Saturday, August 2, 2014

Baxter and my Daughter

Watching some Saturday morning cartoons :)

Buster received presents today!

Thank you Stacie and all of our wonderful supporters who make it possible to give our fosters a little extra joy with toys. It's almost as though they know it's just for them.


A special Thank You to all our sponsors for supporting the New Foster Package Wish list - it makes our new fosters so happy!!!

Max's Birthday party

Awe Max had a wonderful time at his Birthday Party and why was I not invited LOL

Wait - I want to live here!    Aww cute pics Christine!  I was able to download today!

Buster wants Bruster's Ice Cream

Does anyone know about Bruster's Ice Cream?????They give you a doggie sundae if you bring your dog with you.  Has anyone ever heard of them?

Thats terrific!!

Chris C.
Arendtsville, PA

Former foster Lilly's new Brother

Here is Lilly loving life with her new little brother. I could not have asked for a better match. It was a mere 2 months ago when she only knew the harsh life of a puppy mill. She has left that far behind and the future is bright for Miss Lilly. I am so happy for her.

This is incredible and thank you foster mom for getting this little girl to her forever home!

Lily's Adoption Day

I just got home from dropping Lilly off with her new family, Nora and Harry Sundlin. She will be living in Islip, Long Island with little BT brother she hit it off with instantly and fenced yard with water views. I know she will love it and be loved. But I still can't stop crying. That was really, really hard.


Awe we all know the feeling we cry but they are really happy tears because we know we chose the best family to care for our fosters after they leave us. BIG HUGS TO YOU!!!!

Met one of our "fabulous" sponsors today

Byron from A-1 Plumbing came by to visit me today. He has helped me with every dog since Scooby by sending a Petsmart gift card every time I take in a dog to foster. He arrived with his precious little 14lb Athena she is absolutely beautiful I wanted to steal her!!!! Then he also brought Ares (Monkey) who has a Zorro mask or looks like it. He and his dogs all met Scooby and Buster Bear and Guess What!!!!!!!!!!!! they all got along together and Byron was petting Buster just like he would pet Scooby or any other dog. I knew it I just knew it Buster Bear is not aggressive he had to be feeding off the insecurities of his owners. I will be taking him to Petsmart on Tuesday to test him out completely. I will keep Buster Bear for awhile but if after he has proven himself to be trustworthy I would not hesitate to adopt him out with another dog in the family because he loves playing with Scooby. He does hump or try to hump other dogs but I am working on correcting him. Oh and Byron is just as sweet in real life as he is on the phone!!! Was absolutely amazed at how well Buster did.

That is great and I'm sure Buster knows he is in a great place with you.

Byron and family, thank you so much for being a part of the NEBTR family, your support means so much to our fosters.

Trio of Bosties

The one on the far left is new foster Pebbles... clearly she gets along with other dogs!

Meet Pebbles (otherwise known as the pouty lip babe)

She's brand new so more on this cutie later.....

Fudge gets fixed

Poor Fudge had his neuter today. He is now home and after having his incision thoroughly checked by his foster sister is cuddled up next to me on the couch. Two weeks of trying to keep him relatively quiet. This should be fun.

North Wales, PA

Poor little Fudge I know what you mean in trying to keep these Bosties to be calm that only happens after the age of 13 or so LOL.

Feel better Fudge.  I think when they say 2 weeks they're hoping for 2 days.

Dexter Update - Handsome Alert!

What a wonderful boy this is and to think I almost let him go. I would like to reassure new Foster parents to not give up on these misunderstood pups. They need time to settle in. I'm learning it takes about a month to begin to see their true colors, and for our dogs to accept them.We have made a commitment to bring them into our homes and we must honor this commitment to not give up on them. It's not easy but well worth it. I'm happy to announce that Dexter has been introduced fully to our pack today! They ran around the yard like speeding bullets! Dexter also went to Petco today and was so well behaved. He is doing fine without his sis Rue. They needed very different living environments and I'm positive I made the right decision to separate them. I am updated daily by her new owners.  They are in love! Rue was also a true love as sweet as can be and she is loving all the attention just on her! We are going to have another tough parting when we find Dexter's perfect home :( but until then we will continue to soak up all this love he has to give. 

Hamilton Nj

He is SO GORGEOUS Kristin and what you wrote is so beautiful, and true. Thank you.

