Saturday, January 10, 2015

Update on Stella in Her Forever Home

Former foster Stella had her first Christmas in her new forever home. So happy she has joined us. She and her sister Lucy wish everyone a happy and healthy 2015!


Madison's Mission Challenge

Hi All,

 Kindness brings warmth on a wintry day.

 On November 01, 2010 I lost my sweet Boston Terrier, Madison Hunter,
 because of illness. In 2012 Madison's Mission was established in her
 memory. One of the goals of Madison's Mission is to help Boston Terriers
 needing health and behavioral care as well as the needs of those being
 placed in foster care.

 Madison's Mission chooses to assist Northeast Boston Terrier Rescue
 (NEBTR) with their financial needs. NEBTR takes dogs into foster care
 for re-homing for a multitude of reasons. Their caring hands guide the
 dogs into new homes where they receive health & behavioral care, love
 and attention, sometimes for the first time in their lives.

 Madison's Mission is taking on a new challenge to financially help
 NEBTR. I am asking everyone to send me a Valentine's Day card with any
 denomination of quiet money enclosed in the card. All of your generous
 donations received will be given to NEBTR.

 So what happens to all the Valentine's Day Cards??? They will be donated
 to our local Meals On Wheels Association. The home bound citizens will
 receive one of your lovely cards. When I approached the local Meals On
 Wheels Association, Michelle was thrilled and excited to know the home
 bound community would receive such special cards. Please feel free to
 write a personal message in the card.

 I invite you to join Madison's Mission's Challenge by sending me your
 cards and quiet money to the address below by February 10, 2015.

 Help bring some warmth during these cold days of winter to the Boston
 Terriers and the home bound community.

 Thank you,
 Betty Ann Manganello
 166 Tryon Park
 Rochester, NY 14609

Lang Syne Says Thank You!

Thanks to everyone who sends us donations and Wishlist items for our new foster welcome packets!!!

Lang Syne has never had a toy before, and when I offered her a pizzle, she just let it fall to the floor. But when the welcome packet came with Greenies in it, she went crazy. She keeps it hidden in her dog bed, and checks on it every so often. Thanks so much for sending out the welcome packets, Stacie....they are very much appreciated! :)

Chris & Lang Syne

Friday, January 9, 2015

Mosby Keeps Warm in His Forever Home

My former foster Mosby loving life &keeping warm in his forever home!

Moreen Killinger

Rosie Goes to the Rainbow Bridge

Rosie came back home last weekend. It became very clear to me that her health has declined over the last 3 month. Rosie suffered from multiple issues. IBD, losing protein in her stool, a slow growing brain tumor that started causing seizures.

It seemed my last gift to Rosie was to let her go.
Rosie went to the bridge at 1:15 yesterday. I miss her so much.

She was a true Boston lady.
I know she met up with my boxer babies up there. I also know our sweet Dobby met her to play

Rosie, I love you. You brought nothing but smiles and love into my love. Run free sweet angel. You can now see again. You can eat what you want. You truly earned your wings. Play fetch and tug a war. You love it so. I will see you again and kiss your sweet face. Until then


 I'm so very sorry for your loss, Conny. From Rosie's photos and your description of her, I know she was a beautiful and bubbly Boston Terrier and know why your loved her! Know that she was incredibly fortunate to have you to take care of her and that she'll remain in your heart. - Debbie

I am so very sorry for your loss, Conny. Rosie was lucky to have had you in her life. Your memories of Rosie will help you through this difficult time.

Rest in peace sweet Rosie girl. - Joyce

My heart aches for your loss Conny. I'm so sorry. I lost my sweet rescue pug Molly only 4 weeks ago and I know how painful it is. I've asked molly to share all the treats and sweets with your Rosie :) know that she is at peace now and lived a life full of love. You'll see her again someday <3 


Poocheychef Treats

From our Doggy Chef Kitchen we offer Amazing Homemade Dog Treats specially made with your Pooch's happiness in mind. Our own little pooches eagerly supervise and taste test everything we produce. They have given our treats a paws up!

