Saturday, June 21, 2014

Update on Myrtle

Hey all, Myrtle is doing pretty well-I was waiting till after her cardiologist appt. this upcoming tues to update everyone.  She has a lot going on though-skin issues, ear infections, luxating patellas, super high white blood cell count, yeast infection on her body and an enlarged heart with murmur. Ugh. We will see what they say tues about her heart issues.  She is the absolute sweetest dog though, as loving as can be and as itchy as she is, wants to be pet and up in my lap.  She walks very bow legged due to the luxating patellas and perhaps an ACL injury in both legs, my vet didn't think it necessary to address the leg issues right now with everything else she has going on. She is on a raw frozen rabbit diet that she seems to love, but still pretty skinny and somewhat weak in her back end.  I will post some more pics and an update next week!

Carrie & Myrtle

Off Topic - Cats!

Hi all! Thought maybe some of you might like to see my catio :)
If you've got cats and a window, you too could build them safe outdoor access! Yes. Your neighbors will think you're crazy. But your cats will appreciate it!


T has become the biggest snuggle bug this side of the Allegheny
Mountains (local term here, lol). He was scaring the staff at the
shelter with his aggression.

T gives hugs. Do you know the kind I mean? He gets next to your chest
and leans his head lovingly into your body, while he wags his tail.
Soooo sweet. :)

We are working on house training and hopefully he will catch on to
playing the piano when he wants to go out. (Photos of that to follow)
He's got "sit" pretty well down already. We are working on "paw,"
"here," and "lay down." I think learning "heel" will be a long road to
success. lol

Thanks to Ellen Enders for donating her dog's toys. T has is having a
blast with them! He fetches the soft green squeekie balls like a pro.
I don't think he's ever had a squeekie toy before. At one point during
fetch, T squeeked the ball, and was shocked it made a noise. He dropped
it out of his mouth and looked at it, dumb founded. lol He has
mastered the ability to squeek things now and he revels in it. Thanks
so much Ellen E. !!!!!

T gets neutered July 7th. Although the shelter has him down as the age
of 1 to 5, I think he's younger, more like 8 months. He still squats to
pee, and he has puppy energy galore! This is where I need Erin to run
up and down the town with him like she does with McCoy! lol

And to think he was untouchable at the shelter! WOW :)

Chris & T

Charlie Brown is Adopted

Hello facebook friends I'm foster pup Charlie Brown, tomorrow at 6am foster mom and dad, Greg & Maria leave for a 6 hr.trip to Maryland. Mama will do a little training and then when I am comfortable they will hand me over lovingly. My new mommy's name is Janine. I am a lucky boy, I am loved! Foster mama will cry but she wants everyone to know they are happy tears and fostering is a beautiful thing, we share happiness and love!

Charlie Brown

My hubby and I are leaving at 6am to begin the journey to Maryland I guess it's approx. 6hrs up and 6hrs. back, we will visit at her new apartment and then stay and pass along some handling instructions. We will make sure Charlie and the new owner are at ease with each other and when Charlie is only mildly trembling, I will scurry to my car so no one sees the tears rolling down my face. He is a real nervous nellie and why I feel a greater need to protect him. He is being adopted by an amazing young woman that is already in love with him, I know he will have the life he has always deserved!
Thank you all for allowing me to be part of this incredible team!  

Maria, good luck tomorrow!  Thank you so much for going the extra mile (actually 600 miles) for Charlie.  He's a lucky boy.  Drive safe.

 Oh Maria!  You are so wonderful to see Charlie through such a big journey.  What love and dedication, bless you and safe travels.

Friday, June 20, 2014

T's Wishlist

Oh hello new friends. My name is T. That's right, T. Not "Mr. T," not "Iced Tea," not even "T-Man" or "T-Bone." Just T. 

I just got rescued, which I am really very happy about. My new foster mama, Chris, has been so nice to me already and made me feel super loved.

I'm pawing at the keyboard today to ask for you a few necessities that I'll need for this part in my journey. Do you think you could help me? Here is a link to my Wishlist and a bunch of pictures of me. The first picture is of when I was locked up and scared. But now because of NEBTR and my foster mama, I am FREE! A FREE "T"! I am loving life today, and I hope you are too.

Love and slobbery kisses,

Update on BooBoo

Say a Prayer for Cricket

Crickets problem is pretty bad, she has a stage or class 5 maybe 6 heart murmur. She is on 3 different medications. If in 5 days she doesn't seem 'better' they will add another pill. If that doesn't work then we need to send her to the Rainbow Bridge. She is 11 yrs old which isn't old for a BT but....  I have to keep her calm (anyone with a Boston terrier knows that's not an easy task). Keep her out of a room with high humidity. This Vet is awesome - Dr Case-Miller I love her! I have had Cricket to the Vet many times and the other Vet never even mentioned a heart murmur....Anyway, she is home with me now....I get to wake up another day with her cute face looking at me. Thank you all for the good wishes and prayers.. .... I am feeling blessed....

Atco, NJ
PS My son Gregory came to the Vet after work, he was so concerned....

Scooby and Max Play

These two boys get along so well together even when Scooby gets ticked off at him for being too rough. They play all the time together.

Max is turning into a really nice dog. He enjoys the freedom of the house and that made a big difference not having to be crated all the time, much more relaxed now and not a jumper every time I return home. He loves laying on the couch if I take a nap Scooby is at my head on my pillow and Max is Snuggled at the bend in my knees. I can't move but they're comfortable  and that's all that matters..


