Saturday, December 6, 2008

More About Our Foster Bea (With Photo)

I also wanted to update you that for the first time today Bea made it down some steps and she made it onto the couch.

She is the most active one in the house lol, but up until today she was
having trouble with going down steps. So seeing her make progress is


Friday, December 5, 2008

Addie, Chambersburg Mill Mama

Hi! Addie is one of the Chambersburg mamas. She is doing
great and has come a LONG way in just a little over two weeks. I guess she is feeling better because she has been shot out of a cannon today and is running around like a crazy woman even after a walk. I think it is too cute but Wilbur begs to differ on her cuteness factor right now.

She is hot mama! She cleaned up well...after a few baths! ;) She is such a good girl- no accidents or pooping in her crate since Friday and we took our first long walk today. She did better on her leash than Wilbs. You were right, every time you get frustrated they do something right and you feel like you won the lottery.


Thursday, December 4, 2008

Lewisburg Puppy Mill Survivor Ha-Na

Thanks, Amy, for fostering this doll! Now she can live the life she should have had from puppyhood.


On Mon, Nov 3, 2008 at 2:38 PM, Elly wrote:

Hi Ryan, how is Piper settling In. I havent heard anything so I hope that is a good thing. The group loves to hear success stories, so let us know how its going.Give her a kiss from me

Hi Elly,

Piper is doing very well! She adjusted faster and easier than I expected, making the place her own very quickly. No accidents in the car ride or when she first got here. Within a day or two she was totally unfazed by the sounds of traffic outside my apartment. All the smells of a big city neighborhood make for fairly slow walks, but she got used to all the concrete sidewalks pretty quickly. There's a park 3-4 blocks away, which we go to at least once a day.

Sara and I are working on training, especially socializing her with new dogs and people... having people she meets give her a treat, so that she's not scared with new people. We've also noticed that when she barks or nips (which she's only done a couple times), it seems to be because she's nervous or scared-- like when she hears someone coming into my apartment building downstairs, or hears a strange dog barking outside. So hopefully she feels more and more comfortable hear with us, she already seems to be doing better. The only other issue we had was that she ate a small piece of something while out walking (there are sometimes scraps from people putting their garbage out to the curb) and later vomited. I think she learned her lesson. I definitely did too, I keep a closer watch on what she's sniffing now.

Overall, she's been so well behaved. She loves the bed I got for her, but also curling up on the couch next to me, watching TV or getting some work done. She does well when I go out-- I bought a baby gate that I use to contain her in the front hallway with her food, water, toys, and with the radio on. I got her a no-pull harness, which she got used to within about a day, and she loves playing fetch and tug-of-war with the little rubber toy I got her. This past Sunday I took her to see a bit of the NYC marathon passing by. And just last night, Sara was offering her a treat (holding it above Piper's head) and discovered that Piper can stand up no her hind legs and turn around in a complete circle! I'll definitely give her a kiss for you, she gives us plenty back!

Take care,

Hi Elly,

Yes, Piper is doing great and she sends her kisses. She eats well and has been very well behaved. She went upstate with me for Thanksgiving, and did great with the car ride. Sara crocheted Piper a sweater recently, and bought her a coat, so she's warm and stylish on her walks.

The only thing I'm really working on now is that Piper gets nervous when she encounters dogs, and can definitely be dominating, just like you warned me. She often barks, growls, and snaps when we meet other dogs while out walking. So I'm trying to socialize her more at dog parks, in a very controlled way. Aside from that, she's been great-- only getting better with meeting new people.

Here are a few recent pictures!

Take care,

Here is an update on Piper. She came in as a very aggressive dog. She seems to be doing great.!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Forgotten Dog's Christmas

Author unknown

Twas the nite before Christmas
When all thru the house

Not a creature was stirring
Not even a mouse.

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care
In hopes that St. Nick soon would be there.

The children all nestled all snug in their beds
With no thought of the dog filling their head.

And mamma in her kerchief and I in my cap
Knew the dog was cold, but didn't care about that.

When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter
I sprang from the bed to see what was the matter.

Away to the window I flew like a flash
Figuring the dog was free of his chain and into the trash.

The moon on the breast of the new fallen snow
Gave the luster of mid-day to objects below.

When what to my wondering eyes should appear
But Santa Clause with eyes full of tears.

He unchained the dog once so lively and quick
Last year's Christmas present now painfully sick.

More rapid than eagles he called the dog's name
And the dog ran to him despite all his pain.

Now Dasher, now Dancer, now Prancer and Vixen
On Comet on Cupid on Donner and Blitzen.

To the top of the porch to the top of the wall
Let's find this dog a home where he will be loved by all.

I knew in an instant there would be no gifts this year
For Santa had made one thing quite clear.

The gift of a dog is not just for the season
We had gotten the dog for all the wrong reasons.