We offer Dog Treats for the Small, Medium and Large Dog. Our Treats include Snickerpoodles, Peanut Butter Banana Drops, and Dried and Sweet Potato Chips. We also offer Doggy Treats that have been dipped in yogurt and gently sprayed with yummy sprinkles.

Put an extra wag in your Dog's tail and order these Treats today!

While here browse our amazing Dog Bowls, Bows and Accessories!

Let me tell you how this all came about...

I rescue Boston Terriers and started baking my own treats for my pups a few years ago.  My dogs loved them, my neighbor's dogs loved them, and the trail just continued!  I was thrilled to have so many pups enjoying my treats!  All of my treats are baked fresh and have a lot of natural ingredients too!  I am always here to answer your questions, feel free to message me, I would love to help you choose the perfect treats for your best friends!  I love what I do and I hope you will love it here too!

More on Beauregard, AKA Captain America

Visit Our Store, Says Lang Syne

When Dogs Bite

Update on Buttons, Now Toby

Toby loves seeing his brothers. Here is a picture of Toby.......(Buttons)

 Linda Sedlik

Update on Penny and Rocco

Penny and Rocco growing up together. Their first Christmas.

Update on Swatch and Curley, now Chibbs and Remy

Happy Birthday Lily, Formerly Puka

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Remy Wants to Be Adopted

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Pearl Rests After Her Spay

Home for the Holidays a Success

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Adopt Spikey

Lang Syne Goes to the Vet

New Foster Captain America

This save happened Jan 3rd, a wonderful day today for Captain America! When you are a stray 12 year old, blind, deaf stray, intact Boston Terrier in the Fayetteville NC shelter, your future can look pretty dim. Actually, down right fatal.

When you are a stray 12 year old, blind, deaf stray intact Boston Terrier in the Fayetteville NC shelter, AND you catch the eye of Loretta Dolan, you just won The Boston Terrier Lottery!

Thank You to Marcus Williford (BTRTOC) who grabbed Captain America yesterday and had him vetted and provided an overnight slumber party! Marcus donated a brand new collar, leash, microchip and ID tags - Thank You Marcus!

Then a Huge Thank You to Marcus Williford, The Cat Rescue, Bennie Pressley and Lyda Barnes (who donated a Beautiful brand new Blankie!), Aone Plumbing's Fabulous son, Devon, and Daughter and Loretta Dolan who transported Captain America from Fayetteville to NJ - 10+ hours today. 

I suspect this sweet Senior Gentleman has never had anything to call his own nor had as much attention and Love as he did today. Just the start, Captain America, of your New, Amazing Life!
I am telling you that I have Amazing Friends who made this transport work - Thank You All!

 Shhh - don't tell him but he is getting a medicated bath tomorrow. We think this Sweet Southern Gentleman is a former puppy mill Boston who spent his entire life outside.
Dear Boy, Your Life has taken a Grand Turn for The Better! Love from all of Your New Fan Club

--Cindy Clark

Lang Syne

Doesn't she look like the dog on the NEBTR logo?

Wild Salmon Cake for Dogs

Found a recipe for dogs.  It had some items in it that are not good for dogs, so....I changed the recipe around, and came up with this version.
Chris Cassner


4 cups coconut flour
4 cups filtered water
1/3 cup olive oil
Olive oil for cookie sheets
2 Eggs
2 cans of wild salmon (6.5 oz each)
1 teaspoon turmeric
1 teaspoon ginger

Preheat oven to 350°F. Lightly grease two cookie sheets with olive oil. Combine all ingredients in a mixer or blender.

This recipe also whips up easily by hand!
Split the mixture between the two cookie sheets, and then pat down so the dough has a flat surface. Gently score your curry cakes with a pizza cutter or sharp knife. Bake for 20 to 25 minutes.

Look for golden edges. Let the cakes cool completely before removing from the cookie sheets – be extra careful, as these cakes crumble like crazy.  Not that the dogs will mind.

These cakes store well in containers, and freeze well.

This recipe can easily be split in half and coconut flour used in combination with other whole flours, but if your dog has allergies, it's best to stick with the coconut flour.  BJ's Wholesale Club sells it, as well as Amazon. 

