Saturday, April 13, 2013

Update on Teddy

Teddy is shown here with Dr. Fred, who adopted him almost a year ago.  Dr. Fred, you have our deep gratitude for seeing the beauty of this little man and giving him the life we so wanted for him.   Thank you so very much for all you have done for Teddy. He looks so happy.  It's truly wonderful to see that.

Dr. Fred writes, "Teddy is doing just fine.  Has the run of the house (first floor), the entire fenced-in back yard, 3 other dogs to play with, and goes on walks on the leash all over the neighborhood.  Ges along fine with the other dogs.  Everyone loves him."

Foster Casey

My name is Casey and I am an 11 year old. With the exception of the grey around my eyes (nothing a little Loving Care can’t take care of!), I act like a teenager. I am potty trained, love humans and get along with other dogs. Although I do not play a lot with other dogs, I don’t mind being around them. I have never been crate trained and am happy to sleep on my blanket, floor, couch or bed. Please know that I am very well - mannered and will not jump on any furniture unless you invite me too. My health is excellent, UTD on all my shots and I am very low maintenance. All I need now is a loving forever home to live out the rest of my wonderful senior years. I promise I will not disappoint you!

Thanks so much to Linda Vermeylen for taking such good care of this beautiful little girl!

Linda says:  She is 11 years old but very young in spirit and a wonderful girl.  She is healthy, listens well, potty trained and very loyal to her main caregiver.  She follows me everywhere I go!  She likes people and kids and is very good with other dogs. Please keep her in mind!

Former Foster, Mazy

Remember Mazy?! The little girl with brain damage from when she was a puppy....Well look at her now in her furever home! She has some amazing parents, the Tremel family!

Run For Fun (and Funds)

Two weeks today we are running our second marathon this year to raise money for NEBTR. This one is in Kings Mountain South Carolina. We are collecting refundable pop cans and bottles, selling cookies at work and collecting donations. Or people can donate on line directly to the rescue. I will be running this marathon in honor of my sweet Zoey that we adopted last October from NEBTR. So far we have about $200 in money to send to the rescue. We will be running marathons and collecting money through October. If you live in the Buffalo area we would love your pop cans and bottles and would come pick them up at your convenience. Thanks for your support and the pups say thanks too. ♥

Friday, April 12, 2013

Myles Has A Home!

Foster Myles with her new forever family, the Livingstons.  She is a sweetheart going to a family that will spoil her rotten.

Hidden Beauty

Oliver and Baby Keira

Former foster Oliver sleeps with his new, 2 week old sister Keira Davison.  How contented they both look!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Former Foster

Dana Testa reports:  "Our rescue from Northeastern Boston Terrier he is the best. We thank you again for this big guy. He is so good and he personality is as big as him."

Former Foster, Chibby

Tom McCarty reports "Well, it's been just over 5 months now, and I think Chibby is happy! He's a snuggly little guy!!"

New Foster Marley

Thanks to Conny McGraw for offering this boy a great foster home!  We truly appreciate your love and generosity!

Here us a cute picture of Conny's 3 boys relaxing. Marley (on the right) resting with his foster brothers Louie and Liam.

Update on Bella Boo

Bella Boo has come a long way in the last 5 she is enjoying the beautiful weather with her foster sisters..:)

And she has thoughts on her Foster Mom's dinner!

Smokey is Adopted

Congratulations to Smokey, who was just adopted by James Nielsen. After 10 months in foster care...Smokey was adopted!

He will be living large in the middle of the Poconos. He's got a new best friend!

Special thanks to Lisa Vaughan for being the foster Mom to Smokey, and for finding him the perfect new Dad!

Best wishes to Smokey, love, love, love Happy Endings! Lisa, you made this happy ending possible, BIG BRAVO! 

Buster is Adoped

Congratulations to Buster, who has found is forever home with Janet Hassell, his foster mom!  We know that Buster will know nothing but love and the best of care going forward.  Thank you, Janet!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Puppy Love

Daisy is Adopted

Daisy had a busy day.  Slept till 9:30, had breakfast (salmon and pumpkin dry, crab shrimp and chicken with carrots and peas canned), went outside for 5 seconds, had a lavender bath and pedicure, and is now crashed out cold in the middle of the guest bed she just unmade all by herself.  Then she rested some more as foster Mon Erin Sullivan vacuumed.  Otis the cat came over, rubbed his face all over Daisy's head, and when she didn't react decided she had the right idea and also took a nap. They're so cute :)

THEN  Charlene Lenning came to meet her, and they were a great match! 

