Saturday, October 22, 2016

Happy Gotcha Day Jax

Happy gotcha day to my boy, Jax!  Two years ago nebtr rescued him from the Amish puppy mill.  Love him to pieces!  😘💕

Breezy Goes to the Rainbow Bridge

We put our forever foster Breezy to sleep last night. She was in pain and stopped eating. We had a good long time with Breezy, who got to move all the way from a little town in Pennsylvania where we picked her up for NEBTR to Pittsburgh and then to San Francisco. She loved the weather and romping in the big dog park by the Bay here in her healthier years. Breezy really hung in there and even through diabetes, cancer (twice!), kidney issues, and cataracts she was sweet and loving. She never complained about getting poked for her twice daily insulin. I'll miss her little butt coming over for biscuits every time I was in the kitchen. She couldn't see but she sure knew where the biscuits were. Thanks to NEBTR for bringing her to our life and letting us care for her. 

I loved looking back on the blog to see her pictures in better times.

I'm happy she got to love on our lovely new baby girl, who enjoyed petting her gently.


She was a real gift.  Thanks again for bringing her to us.

All the best,

Work Doggies

My hubby works from home, but when I am here between bus runs, here they be. My foster failure Marty and Daisy the beagle. Too funny


Foster Bilbo Says Hi

Kermit Hard at Work With Mom

Rudy Says Thanks for Rescuing Me

Rudy is home with me! He is a sweetie. We have just been hanging on the couch and watching the kids and squirrels out the window. Going to read his medical tonight and get caught up. The hair loss on his back is a combination of chemical burn and sun burn and will never come back fully. He needs medicated baths weekly. He came with sunglasses and lots of shirts for sun protection. I do not think his eyesight is good but possibly the brightness of the sun. Will update again as we know more about him.


Buster Is Looking for a Home

Rudy Likes Ice Cream

Spike Is Adopted

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Happy Gitcha Day Stewie

One year ago today Stewie came into our lives. It has definitely been a wild ride and never a dull moment. He is a handful and always full of energy but we love him dearly. He continues to struggle with meeting new people and dogs but we are confident he can overcome this fear. I have never met a dog as smart as Stewie, he picks up so many words so quickly it surprises me everyday. He loves to eat all the time even when he is full he just wants more. We shower him with love everyday while he showers us with kisses.

We would like to thank NEBTR and Kim for matching us with this guy, our lives wouldn't be the same without him. 💙💙💙

Christina Almeida

Rufus in His Forever Home

Remember the foster Rufus?  He posted a photo of himself.

Rufus was a BT mix with a long nose and a long tail.  The photo he posed is of him on the beach and his shadow looks like a BT.

How cute is that! :)