More on Chubby

Pittsburgh is getting our first real snow of this winter and Chubby is absolutely hating it. She definitely likes spoiled life.

She entered foster care at 17.8 lbs. Last week at the vet she had gained 2lbs!  She definitely likes the food in her foster home!

Oh wow!  Seems like she loves to be pampered!  What a sweet girl!

Wilbur Cuddles with OZzy

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Po and Ty Open Their Christmas Presents

Po and Ty say "Thank you soooo much"   to Mugsy and Lindsay (Reese) and Chester, Jake and Dallas (Conway). They were very excited by the wonderful gifts they received from their Santas!

Deb Dolan

Sara and Rocco's First Christmas

Flo Update

Greta's First Snow

Just received a photo of one of the pups that Velvet had. Bella is now called Greta.
She was adopted by a wonderful family living on the shore of Lake
Ontario this past summer.
This is her first winter, and her first snow. :)

Chris Cassner

Lang Syne Video

Here's a Cute Video of Lang Syne showing off those Cute front toofers.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Vegas at His New Home

Vegas had a wonderful start to his new year. He found himself the perfect forever home!!! He will be living in Connecticut and enjoying his days with his new mom and dad. Looks like he already settled in. His new mom sent me this picture, saying he jumped in their bed like he knew he was home. Look at that smile :)
Amanda Unger

Congratulations Amanda.
Great way to start the New Year. Thank you for all you have done for him! - Victoria

He looks right at home. What a great match! Congratulations to all! - Jenn

Great job Amanda, you kept them in the loop while Vegas healed from his jaw fracture, you did a fantastic job with Vegas and the Glennon Family! Bravo!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Molly Loves the Sun!

Cupcake Thanks the Parr Family

Cupcake wants to thank The Parr family for her Christmas box of goodies. She got them the day she came home from her spay surgery. She is feeling better and is enjoying all the toys. Thanks for making her first Christmas special.

More on Madison

Madison is starting to get cozy in her new foster home. She has the sweetest personality and just loves to follow you around. She's actually started to play with some toys from her welcome package! She told me that she really loves the hoodie it keeps her super warm and those bully sticks were delish!!

Here's a little more of an update on Madison. I've recieved her vet records and it looks like she is about 8 years old. Plenty of more years and energy to give her new family love! She has a great mix of energy and would do well in a high energy or low energy home.

Maddie is also very quiet! I haven't heard a peep out of her yet - no barking whatsoever. Even when her foster sister barks she doesn't. 

So far she has been getting along fine with her foster sister. She's never snarled or lunged at her. Her vet records stated that she gets along with dogs but has bad greeting behavior by rushing over to see the new doggie. I'll get more experience with this as we encounter other dogs on walks.

I'll continue to send updates as I get to learn more from this beautiful princess. Enjoy some pictures for now :)
Jeanine Sicinski

Vegas is Adopted

Dearest Dotty:

Special friends this is my new buddy Vegas. His fractured jaw has healed thanks to fosters Amanda & Zach. My daddy helped with transport last night and The Glennon Family will now love this kissie bug forever. We just love happily ever after! OOhuggies, I lub you!

Welcome Back Rosie

Please welcome back our little Rosie.

She came back today. She was adopted a few month back. Her health problems indicated that it be best for her medically to go back to foster care, so her adoptive family did the best thing for her and she is now back with NEBTR.

Her wardrobe grew while she was gone lol. We are looking forward to show it off. For now Miss Rosie is testing and getting reacquainted with her home and her fur brothers and sister.

I missed photos of you Rosie...glad to see you're still not camera shy! :)
Welcome back little girl.

Lazy Rainy January Day

Dolly, Spot, and Grimm crashed on the couch keeping me warm this lazy, rainy winter day.

Samson is Adopted

2015 started off wonderful!! Samson was adopted. This poor scared puppy mill boy when he came here,  became very brave. He did great and his new mom is very happy. He is warming up to them and cuddling on the couch. What more could a foster mom ask for. Happy new year!!