Saturday, January 7, 2017

Maggie Loves to Chew

Maggie with my brother's Shepherd mix, Schuyler and Maggie with her Himalayan chew. She does not play with toys but she does love to chew.

Maggie has gained enough weight that her spine and ribs no longer protrude. She is starting to look amazing. 

She now has an adoption pending. I am so proud of her.

Sandy Z., Co-Foster of Maggie

Marty and Daisy Waiting For Santa

Thanks to Our Volunteers

Spikey Goes to the Rainbow Bridge

Hello,  I just wanted to let you know we lost our beloved Spikey yesterday.  It's been almost 2 years since his adoption from nebtr.  He was so loved, my heart is breaking today.  He was such a trooper, but in the end it was too much.  Thank you for lettings ha uve this wonderful soul.  He will be loved and missed for ever.   Deb O’Chat

It's a Buddy Life

Thanks to Mona Pants

Adopt Finney

Adopt Dozer

Foster Dakota Looking Good

New Foster Peanut

Hershey Says Hi

Send Love to Archie

Monday, January 2, 2017

Winston In His Forever Home

Ryan and I fostered Winston last spring, and his new family sent some heart warming pictures last night to us. He is doing so well with them, and seems to have the most perfect life.

Thought I'd share his pictures! 

Couldn't ask for a better Christmas present!! 

Merry Christmas From Ashley and Family

Merry Christmas From Carol and Family

Maggie Loving Life

Maggie loving life at her Grandma's house.


Zorro Sleeps In

Happy Gotcha Day Max, Formerly Roger

Happy New Year From Dash

Happy Gotcha Day Edie

Thanks to Lehigh Valley BT Club

New Foster Bronson

Hermione is Adopted

Jules is Ready for His Forever Home

Fran Makes a Donation

Rudy Says Thanks to Santa

Tux Takes a Bath

Say Hello to Dakota

Adopt Casey

Foster Charger

Bentley Bean is a Good Boy

Maggie is Ready For Her Own Home

New Foster Stitch

Lana and ella Love Their New Life

Foster Dakota Says Happy 2017

Ella Says Happy New Year

Happy Gotcha Day Molly

Thank YOU, NEBTR! As we celebrate Molly's "Gotcha day" today, we continue to be do grateful for all you do for so many BTs!

Kim Sallee

Kermit Says Happy New Year's