Saturday, January 24, 2015

Molly's got Stinkeye!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Pangya's Ducks

Update on Freddy, Formerly Troy Aikman

Thursday, January 22, 2015


Wanted to share a quick pix of Leroy on my couch last night. I always thought he could NOT climb. He would jump fearlessly on the couch every so often and be content wherever he landed. But this was the ultimate surprise to me and my husband. My current Boston loves to sit on the edge of our couch and "perch" with a bride eye view of the living room and dining room. Mostly I think to be able to get a good view of the front door. But not last night! When I walked in the living room - there he was, on top of the "perch". I was amazed and realized that Leroy is a lot stronger than I anticipated. It was an exciting night as it was confirmation for us that this lil guy is going just fine. 

Of course, my Boston was not so happy - but he will get over it :). 

Locket Fundraiser

Waffles Says Thanks

Lang Syne Hides Her Chewie

NEBTR Foster dog Lang Syne. Previous mill dog, now in foster with Northeast Boston Terrier Rescue.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Rocky Zay Zay Goes to the Rainbow Bridge

Hello Everyone.  It is with a sad heart I have to tell you that little Rocky Zay Zay passed away last night.  I received a message from his adopted mom, Mary that yesterday his breathing had become shallow and she took him to the vet but he passed as they were going into the exam room.  The doctor believes that he had an aggressive tumor that drained his system.  She is absolutely heart broken.  My thoughts and prayers go out to her.  


Finn's First Week

Here are a few pictures from Finn's first week with us! He goes to the vet tomorrow! He is doing amazing with us, just need to work on some obedience training!

Erin and Foster Finn

A Gift From Wade

I just received this package from Wade! What a super surprise, he's
such a thoughtful dog.

He knows how much his former foster mom relies on coffee to start her day so he
sent me fancy "Morning Buzz" blend along with goodies to go with it, and
a card too! THANK YOU WADE!

What a good dog! :)

Chris Cassner

Pearl is Adopted

Adopt Murphy

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Chester's Obituary

Almost 5 years ago my husband and I adopted Chester from NEBTR.  He was the sweetest most loyal friend a person could have.  Chester went to the Rainbow Bridge yesterday after a short illness.  My husband and I are devastated but at the same time so very grateful that he was a part of our lives as long as he was.  

Run free my little man until we meet again.  Mama will always love you and will never forget you.  Thank you to Robyn and NEBTR for bringing him into our lives.         

Wendy Conway

Wendy - my deepest sympathies to you & your husband on the loss of your beloved Chester.  - Jenn

Oh Wendy, that is sad news. We are all thinking of you at this painful time. He is without pain and is running like a young puppy on the other side of the bridge. Know that he is always with you in spirit.  - Vicki

Romeo Has His Happy Ever After

Romeo with his new sister Lucy!

Romeo was delivered to Methyuen Mass Friday afternoon, he was delivered with several hours of training and instructions. So far INVISIBLE DOG TRAINING is very successful. If you ignore him and do not reach for him or make eye contact he falls in love within minutes and nuzzles his bum into you and waits to be petted. He has learned sit, stay and down and stay. The Keller Family is the best of the best and this pup that has some fear and anxiety landed in the perfect spot. In one month he will begin seeing a trainer. 

Lucy and Romeo play non-stop, she has no tail and love to nip at his wiggling 3 inch tail. The introduction was made while I was still with the family. I believe Lucy has been waiting for Romeo her entire life. Lucy is age five, their crates are side by side. This was truly the perfect  match, thanks you Shawna for opening your heart and home and Robin your instincts concerning Romeo and the Kellers was spot on. I thank you both for allowing me to pitch in a bit! Happily ever after for Romeo!


Waffles With Waffles

Wilbur is Adopted

Well it looks like the grumpy old man found himself a home!  He was adopted last weekend and had a long transport from Pittsburgh PA to Scotia NY.  Thanks to everyone that helped!  He is doing good and getting to sleep in bed with his Dad.  I miss the little guy like crazy, it was over 8 months I fostered him.  Picture is from our drive, he was looking at me with that face making it even more difficult to say goodbye.  I wish him all the best!


Monday, January 19, 2015

Madison Finds Her Forever Home

It's Madison's lucky day! She was adopted by a wonderful couple from upstate New York. Maddie will be living with her fur brother Oswald. The couple were driving up from North Carolina and stopped to meet her....they knew immediately that she'd be the perfect addition to their household. 

I had a wonderful time fostering this beautiful dog and I wish her the best in her new home!

Jeanine Sicinski

I Adopted Your Dog Today

Juneau is Ready for Dinner

Juneau, Brady and Gizmo are ready 
for dinner. Love them 

Lang Syne is on the Mend

Lang had her spay and 2 teeth removed. She's on the mend, and soon she
will be even better than her old self, since those bad teeth are gone,
and no more tarter on her back teeth!

She was happy to see that her cow, and yellow toy were waiting for her
on her pink blanket. She snuggled right up next to them when she got home.
Chris & Lang Syne

New Foster Finn

Hello everyone! We recently added our first foster to our home, Finn! He is an adorable young boy that was sprung from a shelter near Pittsburgh. Originally called Adams, our daughter started to call him Finn and it sort of stuck!

He is such a sweet boy, needs some work on behavior but over all is good dog. The shelter thought that he was around 1 but we think he is a little older than that. He is going to see our vet next week.

He really loves are daughter and has to be everywhere she is and doing whatever she is doing! It's clear that he lived in a home before the shelter still can't believe anyone dumped this guy!

Wish us luck on our first foster!


Chester Goes to the Rainbow Bridge

Wendy Conway, an adopter and a member of the group, lost Chester today.

I was his foster mom a number of years ago, and Wendy adopted him from me.

Wendy and Vern loved him, but last year Wendy saw a lump by his rectum last year and took him right in. Iit was determined to be mast cell and removed with clean margins but it came back as grade 4. He’d been doing pretty good until about a few weeks ago. We talked a couple times over the last week or so and she was struggling with making the decision, she was hoping he’d pass in his sleep. She called me today to say that he hadn’t eaten since Friday and she was going to bring him in tomorrow to euthanize him.

They left for about 2 hours this afternoon to attend her father in-laws birthday party and when they got back he was gone. Needless to say they are both shocked but I told her this was his last gift to her, he knew how much she was struggling with the decision and waited until they left to leave this world.

Run free Chester!


Many sympathies to Wendy and Vern, and thanks to Robin for finding the perfect home for him.

Look Into My Eyes


Sunday, January 18, 2015

Photos of Fenway

-- Tammy Cunningham

Update on Buster the Brownie

Update on Roxy

Cooper is Ready for Adoption

Thanks to Eileen Giltz



Molly plays Dress Up

Tongue out Sunday with Fena

Former foster Roxy Update