Roxy Cuteness

Tigger Available for Adoption

We'll it looks like Tigger will be staying here with us now. The foster family that was lined up fell through. That is perfectly fine with me because I just love his face. He's just the sweetest, chubby little guy! He loves cuddles and gets along with my dog, Lucy, very well. Stay tuned for more on this guy.
Canonsburg, PA

More on Lilly

This girl is so silly! She loves to play and entertains herself with just about anything. Here she is with a seltzer bottle. She played for 1/2 hour with it!

Lilly is doing great! The vet called to say all her test results were good. She is just a little anemic. Which is typically of female dogs used for breeding. Vet said she seems younger than 4 (maybe 3) based on how clean her teeth are. She is very playful like a puppy!

She is starting to do most of her business outside of course this morning was a set back with the rain. But at least she will go on the newspapers inside.

She gets along great with my male boxer. They race around the yard and tire each other out. But the female is a different story. Last night I brought them together on leashes for the 1st time since their brawl Monday morning. My boxer was fine and wanted to play. But Lilly; not so much. She was trying to dominate and intimidate. No aggression for the few minutes they were together. But I didn't see anything good coming. Lilly would definitely be best in a home with no female dogs.

Other than that, she is a great dog! So sweet and silly! She loves to play and can be mischievous like a puppy. I have caught her dragging a big book and big couch cushions around! But gives up as soon as she is caught and you tell her no. She loves to cuddle and give kisses! She is a sweetie pie!

Cuddle time! If you think she's a beauty now, wait until she gets her cherry eye fixed! Spay and eye scheduled for 7/3.


 Loretta, she sounds so adorable!!!

McCoy Shows His Self Control

McCoy was saved from the Manhattan ACC euthanasia list by NEBTR and is learning manners with his foster mom Erin Sullivan and his foster friends. Fantastic job Erin! That's amazing after only a few weeks! Aww...look how good everyone is!!

Ruger is Adopted

Hi All,
Ruger has been adopted…by my sister!

Thanks again to Vicki and Tammy for the support.

Kendra Giangiulio

What wonderful news Kendra!  Thanks so much for all you have done for him!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Lily the Love Bug..

Cuddle time! If you think she's a beauty now, wait until she gets her cherry eye fixed! Spay and eye scheduled for 7/3.

Poughkeepsie NY

Good luck sweet girl!

New Foster T

Let me introduce T (formerly Angus)......

He was brought in as a stray to the York County SPCA, but coincidentally 
the person bringing him in raises Boston's. For those who remember little Spike, he's like the larger version of him, with a longer tail.

More on him later, after he is settled in and feeling more comfortable. Stay tuned.

Chris & T

The Dog formerly known as Angus....

is now.....

Not Mr., not Tee, not Tea....just T  he likes to keep things simple.  He's a dog of few words.  :)

This is one seriously "good-looking" dog! Welcome T, your foster mom will take great care of you; your life has just changed for the better!

Great Stink Eye!

Member dog Penny gives such great stink eye for the camera, we wanted to share it with everyone!!

She's so silly!
Collingswood, NJ

Foster Max and his brother Scooby

These two boys get along so well together even when Scooby gets ticked off at him for being too rough. They play all the time together. I hope these pics come thru I am trying to figure out my new laptop.

(note: Foster Max is the one with more black...)

Warminster Pa

Pangya says Nighty Night...

From Lily (Puka)'s Mom

Thought I'd give a small update. Lily (previously Puka) is having her best day yet here!! It's been a bit crazy, since we all ready had two Boston's and we are watching a friend's Boston! Today she has been down with them all saying hi (), and even ran to the door with the others when my husband came home I'm so glad she's not as nervous, and is fitting in great!! T

Thanks, Bobbi

Spike Gives Kisses

Spike is handing out kisses to his forever dad regardless if he wants
one or not!

Chris Cassner


Hamilton Relaxes

Hammi just sent this photo. Relaxing at home with a new bone. That's
one way to beat the heat!
Good Dog! :)

Chris Cassner
Arendtsville, PA

Dear Foster Mom

Dear Foster Mom
There I sat, alone and afraid,
You got a call and came right to my aid.
You bundled me up with blankets and love.
And, when I needed it most, you gave me a hug.
I learned that the world was not all that scary and cold.
That sometimes there is someone to have and to hold.
You taught me what love is, you helped me to mend.
You loved me and healed me and became my first friend.
And just when I thought you'd done all you do,
There came along not one new lesson, but two.
First you said, "Sweetheart, you're ready to go.
I've done all I can, and you've learned all I know."
Then you bundled me up with a blanket and kiss.
Along came a new family, they even have kids!
They took me to their home, forever to stay.
At first I thought you sent me away.
Then that second lesson became perfectly clear.
No matter how far, you will always be near.
And so, Foster Mom, you know I've moved on.
I have a new home, with toys and a lawn.
But I'll never forget what I learned that first day.
You never really give your fosters away.
You gave me these thoughts to remember you by.
We may never meet again, and now I know why.
You'll remember I lived with you for a time.
I may not be yours, but you'll always be mine.

by Barb Lieberman

Puka, Now Lily, is Doing Great in Pittsburgh

Isn't she beautiful!!!  I miss her so much, but so happy she's so loved in such a great furever family home.  My dreams of it not working out and getting her back are shot, sob sob...  They love her!!

So glad it is going well.  Good job, Denice! :)

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Foster Lou

Hi everyone just wanted to let everyone know Lou is settling in nicely; he is a cuddler and loves to give kisses. He will be going to the vet on to to have 2 teeth pulled and a cleaning. He has meet a few neighbors on are walks and they love seeing him.

Tammy Horan

Remy Says Thanks

Remy says "Thank You" to all of NEBTR's donators.  She loved the squeaky dumbbell but of course has already destroyed it.

More Pictures of Joey