Friday, August 1, 2014

The message is clear

Guess what Rosie wants....

What a beauty this girl is, but it looks like you'll need to play.....

Spot Update

He is doing fantastically!  Dogs are so amazingly resilient-he is such a joy to have around.  His recovery has been great.

Denice & Spot

So glad that Spot is doing well and he is still a handsome boy! 

I just knew Buster Bear was awesome....

I took Buster for a walk with Scooby tonight. They have been trying to play through the crate for 3 days. No matter what one is in the crate they try to play together. After a half hour walk together I released them together in the yard. I kept a leash on Buster just in case so I would have some control. They both immediately went to get a drink and then the play time was on. No aggression what so ever from Buster or Scooby. In one of the pics you can see where they are facing off but just took off running thru the yard together to play catch me if you can and nothing happened at all. I then let Mandy out and as you see in the pics NOTHING they got along great. Buster Bear has no dog aggression so that makes me happy. I can now work on what I consider his just nervous reactions to people. I know quick movements make him nervous but we can work with that. People should be honest when they surrender dogs it would make our jobs as Fosters so much more easy. Oh Stacie I took a pic for you to show you he isn't scared anymore LOL.

Remy has Come a Long Way....

After the required one week separation, it was quite evident that Remy did not like her foster siblings (2 male Boston Terrier dogs and 2 female cats).  What were we to do but forge ahead and try and make things work.  There have been several fights among the dogs (none of them ever got hurt thankfully) and lots of corrections with the cats (she was extremely fixated and would always breathe funny and often lunge and mouth the cats) but we persisted and have made great strides.  While she derives her greatest pleasure from being with people, Miss Remy is starting to enjoy her foster siblings more and more. She naps beside her Bostie brothers on the couch (one time she even slept on top of Griffin in order to get the best spot next to me), she allows Amber the cat to rub her head on her -- I will need to video and post) and she is initiating play with Cooper more and more everyday (not sure why she doesn't try to get Griffin to play).  Unfortunately for her, Cooper often snubs her attempts to play (he does the same to Griffin) but indulges her on occasion.  Here is a video of today's romp which includes a little bit of Miss Remy's "whirlybird" move which is adorable!
Smithtown, NY

Louie and Ellie

So you all know what a crabby old guy Louie can be. He doesn't like to share his toys, doesn't like to play with my dogs, etc. WELL.  We currently have a house guest, Miss Maddie the frenchie for a few days, so I barricaded everyone in the kitchen to keep her safe (she is a nervous Nelly and currently being treated for an infected bite to her ear) from my pack, who can be overwhelming at times. So I'm sitting on the couch and I hear lots of unfamiliar noises coming from the kitchen. Dog tags clanking together I don't recognize, and small dog noises I can't place. I look, and it's Ellie and Louie!  Playing! Sharing toys and bouncing around play bowing!  I was AMAZED! One of the reasons Ellie was surrendered was her agression and barking towards other dogs. And Louie is a crab who usually ignores my dogs. Amazing!
As a small aside, Ellie is settling in well, and has lots of energy on her diet food :D she will be officially available early this coming week. I don't think we will have her long at all! She does need some work on her leash manners, but nothing she can't overcome!

oh boy - could this be love for Louie..... Louie, Louie, Louie,- Lou-ie.......

Sad News on Former Foster Cleo

I was just given the sad news that my first foster Cleo has been diagnosed with Cancer. She has a tumor on her spine. She cannot walk or stand without pain. The family is opting to keep her as comfortable as possible with steroids and pain meds instead of chemo.
Cleo was my first venture into fostering. She was 11 when she came to me and so spunky! She got into everything! She developed some eye issues and had cataracts but she didn't let that stop her or even slow her down. She always looked as if she was smiling and didn't have a care in the world. She will turn 13 in October.
My heart is breaking for her and the wonderful family that gave her a loving and comfortable home despite her age.
Canonsburg, PA

How very very sad for Cleo she should have lived much longer but she had you and then a family that loved her. Thank you so much for giving her the best.

Former Foster Cody

It's been a good week for my fosters! Got this.....

I always say he should have been named "sweat sock" lol - he's a beautiful boy and has a wonderful family!

Goodbye to Cricket (member dog)

My heart is heavy today. At 715PM July 29TH Cricket crossed the Rain Bow Bridge. It wasn't her heart that failed, as I thought would be the cause of her death.  

