Monday, October 19, 2009

Update on Bizzy and Frodo

Both dogs are doing really really good. Heres some update info!


Frodo is doing excellent with leash training and is making progress with potty training as well. He is like a little puppy, he plays for an hour or two and then just passes out for a quick nap before he starts playing again. Even with his bad dental disease he loves chewing on nylabones.

He went with us this weekend to Paws for a Cause and was complimented on how handsome he was. He found a boston girlfriend there that he liked too!

He is a little bit of a scaredy cat, anything sudden and he will let out a scared yelp. He got in trouble this weekend for picking on the cat; it wasn't all him though, my other 2 Bostons joined in as well.

He does not like to be given kisses. He will give you kisses for hours but he does not like it if you try to kiss him anywhere but his mouth. This is a little tough to take since his breath is so stinky! It would be nice to give him kisses but he quickly pulls away if you get anywhere near his head with your lips.

Overall, he is really doing great! He's even getting better with his jumping.

Bizzy cracks me up. She makes the best faces. She has a LOVE of playing fetch with her favorite toy, a frog. She is so good, she drops the frog for you right away so that you can throw it again. She will play fetch for hoooouuuurrrrrrssss. Her knee doesnt seem to bother her while she plays.. The only problem she has is when she hits the tile floor. Sometimes she loses her grip and goes sliding.
We noticed something with her tongue while playing fetch with her. She is missing some of it. Its hard to catch but there's def something missing. She is missing a piece of her tongue on the right side at the tip. Its slightly smaller than the size of a dime.

She is a little slower at learning potty training and walking on the leash but she is making progress. Unfortunately she didnt get to go to Paws for a Cause since she only likes Frodo, no one else. She loves people though! She gets so so so so so excited when she sees you and her whole body shakes. She is really a great little girl!

Allentown PA