Saturday, November 30, 2013

Rudy at the Vet

 His foster mom is a bit worried about his eye so she brought him right to the doctor! And this is Rudy waiting for the vet…. not only handsome but pretty calm and mellow. Good boy Rudy, we hope everything is OK!

Bruno and his Bestie

I sewed the hole shut in his favorite toy. It's not gonna last, but for 
now he's a happy dog! :)


Benjamin Is Safe and Sound

Benjamin is safe and sound tonight!  He was surrendered to NEBTR by his vet, who was asked by his former owner to euthanize him.

Foster mom Maria writes, "The vet Erin in tears. She thanked us all for being here for this boy! He is sweet as can be kisses and wiggles. He looks and acts more like 5 not 9! He is chillaxin with my son Arthur. His room is private and quiet in our lower level. He has not had a visitor stay with him since Maya left! We were also given new toys, food and treats. He is loved for sure!

Benjamin is always in this position. When he is not on your lap or looking out the door or window this is how he relaxes, he is not playing, guarding, there are no other dogs with him, he simply hangs out and rests this way for long long periods of time. Just curious anyone else ever see this before?"

Jack (one-eye Jack) Update

Here are some pictures of Jack.  He is getting fixed and teeth cleaned tomorrow.  He is a happy boy and loves to play with his tennis ball.  So far he hasnt found any interest in any other toys other than the tennis ball.  He has a funny personality and loves being near people.  He hasnt shown much interest in other dogs at this point either way.

Thanks foster Mom, for making him feel at home and sharing the love!

Sleepyhead Silas

This is his favorite place. Sleepy head.
DuBois Pa

Awe.........happy happy baby boy! God he looks GREAT! Bless you! He sure looks comfortable!

Friday, November 29, 2013

Milo works out!

Hope this video helps everyone get off the couch! Check out foster Milo!

Renata my 15 yr. old put this together to send to his potential adopters. The Chzarnowksi Family in NJ. If all goes well with the HC they will be visiting Milo over the T-Givng Holiday and then we will deliver their BIG XMAS BOY at 30 pounds several weeks later! Wish us luck! 
Newington, CT

Muno and Walter on the Beach

Augie is Ready to Find His Home for Christmas

 should wait on these but Augie and I had so much fun and he is so cute I had to show him off. A reminder that Augie is still up for Adoption. He cuddles next to me every night before going to bed, then with Tom, then with me again and he always has my cat along side of him when we cuddle. We do occasionally let him sleep with us but continue to keep him crate trained and he now sleeps in his crate on his own when he could be sleeping on a sofa. Here he is obviously getting used to me and my camera. 

His foster brother Freckles has a page and when he reaches 1000 likes (20  away) we will be making a small donation to NEBTR for all the good work that is done here.

Freckles' page is here:


Thank you Gale so much for your love and caring of Augie and thinking about NEBTR for donations.

Booker's Surgery Update

Hi Everyone,
I wanted to give you all an update on Booker and his surgery last Thursday.
 He is a lot better today, He had some scrambled eggs and some Greek yogurt. He's such a good boy, no licking of the wound and no complaining! He's napping on his bed, which is on the couch, which is covered in blankets.
The woman that is interested in adopting Booker has emailed me several times to check in on him, she is a VET! 
We are going to meet after Thanksgiving, when he is tip-top! 
This little guy is going to be so much happier without all of those bad teeth. Not to mention, his breath actually smell's pretty good! 
I have attached a few photo's, a before and after surgery. I'll send more when Booker is up to having his photo taken.
Newtown Square PA

He looks great, Liz, thank you for caring for this sweet boy.

Happy Thanksgiving from the Gang!

From my gang. Starting in the center Silas to the left Chloe, Lina ,Cooper my boxers, then Sadie, Mo-Dink and Rosie. Great doggies.
DuBois Pa

What an adorable family. Boxers & Bostons are my favorite breeds!

Happy Thanksgiving - A New Litter!

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to share some photos of who I am spending my Thanksgiving 
with! These are my new babies, one litter born November 10, and the second 
born November 25.

I love them all!

My permanent fosters Rocky & Robin are sharing some turkey today, and 
are thankful that NEBTR saved them!
And of course, my 3rd foster, Duffy, is happy that he is in a place 
where people understand him! Hopefully, he will meet his new mom this 
Sunday and have a great new home for Christmas.

Happy Thanksgiving to a great group of people!!!

Loretta Dolan
Manalapan NJ

Congratulations on your lovely litters, Loretta.  I hope there's a BIS for you there!
Thank you too for taking 3 of our fosters.  You have a full house.

Happy Thanksgiving from My Pack

Sent from Christine, one of our volunteers and foster moms!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Rosie and Chloe

Is it just me or is everyone napping?
Jill DuBois Pa

Renzo and Friends!

Renzo has settled in well with his foster brother and sisters and was neutered on fri. Here are some pics of him curled up to my Gertie (12 year old puppy mill momma). My sister and her husband came to visit, and Renzo loved her husband :)

Carrie Cranmer

Two Boston's Enjoy their Thanksgiving Meal

Well, seems like just about everybody (4 paws included) push the vegetables off the plate!

