Saturday, July 5, 2014

Happy July 4 From Obie

Thank you for all the likes!!

Dash Says Happy 4th

Dash says happy July 4 weekend!

Roxy Likes Yogurt

She also likes yogurt!


Roxy vs. Monkey

The now silent monkey did not win the battle.

Poughkeepsie NY

Max Needs Prayers to Save His Eye

Max is at the special vet at Cornell to get specialized 24 hour treatment to save his eye.  They admitted him because he need continuous care around the clock right now. The status of his eye is critical. They feel he got some kind of a chemical in his eye. I hated leaving him SO FAR!! Even though he my foster, I love him and want him to feel better. Actually seeing him like this breaks my heart in more ways than one. I have a terrible headache from all the tears I cried today for him. The doctors are hoping that they will be able to regrow the first layer of his cornea which is completely gone. His entire eye is ulcered. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN??? I wish I knew....So he REALLY needs your prayers that he responds well to the treatment and WILL NOT have to have his eye removed. Thanks for ALL the well wishes and PRAYERS! Thanks again to EVERYONE!! And God Bless!!

Christine Manzella

Lilly and Her Cone

Lilly is doing really well since her spay/eye surgery on Thursday. Her cherry eye looks great! But she despises her case you couldn't tell by the "you can't be serious!" look on her face.

Loretta & Lilly
Poughkeepsie NY

Photobombing Again!

Welcome New Foster Tiki

This sweet, skinny, playful girl was left at a municipal building in Pennsylvania yesterday with no information.  She was not at my home for 5 minutes when she found a toy to play fetch with in the backyard.  She ate right away and has been dropping toys at my feet.  More to come on her!

This dog is a dream...  I am amazed at how she could have been abandoned like she was.  She is housebroken, and has not had any accidents since she arrived yesterday.  She is super fun-loving and playful.  Because of her playful and gentle nature, we felt she could prematurely meet our dogs (on leashes) individually to see how it goes, and she is terrific.  She has earned run of the house privileges already as of last night because she is just a really good girl.  She mingles naturally with dogs, cats, and family.  She slept soundly in her crate all night.....  She's got it all!  She'll be ready for a furever home quickly!!!  The best thing about her is her grin when she greets you!!!!  It's so funny, she curls back her lips in a smile.  I'll try to get a picture, but it's a fleeting moment.

Denice, Jackson, NJ

Her cutie collar and collar charm were donated by Petco :)

More on Foster Fudge

Fudge was the 6 month old picked up with Velvet and her puppies. One week in and he is much more relaxed. He loves to be a part of everything. The first 5 days he was kept separate to acclimate to our household. He is now dragging a leash around and under constant supervision but allowed to interact with our dogs. I am able to walk him with each of my girls without a problem. I haven't tried to tackle all three yet at the same time. He is a total love bug and is going to make a fabulous dog for some lucky family.

North Wales, PA

Fena Relaxes...

Former Shelter Boy Harry Perks Up in Foster Care

Harry (the stray from Delaware) is really perking up since being with us. His skin condition has gotten much better, even in just a week, and his cheery personality has really started to shine!

Harry wanted us to email everyone to say thank you for his wonderful welcome gifts!

Erin and Katie
Newark, DE

Erin and Katie;
He looks very happy and loved!

Friday, July 4, 2014

Feelin' Good...


Gizmo says Thanks!

It's not easy being beautiful!

Paws in Cement....

Virtual Foster Fena

Happy July 4


Thursday, July 3, 2014

Happy Gotcha Day Ume and Boshi

Baxter and Byron Dream of a Forever Family

Sweet Dreams think they are dreaming about their forever family?

Former Foster Ivy

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Good Vibes for Lilly....

Miss Lil has her spay/cherry eye surgery tomorrow. Requesting good vibes please....

Loretta and Lilly

Handsome Foster "T"

T has a blast playing with his foster brothers and sister. His favorite 
game is chasing who ever has the ball. But T likes it best when HE has 
the ball and everyone chases HIM! :)

Chris & T

What's a Day without Puppies? Not today!

A day without puppy photos is like a day without smiles. :)

Chris & T, V, a,b,c, & d

with special guest star, Velvet the Mama...

Another Miss Remy Thank you!

Miss Remy received her collar on Monday and her matching leash today.  Thank you so much to Jeremy Laura for the collar and to Chris Pfaff for the matching leash.  Remy looks beautiful thanks to your generosity!

These pictures of Remy's Thank you are so wonderful, foster mom! Thank you for sharing them with everyone.

Miss Remy loves her new kong!

Miss Remy received her Kong toy on Tuesday. Thank you so much to Chris Ries for your generosity.  Remy loves her new toy!

Miss Remy has new treats!

Miss Remy received her Charlee Bear Treats on Monday.  Thank you so much to Shiori Yamaki and Hime the Boston Terrier for your generosity.  Even though Remy is giving a bit of stink eye in this pic I can assure you she loves her treats!

Miss Remy says Thanks!

Miss Remy received her Crunchcore chew toy on Tuesday. Thank you so much to Sally Ewing for your generosity.  Remy loves her new toy!

She's so cute!

Max Loves His Snacks

When Max even thinks he's going to get a treat or a toy he just about turns inside out I guess a typical Boston thing Ha ha Did use a few of the baby carrots so Max can watch his figure.

Warminster Pa