Saturday, May 15, 2010

Farewell to Mom Mom

We are very sorry for the loss of one of our rescues, Mom Mom.

She was surrendered to a shelter in February 2008 at the age of 12. She had only a few hours to be rescued before being pts. Amy and Mike rushed to the shelter and took her home. She was suffering from severe allergies and so many senior ailments. She quickly took the hearts of Amy and Mike and they named her "Mom Mom" and they kept her as their own and helped her regain her health. She was a wise "old soul" from whom Amy and Mike learned many lessons of love and compassion. On May 14th, Mom Mom passed away from complications of pneumonia. She was at least 14 years old. We salute Amy and Mike and know they will find Mom Mom waiting for them at the Rainbow Bridge.

As Amy notes, "it will be very difficult because as she always walks behind me, I'll always feel like she is still there, walking just out of sight. So I've told her that when she leaves for Rainbow Bridge I want her to walk behind me still in spirit and I will imagine that she is still there, just as she always has been."

Update on Junior

Junior arrived at his foster home in January, he was dumped at the shelter by his former family as they said they now longer wanted him. Junior was suffering from frost bite, thin, his coat was patchy and he had an infection from his neuter. It seems they were letting him live outside. Despite all of that he was so sweet he just wanted be with his people. Junior is now the Prince of Soho. He lives downtown in a trendy NYC loft. Junior lives with 2 Bulldogs and 2 Cats. Junior's coat has come back he has put on weight. His favorite activities are laying on the sofas big pillows and loves sunning himself by the big windows of the loft.

Friday, May 14, 2010

New Foster Oscar

Here is a picture of Oscar. We picked him up at the PSPCA on Wednesday night. He's dealing with kennel cough and allergies at the moment and needs to be neutered but he is a sweetheart. We had 19 people over for brunch today and he was great with everyone.

Beth McFadden

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Chester is Adopted

Yesterday morning I drove out to Scranton, PA where Chester was adopted
by the Kragowski family. Leanne and Ryan were so wonderful, and had been
looking for a dog for a long time, and were excited to finally meet
Chester. We were in touch for the past three weeks talking about
Chester, while they waited for him to be neutered and for Ryan to get
back from a business trip before they could finally adopt him. They
drove down from upstate NY yesterday and met me in Scranton and it was
love at first site. Leanne even had a hand knitted sweater for Chester
to wear in case he was cold! I only had him for a few weeks, but Chester
was the sweetest, easiest foster I've had yet. He is going to make them
very happy! And the Kragowskis have two young sons - I think those boys
are going to love their new, laid back 'brother'!

Wharton, NJ

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Congratulations to Max!

From Foster Maximus Fenway

Congratulations to Max, who has been adopted by Roxann, his foster Mom. Roxann writes,

"Yes -- we wanted to share the good news. We have finally decided to adopt our foster boy - Max... He is a wonderful 2-1/2 yr old little red Boston Terrier. We have been fostering him since January 7, 2010 and for some reason found reasons that every family interested in adopting him had something that we didn't feel would be in Max's best interest. Deep down we know that we loved Max and he would only be good for us.

He is obedience trained, loves to play hard, snuggle and sleep in bed. I have already started him in agility and I know he will be Great.
I have attached (hopefully) a picture of Max...

Thanks for listening to the proud new "Mom".
Roxann and Company"

Monday, May 10, 2010

Update on Joey

Just wanted to send along some pictures of a former foster. Joey was surrendered by an owner last summer (previous owner was sick and couldn't care for him anymore). We still see Joey on a regular basis - as a matter of fact his new mommy is due with his two-legged brother one month before me. She sent me these pictures recently.... just thought you might like to see him!! He is just the sweetest thing ever!!

North Wales, PA

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Otto's Naughty Day

I just found one of my favorite videos online and thought I'd share it with everyone. I laugh so hard when I watch it because I've seen the ears pinned back look of guilt so many times. ENJOY!

-- Jess, Emmaus PA