The Best Things in Life….

Just in From the Macy's Parade

Happy Thanksgiving

Thank You ASPCA for the Staffers Choice Grant

This video was made to thank the ASPCA and also to thank the many FOSTER PARENTS that love and care for the dogs in this video everyday, no matter what shape they are in, no matter if they have to stay forever, no matter what they need….. That's commitment that should be honored.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!

Where's Our Turkey and Dressing?

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving Day Foods That Can Kill Your Dog

Happy 5th Gotcha Day Achilles

Yesterday was Achilles' 5th gotcha day! We are forever grateful to you and his foster mom, Kami, for pulling him from the kill shelter. Thank you!
Jeanine Corridori Cassara

Jeanine - We thank you for giving Achilles a wonderful life! He looks so content!

Silas' New Bed!

Silas is so comfy in his bed that a wonderful person sent him from his Amazon wish list.

He is doing better. Not nearly as itchy. Not as stinky. He is taking his meds great. He loves to eat and cuddle. He is so sweet and loves all people.
Jill Charles

He looks so comfy!! Thank you foster Mom for taking such good care of Silas, and for the wonderful donor who gave him this beautiful bed!

Silas Update, and Thanks for the Pajamas

We're happy to report that Silas is showing improvement.  Look how much happier he looks above! And Silas thanks his donor who sent him the snuggly warm pajamas.  Because of his skin issues, he likes pjs to keep his naked little body warm.

Unfortunately, his vet thinks his leg was fractured a while ago and obviously not fixed. He can't fix it. But Silas gets around on it OK. He does limp. We could send him to a specialist but with his age,  is it not needed. I love this little guy he is so sweet. The girls at work love him too.

Jill Charles

Happy 14th Birthday Sunday Valentine

Hope your day is happy and that you have many happy dreams.  Thanks again to foster Mom Marjorie Young for loving this baby.

For the Love of Boston Book

NEBTR Gold Bone supporter Jeff Valois has been working on a project which would enable him to donate a good chunk of the proceeds to one or more Boston rescue organizations.

After eight months of organizing, scheduling, shooting, editing, and designing, his For the Love of Boston book is complete and available for order in both hardcover and eBook formats. It features 54 pages of Boston Terrier cuteness and the culmination of his vision.  You can order a copy here.

Jeff has also put together a calendar and a shirt to go along with the project.

He writes, "Hopefully this project will continue in some form - whether its prints, more calendars, or other items - and allow me to continue supporting rescue organizations like NEBTR. Thanks again for supporting For the Love of Boston and for your work with NEBTR!"

Three Boston's and One Pug

No, its not the name of a new movie; this is part of  Lisa's pack - one of the NEBTR volunteers. The Pug, (Baxter) wants to know why all these Boston's need their pillows? Foster Webster in one of the BT's.

Oklahoma Baby Update

Here's an update on another of the Oklahoma Babies - When they saw the story last week, Dana and Dena Perkins provided an update on their "Oklahoma Baby" - Finnegan, now Ernie.

They write:

"Excited that I can share Ernie's story with you. I was also very happy that someone remembered the story of these great puppies. What a rescue for them. Great to see that they are all doing so fine. Ernie has earned a Canine Good Citizen Title from AKC and is working toward a beginner novice and novice title. We are members of the Springfield Mo. Dog Training Club. Also considering working with Ernie in agility as he loves to run and jump. We love him so very much, and he gets excited about everything. He is going to be a good sized Boston when he is fully matured. He is very tall and long as you may be able to see by his pictures. He shares a home with Murphy, another Nebraska Boston Terrier Rescue.

His ears do stand up straight now that he is a little older."

Thanks Again for a great story.
Dana and Dena Perkins

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Update on Rex - 4th Gotcha Day!

I just had to pass along these pictures and sweet note I got from SuzAnne, who adopted my very first foster, Rex. It made my day to see how well he is doing. For those of you that remember, Rex was about 10 years old and completely covered in red, scaly, yeasty skin. Look how amazing he is now! 

Wharton, NJ

Hi Heather:

It's Rex!  I was thinking about you because my 4 year Gotcha Day is coming up.  I still remember all the kindness you showed me and how well you took care of me.  I was a little sorry old man when I came to you but your love turned me into a happy, feisty, healthy little man. 

I'm doing fantastic.  I'm going to be 13 years young and I am as playful, ornery, headstrong and happy as ever.  I love going to for long walks (I can keep up with my pit bull brother Junior and he's only 3),  playing in the yard, following my Mom around and snoozing on my variety of beds.  And of course.... I love my snacks.  I have a great life and get to do alot of things and plan on living a long, long time.  I can't hear that well and my cataracts make it difficult to see.....but I'm feeling great.  All this thanks to you.......I will never forget you.
I have attached some pictures of me.  I hope they make you smile.

Heather, this note and wonderful pictures of a happy healthy former foster is what keeps us all going.  You prepared him for his new life and got him well again.
Congratulations. It must make you so happy to see him in a good home, well cared for, and with friends to boot.