Marys, PA

What a wonderful story. 
Congratulations on the adoption! - Chris

I am so happy for Duncan I could cry!  He is a very lucky boy! - Loretta

This is the best news ever!!! So happy for you both! Duncan has indeed hit the lottery when he got to you. - Stacie

Saturday, December 27, 2014


Photo and Video of Spikey

Spikey opened up his Secret Santa box today and was so, so, so excited! He immediately took out the red tennis ball and pranced all over the house with it. When he realized he had another tennis ball and a squeaker toy, he was elated! I was hardly able to get his new coat on him. Here are some pics of Spikey going through his box, posing for a toy, and playing with his squeaker toy. The soft, chewy treats are perfect for his sensitive teeth! Thank you so much, Karen L.! You've made Spikey a very happy boy!

Photos of Bubba's Christmas

Bubba just got a package in the mail! He is so excited. He may be blind and mostly deaf, but his sniffer certainly works. He couldn't wait to check out his goodies. Bubba got everything on his Christmas wish list!!! A harness, a handsome fido fleece sweater, bully sticks, a stocking full of treats. I can't believe how generous secret Santa Moreen was!!

Thank you so much!! And thank you to Kristy for organizing the Secret Santas!

Merry Christmas and Happy Boxing Day!
Sandee HerringtonHe hasn't stopped chewing one of his new Bully Sticks for almost an hour! For a more mature gentleman that had 7 teeth removed last month, I'm so glad he still enjoys a good chew!

Skittles says Thank you!

Photos of Chubby

Hamilton Takes it Easy

Merry Christmas from Roxy

More Gifts from Moreen to Bubba

Thanks to Moreen from Bubba

Thanks to Eileen Giltz for the Dog Beds

Spikey Says Thanks

Help for Dry Skin

Rondo's First Christmas

Friday, December 26, 2014

Molly's blanket


Molly is not happy, but she sure is cute!

Merry Christmas from Molly

Merry Christmas from Stewie

Merry Christmas from Robin

Robin Thanks Santa Jimmy Pack

Update on Winston Churchill

Merry Christmas from Neiko

Merry Christmas from Former Foster Cody

Fena says Thank You

Thursday, December 25, 2014


Goodbye to Buster

Pangya is waiting for Santa Dog

Oliver Dreams of Santa Dog With His Boy Andrew

Oliver dreams of Santa Dog with his Boy Andrew.

We Wish You a Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

My First Christmas in Heaven

In Memory of Fred

Happy Holidays from Leroy and His Family

From our family to yours - we wish you a very happy holiday!

May your destination to where you travel this holiday season with your fur-babies be safe...

The Lius

Foster parents to Leroy

Fur-ever parents to Kai Xin

Duncan is Home for the Holidays

Congratulations to Duncan, who is truly home for the holidays.  You see, his foster mom Alyssa Renwick has decided that she is too in love with him to ever part with him, so he will life for the rest of his life with her.  Isn't that a wonderful gift for Duncan - and for Alyssa!

A Special Christmas Gift

Thanks for all the good wishes for Goldie.  The biopsy showed a MAST cell tumor growing rapidly so it was a good thing we removed it.  Vet said clean  margins and we caught it  early so no need for anything further.  Her  mouth is definitely feeling better today  She gobbled up her   breakfast  and wanted to play.  Jerrilyn, I think you set me up on this one! LOL.  But I am glad you did.  I do not know who was more worried during her  surgery - me or my husband. I think he asked me every ten minutes if I had heard from the vet and then it was   how  soon can we go get her.  He even insisted on driving to the vet so I could hold her on the way home.

He was holding her later that night and looked at me and said - "you know we have to keep her".   but then he scolded me with " You can't bring home any more cute dogs!!!" She is home for the Holiday.   She is indeed my little Christmas gift.

I got this special Christmas gift yesterday when David said we would keep Goldie our tiny foster. He didn't want any more dogs but fell in love with her as I had already done. It would have broken my heart to give her up but I think he knew I needed her. I got my puppy in Chelsie and my tiny girl Goldie. Thanks your Northeast Boston Terrier Rescue for bringing Goldie into my life and thank you David for letting me keep her. Joan   Ontario NY

Oh that is WONDERFUL!!! I am so happy for you and Goldie and so happy she is home for the holidays! How truly lovely for all of you... Stacie

Victor Wants His Christmas Gift Now

Merry Christmas from Miss Daisy

Miss Daisy wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy holidays.  (I attempted to get Winston to sit still but that's almost impossible when you have treats lol)

Courtney Kautz

Aww, Miss Daisy looks so pretty! Happy holidays to you!

Happy Holidays to Everyone from the Kyle Pack

From Jaxx, Sadie and Josie