Saturday, June 7, 2014

Our Virtual Foster Gizmo

Our Virtual Foster Buster

Our Virtual Foster Fena

Denice's Transformations

It has been less than 6 months now since NEBTR entrusted me with my first foster dog Tigger, 2 days before Christmas.  When I just updated Puka's addendum, I almost missed how amazingly these dogs transformed in such a short time.  See if you can tell the before and after pictures!

"Spook" Puka was picked up from Jersey City on May 3rd dirty, frail, timid and wobbly.  I remember writing to the group because on day 2 she still would not eat, leave her bed, play, or walk much.  Her posture was weak and her back legs curved under and seemed almost wasting from disuse.  She didn't know how to play with toys or interact with my other dogs.  Now, she has filled out and runs with leaps and bounds through the back yard, and runs to the toy bin to grab a toy even before she goes out in the morning.  You would never believe this vibrant happy girl was ever such a poor sad soul only 1 month ago!  I can't believe she may be going to a furever home in Pittsburgh next week already!

Wrigley came on March 9th, so skinny his head looked huge, dirty, and sad from a home in Queens.  He was the sweetest boy ever, even from the drive home, but unneutered, and all he thought about was humping.  He is now the happiest, goofiest, playful little instigator who has filled out beautifully, and is the joy of my mother's life right now.  I bring him over for play dates whenever I can just because he's such a fun boy to have around.

Tigger came from Brooklyn on December 23rd uncivilized and lifting his leg everywhere-even on his transporters and in the car.  He was a young Tasmanian Devil type nut-job, but a diamond in the rough.  We couldn't let him go-adoption came soon after his first visit to a potential adoption family...  Now, he is guiding and helping my new fosters, and doing an obedient sit-stay in the middle of a crew of distracting fellow Bostons.  He is a Love!!!!

I am soooo happy to have been able to play even a little part in improving the lives of these poor, lost souls. This is a great and very rewarding volunteer and rescue program to be a part of, and I never knew how rewarding it was to provide such a simple act of charity in dog rescue.

Denice, Jackson, NJ

Denice; I told you before and I’ll say it again, you are awesome. These dogs are not turning themselves around, they need love, care and much needed attention. Not one but 3 in 6 months is terrific and the foster moms in this group that do that year over year will tell you its not easy. So to you and to all the foster moms in this group, Rock On!!

Stacie Kyle

Sam Thanks Melissa McGinn and Another Donor for His Stroller

Sweet Sam had a great day out in the sun checking out his new wheels. You could see in his eyes how happy he was to get out of the house. He's feeling much better on pain medication and is moving his upper body much more. He was very excited to have visitors!

Marjorie Young

Wonderful gift for that sweet Sam, thanks for sharing!

Good Evening Everyone. Doreen, Muriel and Sam here. (well, and Mason too). I am SO sorry it has been so long since we have posted. I know several people here on NEBTR and on Walters list know my family & I are having a VERY challenged life right now. We are working on getting out of the hell we are in, and moving forward, but it is taking time.

In addition, for some amazing reason, only known to FaceBook reason, I was not able to see posts by others here on NEBTR and had a hard time posting in general. So for that I am sorry as well.

I was going to send several posts, but it is getting late for our animal care here and can't take that much time. My main focus to is to post about Sambo.

While Sam is not able to walk, he is quite happy, very vocal and shifts his upper body around quite a bit. When I get more then 5 minutes to write, I would love to speak with people who have dogs who use carts, have no use of their hind legs etc. He is still having problems sleeping at night. Well, it isn't so much that he has problems kindof, well, when he pees or poops, he wakes me up to clean him. I KNOW I wouldn't want to lay with peepee or poops in my bed, I guess he is the same way. He is VERY vocal about this !!! When I don't hear the crying/whining/vocal sounds he makes, he then hits me with his arms............ We sleep quite close... About 8 inches from each other.

He is eating well, pooping and peeing well. He has stopped crying (VERY HORRIBLE crying sounds he made ) THANK GOODNESS !! When we move him. It was HORRIBLE !!!

I know someone offered a cart for him, at the time it seemed premature, but we are thinking this will be the way to go. I also want to work on getting his arms/front legs/chest etc. stronger so he can more around more and have NO IDEA how to do that.

I included a tonights picture........... Not the best, but he is more upright then he had been. He had been laying on his side, we turned him hourly, so he wouldn't get bored or sore. Once the pain reduced and he got tired of being in that position, he started to move his upper body around. We now brace him with pillows and supports. We are thinking a bean bag chair if we can find a child's one.

