Saturday, January 28, 2012

New Foster Betsy

Betsy is a four year old former  puppy mill girl.  Her fortunes changed when she found NEBTR, and the loving home of Board of Director member and intake coordinator Lisa Vaughan.   Lisa has done so much for our Bostons, and Betsy is also receiving four star treatment.

Little Miss Betsy had some spay complications but is all healed up now. She will be having double knee surgery soon to fix patella problems on two of her legs. She has completely come out of her shell and is quite the little love bug and wiggle butt. Lisa says that she is the sweetest little girl ever!

Where and Why, NEBTR

We receive frequent questions and comments about the geographic areas that NEBTR covers: many site visitors and followers wonder why we don't go to their area, when North East is part of our name.

The simple answer: We don't have the volunteers in those areas.

Our homechecks and transport for fostering and adoption are done by volunteers at their own expense, we have no paid staff or travel budget. We appreciate the interest and desire to adopt from us, but we may not be able to provide the service.

Transport and homechecks take a lot to arrange, there are time and scheduling constraints, complicated by weather, physical, and financial limitations. For example, suppose someone from Northern New Hampshire wants to adopt a dog fostered in Schenectady NY: the closest volunteer lives in Albany, which would require an overnight trip just to do the homecheck and then another overnight trip to deliver the dog, that's a lot of time, money, and commitment.

We really do like your interest, it means the word is spreading that we do a good job, thanks to all our volunteers. We wish we could help you, but we just cannot do it. There are volunteer groups that may be able to help you adopt, check out some of the other rescue groups with listings on Petfinder: we do work closely with Friends of Homeless Animals, which does a lot of BT adoptions in New England.

Consider establishing a volunteer rescue/adoption group in your region or volunteering to help us: we do need people willing to help, new volunteers are always welcome!

Thanks for understanding.

Pixie and Clara Have a Forever Home




Cynthia Musselman is the Foster Mom to these two cuties, Pixie and Clara. They got along great in their foster home, and bonded with each other. The best possible thing happened - they are being adopted TOGETHER by the same family - Brandon Gentile!

Much love for your new life, and congratulations to Cynthia for an awesome job!

Doggie Language

Friday, January 27, 2012

Why They Need Rescue

All rescue dogs do not have personality problems. Foreclosure and moving are topping the list right now of reasons that an owner may surrender a pet. Other reasons a dog may be relinquished to a shelter or rescue may include: health of a family member; age or infirmity of the dog; too many animals in the household; or determination that the cost of responsible dog ownership is too high. Many dogstaken in by rescues and shelters were found as stray and remained unclaimed by their owners. Also consider judgement when a dog is surrendered for behavioral issues. Lack of focus on training on the part of owner for an “issue” does not constitute a “bad” or “aggressive” animal per se. What it does constitute is laziness and irresponsible dog ownership.

Update on Baby

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to give you an update on my new foster Baby. He is doing very well and will be neutered soon. I have enclosed some pictures. I will keep you posted on his progress.

Phoenix, NY

Thursday, January 26, 2012

New Foster Norman

Meet our brand new foster, Norman. We just got him today and he is a sweetheart. We will be giving more info as we get to know Norman. So far I can say that he loves cuddles, baked organic chicken breast and wearing sweaters! Cindy Kaiser

Muno, He's Just Joined

Meet Muno. He came in to NEBTR with Honey. He was scared at the shelter and only has one eye. More updates to come!

New Foster Rocky

Rocky is a beautiful three year old Boston Terrier who was brought to a municipal shelter. He was found wandering on the street after having apparently been hit by a car on New Year's Eve. The injuries to his leg were extensive, having shattered the elbow in multiple places, and it was feared that amputation would be the only solution. But here's where Rocky's luck changed. After having been contacted by the shelter, NEBTR stepped in. They paired with Dr. John Fedina of Caldwell, NJ, who worked hard to make sure that Rocky's leg would be saved. It was a very delicate,complicated surgery, but Rocky got through it like a Champ. He is now recuperating at his foster Mom Jen's home, and she is showering him with love and tending to his physical therapy.
Now NEBTR has to pay for his care, and we are asking anyone who can assist to help this sweet, loving boy so that he can run free again and regain the use of his leg. Thank you so much!

Rocky's leg was badly broken, as you can see from the bones sticking up in his x-ray.

Dr. Dillon performed extensive surgery on Rocky

Dr. Fedina of the Veterinary Medical Center, Caldwell, NJ took good care of him.

Rocky is ready to go to his foster home with Jen and begin the road to a new life.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Handsome Stanley

Stanley is a handsome dude!  He is thriving in the fantastic care of Foster Mom Dawn Stone.

Update on Shamus

Below is an update on Shamus. Shamus was to be surrendered with the other dog in his home that was pure Boston. The family decided they couldn't part with the purebred but gave Shamus the boot. Shamus definitely looks more beagle than Boston, but we made room for one more.

