Saturday, February 2, 2013

Update on Sara, Papi and Shiloh

Sara is our little foster, who has had a number of health issues over the past few months that have delayed her spay and availability for adoption. 

Sara is the little one in the dog bed.

In the group photo, Sara is the littlest one.  Papi, who we adopted from NEBTR in October 2011 is the biggest.  Tara, our first BT, is the medium one (more black than the others).  She's also my agility girl.

Papi is the one in bed with Bill.  Bill originally didn't want an older dog, and wasn't really interested in Papi, but I really wanted him.  Now they are inseparable.  I should get so much love and attention!!!

I've also attached a photo of Shiloh.  I bet you think he isn't a Boston Terrier.  He's in disguise.  

Actually, he is the Jack Russell mix that a NEBTR volunteer picked up when she picked up a Boston from an elderly person who either died or was entering a nursing home because she (the volunteer) was concerned about what would happen to him.  I was always worried about him, thinking that he would never get adopted from a Boston Terrier site.  My 26-year-old daughter was ready to get a dog, but isn't really into short-noses (except ours of course!), so i sent her the link to Shiloh and she adopted him.  Megan Sanchez was his foster mom.  He is doing great and is a really fun little guy.  Ally and her boyfriend Chris love him and so do we.

Deborah Dolan

Thank you for all you have done for these pups Deb!  You are an amazing volunteer and all of these dogs are so fortunate to have found you!  What a difference you have made in their lives!!

When volunteer Sara Liberte went to pick up Boston Terrier Gus, she couldn't leave Shiloh behind and took him too! Then Megan fostered him. It was a great story and look at the lucky Shiloh now!

Sara your BT is also very lucky! You ran right into NYC as soon as we told you about her and pulled her out of the shelter and have nursed her though kennel cough and pneomonia.

Wonderful job!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Update on Sophia

Allison Schiller Crelin says:

We adopted Sophia from NEBTR in October and she is happy as a lark in her forever home. My caption for this photo is: DOG is my Co-pilot.

In the second one Sophia is sleeping with her brother Gordo.

Update on Cricket

Cricket is totally happy and in love with Joyce Hayes and her family.  A very successful love story!

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Happy Gotcha Day Littleman

Steve Fries says:

Today is the one-year anniversary of Littleman's Gotcha Day (formerly Manny). Thanks for fostering him and doing what you do for the Boston terriers!

New Foster Bryant's Adventures: Home

This is a video of Bryant's first day in his new foster home with Linda Brennan.  His little face says it all.  Thanks to Linda for opening up her heart and home to him.  Look out for more on his progress!

Linda, thank you for sharing Bryant's moments! Bless you for loving him! He looked so happy at the end gazing outside. Handsome boy! 

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Update on Wisteria

Julie Klam, Author says:

Miss Wisteria Louise Johnson
Like · lam, Author Do other people give all of their dogs different last names or is it just a weird me thing?

Lucy Stays Out of the Cold

Lara says:

Marcel and our foster Lucy staying out of the cold.

Update on Maxy


I instantly fell in love with Maxy when I saw his pictures online… I could not resist the floppy ears and puppy-like face!  Now, it has been almost a year since we traveled from Elizabethtown, PA to Watertown, NY to meet and adpot NEBTR boy Maxy.  He curled up on my lap on the way home and has been a "ladies man" ever since.  Our three year old female boston, Bailey, and Maxy became siblings fairly quickly.  Though definitely an alpha dog, Maxy is simply the sweetest boy.  He snuggles under the covers every night, and yes, is spoiled.  He literally runs to the bedroom at night when he senses that it is bedtime.  His face is so expressive and he makes us laugh!  He has gained ~5 pounds of muscle since we walk 2-3 miles four to five times a week.  He is a solid dog!  He knows the sound of his halter and leash and his excitement level about walks is over the top.  He also loves trips in the car.  In the summer we all spend weekends at our cabin on 23 acres of wooded land.  He loves the opportunity to run.  Our vacation last year was a trip to the Finger Lakes and we learned how much Maxy loves the water.  After I got his vest on he surprised me by jumping right in and swimming away.  Maxy has been a fantastic addition to our family, and we adore him.   I've attached a few pictures from the past year.  Thank you NEBTR!

Jodi Yorty

Adopt Penguin

Penguin says:  "Won't you please adopt me?"

He is just too cute!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Foster Bandit and his Foster Sister

Here are some new photos of Bandit & Lola spending some lovey sibling time together. They get along great...

Lola has finally relented to sitting or lying next to Bandit, however, sleeping together is a no go. Mr. Bandito is a fidgety old man who needs to burrow under a sheet and blankie. Lola-the-Princess will not have her precious beauty sleep disrupted. Our Master Bedroom now has two giant dog beds - it's hysterical.

Jenn Hanly

Monday, January 28, 2013

New Foster Brody

Our new 5 year old boy Brody. What a love. He is up for adoption. I can't even say how special he is and what a wonderful boy he would be with the right family. Anyone interested, I'll give you the details.

Linda Antonelli

Sunday, January 27, 2013

New Foster Penguin

Penguin is a young neutered 2 yr old who has been living in NYC.
Penguin is super cute, super friendly and SUPER energetic!!!

He knows sit and lay down. It takes a lot for him to keep himself calm but he eventually does it for a treat.
He is small (17 lbs), healthy and handsome!  He will need a family that does lots of exercise.
Check out his pics this boy is CUTE!!

Knight is Adopted

Congratulations to foster Mom Lisa Vaughan for finding the perfect home for him!  Lisa is a fabulous foster Mom, and has opened her heart and home to many, many Bostons.  We salute the wonderful work you do!

A pic of Knight from his home visit with his new sister getting a treat from his new mommy

 Here's Knight and his new mommy Robin Harmony! Knight was too excited to get out the door to his new home to take a picture!