Thanks to 2 wonderful people, one we don't know, one we do, we were given a stroller to take Sam for walks. Before now it was quite painful for us to move him to position him in it, so we weren't sure it would work. Now that HE is allowing us to move him more freely AND HE is moving better, it is on our MUST do list for the morning. Pictures WILL FOLLOW WE PROMISE !!!!!

We have spoken with the vets office, they know of the problems we have been having and Sam has an appointment on Monday to resume treatment. We can't thank you all enough for your help. We don't have words. Thank you a million times over and that isn't enough.

Being optomistic but with a paw on reality, we know he may never walk again. Something not easy to deal with, but we will keep him anyway we can, with a good quality of life, with no pain, even not walking. He still gives kisses, talks a lot and I believe quite happy. I do think he is frustrated not being able to follow his brother out in the yard to play sticks, but that will happen with a cart....

I don't want to ramble, well, any more then I have, but I needed to post an update.

Thank you all so much and updates will happen much more often, we promise.

Sam, Doreen, Muriel, Mason and our other sister Jude...

PS. Linda, we look forward to bringing Sam over for some swimming. Cindy, thank you for your support, Chris never called us. We left several messages. Marjorie, thank you for everything. Hope you and the boys had a good time tonight. Jerrilyn and Ellen, thank you...... Walter, there are no words for all you do.

PSS......... I feel awkward about this, and I am sorry........ Many people wrote us and asked for our snail mail address, we posted it, but as of the close of the post office today, nothing had arrived. I wasn't sure if I messed up and put the wrong address or people's lives just got busy and things weren't sent (we understand) but I didn't want anyone to think we were rude and didn't acknoweledge that we had recieved things for Sam, we hadn't.

Sam Gluck
C/O The Gluck Sisters
PO Box 20066
Huntington Station NY 11746

Sadie Mae Got Spayed

Sadie was spayed and had a hernia repaired yesterday.  All went well and I picked her up this morning. They said she was a very good girl while she was there.  Sadie also has a family interested in adopting her so as soon as she is healed we will do a meet up with them. 

Melanie Stein  ♥all you need is love and a dog♥

Melanie Stein  ♥all you need is love and a dog♥

Friday, June 6, 2014

Adoptable Pup Spotlight! COOPER

Adoptable Pup Spotlight! COOPER

Say hello to sweet Cooper, your new BFF. Cooper is a 6-year-old surrender dog who was well cared for and is well trained. He loves going on walks, playing with you and snuggling all the time. He’s your co-pilot in the car and your foot warmer in the winter. And now, here’s Cooper:

Hey, you over there!! Yes, I'm talking to you... human with the funny hair. Do you remember me? Cooper? The cutest Boston Terrier in the tri-state? Well, I'm back here again on the old Facebook, and even though I'm a terrible typer, I wanted to ask you something.

Can you help me find my home?

I'll tell ya a little about me. I'm a solid boy, tipping the scale at 27lbs. My favorite things are riding in the car, getting a belly rub, and running around in the yard like a maniac.

I really like humans and it's hard for me to understand why I haven't been able to find a home yet. Here's the deal: I don’t like sharing you. I want to be the king of the house. No other pets around (maybe a goldfish, but I’ll have to approve it first). I just don’t like to have any competition around. And kids are not my favorites either. Let’s face it. They pull on my hair, their pats on the back are more like slaps, and when I tell them to stop they think I’m aggressive. So, we agree, right? No kids, no pets (except me of course).

I'm in great health, and I love to hold your hand (Yes, I actually put my paw on your arm if I want some love). I am a little bit scared of thunder, but don't tell any of the local female dogs, because I have a reputation to uphold.

I am housebroken, and (don't mean to toot my horn but..) VERY intelligent.

Won't you please consider me? I'll be your companion and love you forever. If you think you know someone who might like to have me, please tag them in my post. If you are interested, please send us a message on Facebook or comment here.


Max Goes to the Vet

Yay for Max-he is one cutie-patootie!

Lilly's First Toy

Lilly got a bath and celebrated with a toy! She is so curious. But hasn't had any interest in the toys until now! Im so excited for her! Loretta Butler

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Max's Wishlist

Oh hey guys, it's me, new foster Max. I'm loving life with my new foster mom Christine, but there are some things I'm just dying to have! Won't you take a gander at my Amazon Wishlist? Sloppy kisses to you all!