 Here is Daisy in her new harness dress her new Mama bought her :)

Erin,  thank you especially for loving this little girl and finding the perfect home for her.  She, and we, all owe you so much, but I'm sure that Daisy has already told you how much you have meant to her!


If you see a pet being abused or neglected, report it with as many details as possible.  Animal cruelty will not end unless all of us make an effort.

Pet/Human Portrait Opportunity

Walter Williams writes:
Since September/2012 I have offered portraits of your pet hand painted in software painting programs for a donation of any amount to the senior trust fund of the NEBTR. I have seen donations ranging from $5 - $250 and i am thankful for each and every one. Now i have something new to offer, a portrait of YOU with your pet. A wonderful way to archive a treasured photo. I will still continue to offer your pet for any donation, but for these special paintings i ask for two things. A clear photo is absolutely essential and a $100 donation to either senior trust or Romeo, the featured needy Boston of the month. Not only will you receive the painting, I will commission Cathy Hedges to make you a necklace and pair of earrings of your painting. What a great package ..... sign up today. Your photo must be good enough to qualify ... if it is, your memory can be preserved to last a lifetime your donation assists the care of our senior Bostons.

Cody With His Forever Family

Foster Cody with his new furever family, congratulations to all!  Thanks to the Piccinich family for adopting him and to Marjorie Young for all her love and caring and for finding him the perfect forever family!

New Foster Sasha

Sasha came to us Sunday afternoon. She's an adorable 6 year old chocolate girl.  She is super sweet, but still getting used to her new surroundings. She loves to snuggle and go on walks - she's very high energy and is learning how to walk properly on a leash. She met one of the cats and didn't even bat an eye.

Yesterday evening I allowed Sasha to meet our dogs for the first time. She was so excited! She even handled my BT Copley jumping all over her, barking, demanding to play like a pro.

- Heather Coursen

Thanks so much to Heather for opening her heart and home to this beautiful girl!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Daisy and Her New Mom

Here is Daisy going to her new home! They are very sweet people, and I know she has a fabulous home now. Well worth all our efforts. Charlene was so wonderful, and even brought me a human gift bag with "jellybean wine in Daisy's honor :)

And thank you, foster mom Erin Sullivan, for your love and care.

New Foster Rocky

We picked up Rocky from Medford last night.  He was an owner surrender due to elderly owner not being able to take care of him, and he found his way to NEBTR.  He is 1 year, 3 months old.

He is an adorable, a long and tall boy with brindle coloring.  He is very sweet, curious but well-behaved.  He seems to have had some training.

 He is 15 months old and an energetic sweetheart.  Expect him to be leaving us soon.

His nose is black, but he has these pink spots at the edge of each nostril - when I first saw him I thought someone pierced his nose!


Photos and videos to come.  He will make someone a wonderful pet!


Stewie is Adopted

Congratulations to Stewie who was just adopted by the Turco family!

Special thanks to Elly Monfett for being his loving foster home and for finding him the perfect forever family!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Dog Devotion

New Foster, Jack Flash

Meet new foster Jack Flash! He is about 5 and was found as a stray in Jersey. He will be ready after a few weeks of settling in his foster home =)

Update on Dodger

The amazing Terri Anderson came over yesterday to work with Dodger on signs.  He was so proud working with her - I think it was the some of the first praise and success he has experienced.  She also gave me some wonderful advice on helping Dodger accept the crate, how to play with him, and how to work on less barking  I was so grateful to have someone with so much dog experience evaluate Dodger.  It will go a long way toward getting him ready for adoption.

Janice Boyer

Reading this makes me think of that incredible water pump scene in "The Miracle Worker" where Helen Keller's teacher finally is able to make Helen realize she was signing water to her. That's when her amazing life began. It's just starting for Dodger too. Janice and Terry, thank you for helping Dodger.

Sheryl Trent, President, NEBTR