Saturday, July 11, 2009

Parker's gone and done it this time....

...he went and found a perfectly good forever home!

It is with tears of joy and and sadness that I write these words. I've spent the evening packing up his bags, gather directions, and generally getting ready for the big drive tomorrow afternoon. A wonderful family from NJ is very excited to adopt Parker and make him a big part of their family. It looks like a fabulous match and I am so excited for them.

I'm so very sad that he is leaving our home....he has spent 9 weeks with us. The first month was very rough, but the second was this amazing growth and development of Parker and his relationship with me and our family here.

This is what fostering is all about though: rescuing and saving these dogs from near death, the horrors of the mills, neglect, etc. and rehabilitating them, loving them, and providing a future and a hope with a family that loves and cares for them. As a foster home, we are but one piece in each dog's puzzle. And the hardest, most painful moment for the foster parent is the moment everyone in the rescue works towards. We work towards the day when each dog is adopted into their forever home. It hurts when the dog takes a part of my heart with him, but knowing that we took care of him when he needed it most is worth it all.

I love you Parker. Take care as your chapter with us closes. Tomorrow is where your story really begins.....

-- Vicki Rowe

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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Sparky is a Lehigh Valley Celebrity

I work for the local paper in the Lehigh Valley. i was talking to one of the artists and she happened to be the one that does the Pet of the Day which is free. She offered it up to me for any of our dogs that we would like to put in. Sparky is the first!
Check him out in the attached ad!

--Lisa Vaughan

Boston Terrier Cake

-- Contributed by Cindy Ruffino