All i could think about is that i belong to a Boston Terrier one is going to apply for a Beagle! Well i was VERY wrong!!! All you need is one app and the perfect one came along very quick for Shamus. He is living large in his new home and coming along very nicely. He lives with Jill Nailon and her son in Wildwood NJ.

Jill also adopted Tuppence from us several years ago. She is a very petite little girl and all Boston, but has a tail like a Whippet. Shamus is so lucky to have this wonderful lady and her son adopt him. Please see what his new family has to say about him below!

Lisa Vaughan,  Allentown

Dear Lisa,
I have been thinking of you so much lately! I hope you and yours had a wonderful Christmas and New Years. Shamus is doing beautifully!! Oh Lisa, he’s just a total joy – we love him so, so much!! It’s as if he’s always been here, we can’t imagine life without him. He’s with me, by my side always. No matter what room I’m in, he’s in. Including the bathroom.

He’s never demonstrated ANY problem going to the potty, ever, and never had an accident in the house, ever, so I can’t figure out what the previous folks were talking about. In fact, when he has to go, he dances for you, like a Furby, hopping back and forth from side to side. If he’s really excited, he hops like one of those cars that have the front wheels rigged to pop the front up and down. He’s SO cute!!

His confidence has grown and blossomed. Shamus will now occasionally lift his leg to pee, whereas before he’d only ever squat like a puppy. Just in the last couple weeks he’s also started to “scratch and flick” the grass as if to cover where he’s been after he goes to the potty (which is hysterical, because I’m sure as you know, they are NEVER anywhere near where they’ve just “been”’s just the pure joy of scratching the dirt). Well, with Shamus it has not only been a joy to see as it shows another notch of confidence, but the way he does it is pure comedy routine. He masterfully scratches and flicks the dirt, but to demonstrate his joy, he tends to extend his back legs out and hold them up in the air like a ballet dancer – making a very funny and elegant show of himself (and sending me into fits of laughter because he looks absolutely hysterical every time he does it).

Duncan and Tuppence have bonded with him completely, they are the 3 Musketeers. Shamus and Tuppence sleep with me each night, Tuppence at the foot under the covers, Shamus at the top, closest to Mummy, often head next to mine on the pillow. Duncan sleeps between Connor and I, changing throughout the night (he likes to hog the middle of the bed).

My white Turkish Angora, Chloe, curls up next to or on him and tolerates baths from him (he’s taken to liking and kissing everyone and’s apparently how he communicates). My large black tom, Sunny, has bonded with him and will share a snuggly spot (which is a big thing), and Daisy, our grey cat who is primarily Connor’s, loves him too. He’s actually the most liked of the bunch. Duncan is so high strung that he drives everyone crazy now and then. Shamus is amazingly patient with him, yet he’ll warn him off if need be.

One of his greatest points of growth in confidence is with his rawhide chewies. Shamus has become very fond of them and will carry it with him if he isn’t ready to chew on it yet and will warn off Duncan and Tuppence when they try to take it (because they are spoiled, greedy little buggers). However, Shamus has actually become very fond of chewies and will get very excited when they are offered and usually settle down to happy chewing as soon as he gets his. His teeth are so much better, I’ve been able to clean them up a lot and the gum infection and pus that he had when he first came to us is long gone. His breath doesn’t smell anymore and he seems so much happier in himself and is actually starting to take an interest in some of the toys. He doesn’t quite know what to do with them yet, but he’s interested.

He’s such a fun dog! He’s blossoming more and more. It’s no trouble to cut his nails, he just lays on his back in my arms like a big baby and I trim away (he gets a milkbone when we’re done). Lately he’s taken to hopping up on my lap when I’m watching telly and then laying back with all four feet in the air so that I’ll rub his tummy. He looks like a chubby upside-down dead bug, LOL.

One unexpected thing is his protectiveness. He doesn’t like it when Duncan and Tuppence play too hard as it seems violent and loud to him and if they run towards me, he perceives this as a threat to Mummy and he’ll warn them off with a bark. But, he’s learning that they are just playing and that it isn’t . He is somewhat aggressive to strangers and dogs he doesn’t know, but I know it is fear aggression and will pass in time as he gains confidence and learns that people aren’t going to hurt him.

He’s in his forever home now – he’s my heart and Connor’s heart. He’s a dolly and he really has just woven himself into the fabric of our family and home completely. He’s a wonderful watchdog, yet such a gentle boy. We do just love him utterly and so grateful he’s ours. Have yourself a great day and hugs to all your furs, Jill

Honey Is Loved

Here is the Newest addition to our crew right now.....Little Honey! She seriously is the tiniest Boston Terrier I have ever seen. Her life was rough before but No longer....she is getting the best care ever and being kept nice and warm and being loved and getting lots of kisses here!!! So happy she is safe now.

This poem is for my Little Honey-

Tail tucked between your legs, confusion in your eyes- I know it's hard to understand that someone heard your cries.