Love, Max

Max's Wishlist:

Tucker is on Animal Planet

I adopted Tucker, a (then) 4+ year old BT from you in August of 2010. Tucker is now 8 1/2 and a very important part of our family. As you may recall, at the time, Tucker was being fostered by Amy Jansky in PA, and had a severe luxating patella, which you all had taken care of before he became a part of our home. Tucker has never had an issue with his knee since, and is quite the runner and jumper when he's chasing squirrels. Some fun news to share. A few months ago I sent a clip to a site called iBoston Terrier of Tucker shivering and chattering his teeth after coming in from going potty on one of our many super cold Winter days this year. This is something Tucker has just started doing to let me know when he's cold. You can see the clip here: Shortly after this appeared on the site, it was picked up by the Jimmy Kimmel show, Arsenio Hall and used on a Boston NBC Affiliate. Even better, two weeks later, I was contacted by Animal Planet who wanted to license it for their show "Bad Dog", where they show clips of dogs doing funny things. Well, it gets even better...after talking with show Producers about Tucker, how smart, loving and mischievous he is, they decided to do a feature story on him. We spent the entire day yesterday with the production crew and Tucker charmed them all. While there is no guarantee of what the final piece will be, I can promise you it will be hysterical and should be a rather long one (which in TV terms could mean as long as 7 minutes or as short as a few). I will be sure to keep you all informed of the air date. They allowed me to plug NEBTR and I'm hoping that part makes the final story.

Lisa DeFrees

Boston Terrier Sing Along

Not NEBTRs, but absolutely adorable!

Anatomy of a Boston Terrier

Wade in His Party Bandana

Adventures of Roxy

Baby Roxy went to her foster home in Suffern, NY.

Many thanks to Stacie Kyle for picking up this adorable baby and holding on to her until a foster home could be found.


Roxy was a very good girl on the trip.


Katherine Wiedemann helped with the transport.  Denice Schnaak noted, "After foiling my attempt to steal away with this baby girl Roxy, I had to break up this fight between volunteers Katherine and Stacie at her foster transfer spot (hee hee).  What a little slice of Heaven-we all wanted to keep her!!!"


Roxy hung out at Katherine's for a bit, and played with Tuna and Emmy.  Katherine describes their fun: " In the fight of the century... "THE BIG BIRD BONANZA"

Who will claim the title and the majestic victor's belt?!"


 Then Roxy explored the kayak at Katherine's house.  All in all, a very busy day for adorable little Roxy!

Milly Loves Her Foster Brother

Milly loves her boy. ! What a sweet girl.

Rosie Loves Her Bull Sticks


Little girl loves her Bully sticks.

Conny McGraw

Sweetie Lilly Day 2

Sweetie, now Lilly, is such a doll! Here she is resting comfortably on an old blanket she likes better than the new dog bed! She gives hugs and kisses and eats like a champ (especially loves the turkey loaf)! The only issue I have so far is she won't got pee outside and she hasn't pooped at all yet. Good news is she was alone in her age twice today for 4 hrs each time and no accidents. So she does hold it.

I hope to give her a bath in the next few days when she is feeling more comfortable in her new surroundings.

Loretta & Lilly

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Miss Patsy on a Sunday

Buddy is Happy

New Max - Not to be Confused With the Other Max

Wade on the Battlefield

Happy Gotcha Day Bella Boo

Update on Bella and Summer

Buster's Morning Routine

Gizmo Takes a Nature Walk

Remy in His New Home

Diane Eberhard:

Remy is looking happy in his new home with his fur brother Yankee. Thank you Gina Escobar for adopting him and giving him an amazing life.

Gina Escobar  It's been 2 weeks now and every day Remy is getting more and more comfortable with us! I just love my "boys" Yankee and Remy! 

Lola Hope - From Puppy Mill to Loving Pet

My Lola Hope use to be #31:-(

Look at her now, enjoying life!

Lani is Adopted

Patricia Baxter-Ubellacker Thank you for posting. WE adopted a puppy mill girl today. She is about 6 years old. We have a male BT from NEBTR also who has been the joy of our lives. We have high hopes for bringing this sweet girl out of her shell with lots of TLC..

Puppy Mill Gertie

Roxy: Two Minutes of Puppy Cuteness

Roxy and the gang enjoy the weather - Roxy with Sadie; Stink eye by Josie and special guest appearance by Jaxx with Santana as a back drop.

Stacie Kyle

Spike Goes Boating

Here is Spike in his boat on the lake again with his forever family.
He's sporting his new life vest.... VERY VOGUE!

Chris & Wade


Really incredible..I remember when you picked up Spike from his former home and how thin and sad and unhealthy he was.
What a beautiful life he has now.
Thank you for getting him there!!

Jerrilyn Walter