Saturday, August 30, 2014

More Thank Yous from Luna!

Luna sends BIG thank you kisses to Melissa Matarazzo, Kristin Munro and everyone who has sent surprises from her wish list. She is so thankful to have people who care so much about her. Notice her spiffy new purple collar which replaced an ill-fitting harness she could pull right out off Life is lookin pretty good for Little Luna thanks to you all, she's one happy puppy. Luna's Wishlist:

Former Foster Mr. Archibald Harry Tuttle

Skittles Update

Friday, August 29, 2014

Update on Buttons, Now Toby

Buttons, now known as Toby, was adopted last weekend and his life has been full of new things and lessons already.
This dog is going to be perfectly socialized and trained by the time he is grown!  What a wonderful forever home.
Here are some photos of Toby. :)

Chris Cassner
Arendtsville, PA

Bienvenidos New Foster Rondo

I am very excited to announce that NEBTR will be taking in our very first Puerto Rican Boston on Thursday!
His name is Rondo and he is three years old and a real cutie!
I received the below email from the rescue  "Love Puerto Rican Goldens" back in mid July:
Puerto Rico has more than 200,000 homeless and abused dogs wandering the streets. They are routinely dumped into parks, schools and beaches. They are abused, burned, maimed, and shot at just for fun. Many times driven miles away so that they never find their way home again.  Rondo was one of those dogs. He was found last New Year's Eve running aimlessly through the streets of San Juan. He was scared, hungry and sad. He was rescued by the founder of Love Puerto Rico Goldens; a small nonprofit organization dedicated to rescuing abandoned Golden Retrievers on the streets of Puerto Rico. She held on to Rondo hoping his owner would claim him but no one ever did. Rondo will never have a chance of finding a forever home in PR. We are are looking to place him on the mainland. He is about 3 yrs old, up to date on all his shots and neutered.   He is very sweet and mild natured. He gets along well with other dogs but will bark at intact males. He is about 18lbs.
 If you can help Rondo LPRG will pay for all his travel expenses.
 Here is Rondo!
So on Thursday, Carrie Cranmer will meet Rondo and his escort at Philadelphia airport. Carrie will bring him to meet his new foster Mama, Amanda Mclean.
Rondo says - Gracias Carrie and Amanda and NEBTR for bringing me to the USA where I will have a better chance of finding the perfect forever home!

Jerrilyn Walter

Listen to Grimm!

Happy National Dog Day to Oliver

 Oliver in 2012 with Andrew

Oliver now with Keira

Isn't It Always Dog Day?

happy national dog day from Jess in MA and my frenchie Dash! That's our very, very missed Boston, Ivan in the picture with him. He was a special little boy, and we will always love bosties because of him!! 


Jess in MA

Marty's Gotcha Day Video

Thanks so much to Stacie Kyle for this beautiful anniversary video!

Happy Gotcha Day Marty

I named him and I'm still so thrilled that you kept the name!! Marty will always have a special place in my heart, he was amazing from the minute he was saved!! Thanks for making his life so amazing!!!!


Newtown Square PA

Happy Gotcha Day Mr. Tuttle

Thursday, August 28, 2014

New Foster Rondo

Butch and the Petco Event

Butch helped out on Saturday at the Petco event.  After 2 hours of greeting everyone at the door, he decided he had enough and hid under the table.  What a goofball! 

-- Jess Casey

It was great to meet you both! Butch is a very sweet guy! Thanks for helping out :)
-- Erin Sullivan

And special thanks to Petco and Erin!  The event is still running in her store, but as of today, the total portion donated to NEBTR is $265.50 (the whole total so far is 1062.87. We are splitting it with Linda Ann's Greyhounds and the Petco Foundation) What wonderful news!

Adopt Swatch

We are still looking for a home for Swatch. He's turns 9 weeks old on
August 28th. Swatch needs someone that is home most of the day, since
he's still small with a puppy sized bladder. He is just under 6 pounds.
Swatch, like all small puppies will need someone who has patience with
training and will guard his safety around other animals and children.

Chris C.
Arendtsville, PA

Monday, August 25, 2014

Lilly Has a Forever Home

I am happy to announce that Miss Lilly aka Lilliana will be staying with me! She is fitting in quite well and has even made herself at home in the big dog bed! (Yes, that is a dog bed on top of my bed!)

Loretta Butler
Poughkeepsie NY

Two of Velvet's Babies With Their Forever Moms

Bella and Buttons (now Toby) were adopted this weekend! Yahhhhhh!
Bella is living large in a lake front property, and Buttons (Toby) got
to meet Dawn Stone during his adoption at PetCo today. Small world! :)

Chris & Swatch, Curley, Velvet, & T
Arendtsville, PA

Rocco Wants the Toys

I was making toys today and I put them on the kitchen counter the next thing I hear Rocco is trying to reach the counter to get the toys. I can tell you the counter is 3 and a half feet high and they were sitting back a ways on the counter so he was jumping 4 ft high to get the toys LOL

Bonnie Towner


Oh miss Lucy. They just don't make them as cute as you!

Bath Time

We let them outside this morning for just a short period. Look what they all looked like when they came back in! Bath time at our house gets messy...

Amanda McLean

That is a tubby full of trouble ;) LOVE IT!!!!!xoxo


Baxter is such a cool dude and so very handsome
He and Byron are about as perfect as pups can get

Debbi Stapleton


Brothers!! They love each other so much

Debbi Stapleton

Byron Loves Lazy Mornings

Byron loves lazy Sunday mornings
Everyone have a great day

Debi Stapleton

Oh No....Remy's Favorite Toy is Ruined

I'm sorry to report that foster Remy's FAVORITE toy is no longer with us and she is holding vigil by the garbage.  She bit the squeaky valve out and the foam fill kept coming out so I had to throw it away and Remy's not having it!

Smithtown, NY

Rocco Enjoys His Very Own Bone

I don't think he quite knew what to think it was at first but once he got a taste he said Yummy Yum


Pretty Madison Has a Forever Home

Little Madison was adopted by Dawn Slack and her mother, and will be very loved.

Congratulations Dawn,
This is great news.
Thank you for the wonderful care you gave her.

Luna is Greatful

Madison is Adopted

Zorro is Adopted

Flo Update

Bella Has Been Adopted

Buttons Has Been Adopted