The medicine to make you well, Good food to make you strong, And finally to help you learn, That hugs are never wrong. When loneliness is all you know and pain is all you feel- And no one can be trusted, And hunger's all too real.

The perfect place then must be found-The home where you can live Secure and safe and happy-With joy to get and give.

That's the time the Lord sees you and lets you know He's there. That's when he sends his messengers-The hearts that love and care. When you reach your FOREVER HOME, your place to feel whole, The Angels smile , and off they go - to save another soul.

I love you lil Honey! Love Your Foster Mommy, Chris

More About Wheezy

Wheezy getting to know his new foster Mom Amy Swift. Wheezy is a very special guy that looooves kisses!
Amy sent in (and edited!) this picture of Wheezy relaxing after playing with the tennis ball.  Special kudos to Amy - she took Wheezy the same day as her home visit to foster.  As you can tell, she passed with flying colors!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Update on Cesar

Look how wonderful he looks!  A while back, we posted a request for urgent donations to help with the medical bills and care of the many, many Bostons who have recently been in jeopardy. One of the most horrendous cases was poor Cesar.  You wouldn't recognize him today, thanks to Carolyn's foster care and the loving forever home he has with Laura!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Saying Goodbye to Terry

Today we said goodbye to our foster Terry. She was very peaceful and was licking a spoon of peanut butter and being cuddled to the very end. No matter how much pain she was in she could never turn it down, we even coated chicken with melted peanut butter to get her to eat. Selfishly, we wish she could have been with us longer than two days but we needed to let her go so she could finally be free. The poor girl had so many physical issues- legs so atrophied that she no longer move, incontinence from loss of feeling and painful cataracts/blindness. I have to smile when I think of her finally running her little heart out. I know she had to be a sweet and loyal member of someone’s family and I‘m glad we were able to help her on her journey even if they couldn’t. This decision just doesn’t get any easier! Jodi Groff, Lancaster PA

New Foster Maxy

Maxy is settling in nicely in his foster home. He is getting along with their other BT and their cat. His foster Mom says that he was well taken care of and is up to date on all his shots. He has medium energy and responds well to correction. He is still a pup - not yet 3 years old! He is still a bit timid from the move but is a handsome boy and a total sweetheart! Please fill out an application on our website. Maxy will be ready for adoption soon!

Maggie in Her New Home

She loves playing with her new sister!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

New Fosters Honey and Muno

Megan Sanchez drove down to Chambersburg from Altoona with a good animal loving friend of hers to pull two Bostons from the shelter. They were dropped off at the shelter together in a cage on their porch when they were closed and were found the next day.

Megan says, "A male and a female who are presumed to be a breeding pair dumped now that they are of no use to whoever had them before (absolutely absurd I know!)The male whom I am fostering has one eye. The vet at the shelter believes it was surgically removed but we will find out more during our checkup soon to come. He obviously needs neutered and could gain a pound or two of good muscle. He's a tiny little guy who needs a lot of work. He is very under socialized, has his guard up, but settles nicely on the couch (he is currently sprawled out on his side surrounded by throw pillows haha)He did eat some dinner with some coaxing (I think he's not too sure of the food bowl maybe)which is good that he's not too stressed not to eat. I have a lot of experience with these kind of sweet under loved lack of guidance souls so he is in good hands I promise!

He is doing amazingly well with my three dogs (a chihuahua, beagle/lab mix, and boston mix)and my dogs really dont mind him much (They are prob like oh geeze mom and her doggy sleepovers again!!!) We named him after Muno the one eyed character from the nick jr kids tv show Yo Gabba Gabba! (I have cannot figure out for the life of me how to attach a photo to this post so I will upload one to the photos) I will keep an update to you all when I can and love you all and your amazing work for the group and the dogs!!!!"

Chris Schezzini is the Foster Mom for Honey. Chris says she lives up to her name and is as sweet as Honey! Chris says, " She seriously is the tiniest Boston Terrier I have ever seen. Her life was rough before but No longer....she is getting the best care ever and being kept nice and warm and being loved and getting lots of kisses here!!! So happy she is safe now. She loves curling up in your lap...and she fits just right..." Chris adds that Honey loves to follow her everywhere and is very smart and loves to snuggle.

Honey's vet report was not good. She is in heat, older than thought to be, between
8-10 years of age. She has severe dental problems, which she will be getting a few teeth pulled and then whats left cleaned. She has bilateral cataracts which a specialist will be looking at since vet said she has about 10% of her vision
right now. She has increased pressure in her right eye, dysplasia in the hips and her knees at some point dislocated and never went back in place and fused themselves together ( not in the right place ). The worst news is she has Pyometra ( her uterus is enlarged ). She is on antibiotics for the infection. Chris notes, "I think we have a sick little dog on our hands here and we need everyone
praying for this angel. She is being pampered like a lil Queen here and loved so much."

Three Out of Five

From the left are Darla, Elsie and Aggie. Gilbert missed the photo, as he was sacked out in the back!