In our haste to think of the kids a gift
There was one important thing we missed

A dog should be family, and cared for the same
You don't give a gift, then put it on a chain.

And I heard him explain as he rode out of site,
"You weren't given a gift, you were given a life." for
And LOVE your pets!!

Mill Momma Hope

I just wanted to give everyone an update on the six year old girl from the Mill. I have decided to name her "Hope." She is in a sad state of affairs and I will have her at the vet for her check up first thing Monday morning. It looks to me, (and Amy agreed) that the worse of her injured eyes, (both eyes have ulcerations but her left eye is in a bad state), we both think that the vet is going to have to remove it. I of course will call or email Victoria as soon as I know what the vet is suggesting. I still don't understand how even the coldest of people can treat a living breathing creature like this. I am happy to say that Delmer and Lola have both welcomed her in with open paws. She is currently laying on the couch right next to me. While she's only been here for an hour or two she seems to be affectionate. She even put her paw on my leg and pushed her self up to my face to give me a kiss. I was amazed. I guess she knows she's in a good place. I am happy to report she had no issues with eating, and had a nice solid bowel movement. Sorry to go on and on but I thought everyone would like to hear how she was doing. It is still early but I am filed with Hope..


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Update on Our Foster Bea

So much to tell you!
Bea went to the vet last night. She did awesome! She is 19.7 pounds.
She has tartar and some gingivitis so she will need a teeth cleaning
to get rid of the quite stinky breath that she has. Even though her
legs are a little bowed it shouldnt be a problem, she just needs to
gain some muscle in them. She received an ear cleaning and
a "manicure/pedicure". We are still waiting on the results of her
fecal and heart worm test. As soon as we know I will let you know.

She is also making great strides at home. She has made friends with
everyone, our cat is especially fond of her. She doesnt quite
understand their rough playing so we play with her on the side. She
finally started playing with a rope toy last night. As for potty
training, she has not had an accident ANYWHERE since Sunday(which was
her 1st day home) and even then she only had 2 1/2 accidents. She is
doing great pottying outside and our crew is helping to teach her.
She has also started to learn "Sit". Last night she did it quite a
few times without any help. Beacause her legs are weak she gets tired
easily she has a hard time with steps, but this morning she made it
all the wait up the stairs ALL BY HERSELF! We were so proud of her!

She is doing so well and will have no troubles finding a forever home!


Monday, December 1, 2008


Mom Mom was dumped at the Burlington County Animal Shelter in Jan. 08. The only information that was left with her was her original name (Kristi) and her age (12). We picked her up at the shelter right before closing that night. I will never forget her little face. She was so afraid and shaking. She was wearing an old red tattered sweater. When we got her home, we took off the sweater and were horrified at the sight of her. She was completely bald from her neck back and was covered in red and green pus oozing sores. She was raw from the underside of her neck all the way back to her behind. She was scratching like maWe got her to the vet and this is what they told us

She had: heart murmur, yeast infections in both ears, possible mange, fleas, ulcers in both eyes, deep infection in her gums with an infected growth in her mouth, rotten teeth (6), yeast on the skin on her back, kennel cough, possible cancerous tumor on her side and most likely a food allergy. Whew!
We later found out that Mom Mom was allergic to 28 known allergens!

We cleaned her up, put her on some medication (got a dental done) and after a few months, she was looking and feeling like a million bucks! Her hair began to grow back and her coloring returned.
Mom Mom made a beautiful come back and now enjoys an itch free, laid back, spoiled lifestyle. Mom Mom is the queen of the house. She loves lounging in her three (yes, three) dog beds, munching on lamb snacks and peanut butter and taking car rides around town.
Mom Mom will have been here with our family for a year this January and she is our permanent foster. Her new name, Mom Mom, came naturally to her because she mothers our younger dogs. She makes us smile everyday. We feel priviliged to have her here with us, and we are so thankful that we had the opportunity through NEBTR to rescue her and give her the love and respect this sweet old lady deserves!

Thank you for any donations you can give to continue caring for MomMom. Her vet bills were enormous to get her back to good health. We want to be able to continue doing that for her and all our other rescued Bostons.


MomMom today, thanks to Amy! If you would like to help with MomMom's expenses, you can sponsor her here:

Sunday, November 30, 2008

From Melissa, Danny, and Peanut

Hey Boston Rescue folks!

I just wanted to say thank you, thank you, thank you for allowing me to adopt one of your beautiful little dogs. We have had Peanut for about 3 months now and she is a complete joy! She has adapted well to life in Manhattan and makes friends with nearly every person who glances her way. She runs to the door when we return home and smothers us with kisses and is in fabulous shape for an old lady!

Now that she's a part of our lives, it's hard to imagine life before!

Thanks again, and our Christmas wish is that every one of the waiting Bostons find a home for Christmas--and forever.

-Much love and Thanks-Melissa Wabnitz, Danny Peters and Peanut.