Saturday, March 14, 2015


Pangya and his Brother from Spain

Friday, March 13, 2015

Happy Gotcha Day Buster and Bella

Happy Gotcha Day Sassy!

Tilly Says Thanks for the Easter Basket

We wish to thank you for the wonderful Easter Basket from "Poochey Chef". Our dear sweet Tilly is enjoying every morsel. This was such a sweet, generous and thoughtful way to celebrate the joy of fostering NEBTR babies. We are very thankful for all the support!!!!!


Sharon, she looks great!  What a nice shiny coat.  Thank you so much for taking such good care of this girl.  Happy Easter to you and your family. - Ginny

Jelly Bean Has a Forever Home

Congratulations to Jelly Bean, the adorable senior who has found his forever home with the Crelin family.   Bruce Crelin was his Foster Dad, and Jelly Bean will now live with him for the rest of his life, because he was loved so much there.

Update on Myrtle's Surgery Yesterday

Myrtle had balloon plasty (like angioplasty) to open up a valve in her heart that didn't form right. Her right ventricle is enlarged 3 times it's normal size because it has to work so much harder to push the blood through and she also has blood leakage in her heart. I know she is in good hands with Dr. Goodwin, her cardiologist.

He called and said Myrtle is out of surgery and doing well.  He can already see an improvement in her condition and will do an EKG (ultrasound) tomorrow and he will be able to get a better idea of actual numbers and pressures, but he very optimistic that we will see a big change and now she has a good shot at a long life. Will update more after we pick her up tomorrow and bring her home....

Carrie Paul

What wonderful news Carrie!  We are all keeping Myrtle in our thoughts and prayers for a full recovery!

Funny Oscar

Bella Will Soon Have a Forever Mom

Many, many thanks to her wonderful foster Mom Jeanne Dross for all she has done for Bella, and thanks too for Abigail's tolerance in sharing her home with Bella. Rosie would have approved, and is looking down smiling!

Freddy Loves His Monkey

Chubby Loves Her Belly Rubs

Update on Toby (Buttons)

Scamp is Adopted

Scamp was adopted by a lovely family in NJ (The father actually just became a NEBTR volunteer)! Scamp is the only dog in the home and is relishing the attention he is receiving by the young children in the home. Scamp also won't be alone during the day because someone is always home.

I had Scamp in foster care for 6 weeks and grew to love him very much. He is the sweetest dog I have ever met and I am so happy that he has found a forever home where he will be given so much love and attention for the remainder of his life. Thanks again to all of the volunteers who have made this happen for Scamp!

Alyssa Renwick

Thank you so much, Alyssa, for all the care you gave to Scamp, and for finding him the perfect forever home!

I am over the top excited about this!! I'm so happy for Scamp!!!
Great work to help him find his forever and ever!!!
( I think I have enough exclamation marks in this msg...,) - Stacie

Update on Pearl in Her Forever Home

Welcome Sam to NEBTR

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Maxy gets no Respect!

Skittles Update

Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Waiting for Happy Hour....

New Foster Beau

Happy Gotcha Day Sassy

Happy Gotcha Day Buster and Bella

Monday, March 9, 2015

The Wake Up

New Foster Lulu


Her original name was Sunshine but you know me and the 1960's....Lulu is an Amish puppy mill girl that the Northeast Boston terrier rescue saved. Liz Shockley engineered icy roads and brought her to me. She is a true rescue GODDESS. Lulu spent 9 years of her life in a cage- however, she is loving and gentle and sweet. She never walked on a leash, ate food from a bowl , ever been held or kissed... She is still timid(after spending 9 years in a cage I would be more than timid). She spent her first night with me and I am blessed. Can I say adorable.......send kisses to LULU

Sharon Sweeney

She's adorable Sharon, can't wait to hear how she progresses under your loving care! Bless her heart.

Mac Has A New Sleeping Spot

Jennifer Ariemma:

Umm foster mom.....this is my new sleeping spot....and well that's it.

One Year Update on Lea

I am so happy to share this wonderful story about Lea! She is an adorable Boston that was adopted a year ago!!! - Katelyn L.

Hello Katelyn
Hope all is well.
Tomorrow will be one year That Princess Lea
Has been with us.
She has brought so much to our family.  I could not love or spoil her anymore.
I  am so grateful to you and the whole team at NEBTR.  You all do wonderful work and I believe that Princess Lea and our family is the perfect match.

God Bless
Roseanne Funke

Jackie O is Adopted

I delivered Jackie-O to her forever home Wednesday evening.  She was so ready for this! Thank you Patti and Conni for all the love you shared with this precious girl. She had previously met her daddy, she is comfortable with him, tunes into him and was very relaxed in his home. She snuggled by his side on her own. I followed up a day later all is well they are in love and her swarovski crystal collar is on order. She WILL be treated like royalty for life. Easter weeknd she'll be visiting grandma in Virginia and getting to know her pug, also a new 7 year old rescue. Michael had a truck load of supplies and new beds, blankets, toys, healthy treats, he already has a groomer lined up and my vet will continue to be Jackie-O 9's vet since he did the spay and dental. It's what we hoped for for Jackie-O.

Happily ever after, amen!
P.S. Conni is still crying, to know Jackie-O was to love her!

Nice photos.  Jacki-O looks like she's already settling in.
Thanks so much to Patti, Conni, and Maria for giving that sweet little girl the happy beginning to the rest of her life that she deserves.
Chris Cassner

Good Health News for Bella

Much to our surprise, Bella had wonderful news today from Dr Snyder.  Her tumors are benign, with clear margins, so she is on the way to being a healthier and happier dog.  Bella thanks all of you for your good wishes and support.  Celebrate!!!

Jeanne dross aka Rosie's mom, mother of Abigail and foster Bella

That is REALLY good news.
I believe in miracles, this one is for "Bella"

How Children Should Interact With Dogs

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Adoptable Pups Wishlist! PEPPER & CHILI

Hi new friends. We're Pepper (Boston Terrier) and Chili (Min-Pin). We'd like to tell you a little bit of our story and how we got to NEBTR, in case you'd like to help us.

When we were rescued a few weeks ago, we were living in a freezing cold basement. We had no heat, and had to do some major cuddling to stay warm. Before we came into NEBTR's care, we were being fed a diet of only bread. We also had never been to see what you guys call a "vet". Our nails were so long they were curled under the pads of our feet.

Despite all of the adversity we've faced, we have never given up on HOPE and LOVE. And that's what we've found together at our foster mom's house.

We took a trip to this "vet" person, and we both need a little bit of medical care. The nice doctor helped us to get rid of our itchy fleas, phew.

Our foster mom is the best and she tells us we are nothing but loving and affectionate. We can't wait to meet our forever family (or families).

We came to our foster mom's with literally - nothing. No collar, no bed, no treats, nothing. If you could find it in your heart, we sure would love to get a few things we need to start our lives as happy, healthy dogs.

Big kisses and hugs,

Pepper & Chili

Pepper & Chili's Wishlist:



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