I had noticed about a week ago,that her urine seemed like it would glow in the dark. I just thought it was from the 3 medications she was on. Then I noticed that her stool was very light in color almost like the color of mustard, I thought it was the food. Yesterday, before taking her to the Vet I let her outside to do her business. When I let her back in as she looked up at me, I seen the whites of her eyes were yellow - very yellow, I looked at her gums, they too were yellow. I looked at her belly, her skin was yellow. When we got to the Vets office. I told them that I think this visit isn't going to be for her heart, or the fact that she was constipated. 

My dear Joyce, I am so very sorry about the passing of your Cricket. Those of us who have loved our fur kids and lost them, know your terrible pain. Try to think of all the wonderful times you and your husband enjoyed with Cricket, and how happy and comfortable she was as a member of your family. I'm sure she knew you did everything within your power to give her a really great life.
Time will help you to deal with your grief but Cricket will always live in your heart. Perhaps, Cricket will send you another fur baby to love ~ that's been my experience.

Max 2 - Happy Birthday!!!

So excited!! Today is Max 2's Birthday!! He is sleeping right now but the fun happens later!! Pics to come!!


Christine, fosters Max 2 & Lacey/DaisyShavertown, PA

Happy Birthday Max!!!

Former Ace now Chase

I spotted this one on Facebook today :) 
Besties ❤️

Awe - how happy does he look?!

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Lacey's Wishlist!

Hi friends, it's me Lacey!

I'm loving life as a new NEBTR foster. There are just a few things I need to make things a little easier and more fun! If you could find it in your heart to give, I will send you slobbery kisses galore!



Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Puppies and Toys...

Buster the Clown!

Former Foster Max - Awwww

I saw these pics on newly adopted Max's mom facebook page and thought they were too awesome not too share! His has been in his new forever home for a bit over a week, and he seems to be settling in JUST FINE!! The one pic that really got me was how him and his new sibling Vegas are getting along. His mom Loretta says that when Max is taken out for his walks, she cries and wimpers waiting at the door for Max to return!! Amazing how they are getting along so well so quickly!. The other one that got to me was the close up of Max and Vegas sleeping together!! Enjoy!!

Christine, fosters Max 2 & Lacey/DaisyShavertown, PA

How absolutely wonderful - Love it!  What a sweet pair of pups!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Please Vote for NEBTR

Help NEBTR win free Antlers! Our dogs love Antlers - Please Vote!! 

We didn't have many votes and were on page 5, but do look around for us because as the number changes, we move up.

Thank you

Good Boy Fudge!

Sat without a bribe- progress!

North Wales, PA

Way to go Fudge!!! Good boy.

Good Morning!

Fena hanging around...

Monday, July 28, 2014

Lacey Snores? No Way!

Meet Scarlet

Scarlett arrived yesterday . She is my first foster.. She's full of energy (1year 8 months)  .. Very sweet, loves to be loved & pet.. Loves to chew & eat .. We have been going on walks which are very exciting to her & she wants to eat everything she sees.. She's a very itchy little girl with allergy issues .. I will be working with Linda & the group to help soothe her.. Wish me luck! 🍀.  Here's a pic of her with one of the Nyla bones from her welcome packet.. She's very thankful 😊

She's adorable - she's really young, she's safe with you now and hopefully you can get her some relief; good luck on your first foster and thank you for opening your heart.

It's a Dog Life...

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Lacey the Lady....Snores!

Awww - its a Boston thing......

Former Foster Max meets sister Vegas

I don't know how many of you have already seen this so thought I would share.  She thanked me for the time I put into Max. I'm just so happy he has a wonderful family brought tears to my eyes at what a good dog Max turned out to be.

Warminster Pa

This is truly wonderful!!!

Rue was Adopted Today!!

Rue just left with her new family!  They fell in love! How could you not she is such a sweetheart.  She is an only child and will live the good life! Even has a beach house to go to in the summer! Ron and Dee Lippincott  are her new mommy and daddy!  
Hamilton Nj

Congrats Rue!!! Have a terrific life.

Congratulations to Rue and the Lippincott family.   We wish you all much happiness!

Meet Fu!!! Now Caesar!

Velvet's Adventure..

Puppies and toofers!

We have toofers!

:)= lol

Chris & Bella, Curley, Swatch, and Buttons