Saturday, November 12, 2011

Festa Clan Wins First Place

Uncle Fester had to stay home.... He's still on bed rest, but Otis and his gang of mobsters and flappers were out in full force :)

New Foster Jameson

Jameson (on right) was a good little girl all the way home. she slept all the way.

When we got home, she was met by my whole pack, but after a few minutes, everyone settled down and we all went to bed. It was a very quiet night. she slept all night long in a blanket filled crate.

This morning, well...let's just say she is a fast little girl, runs around like she is a tornado. So extra caution must be taken because sometimes the greyhounds will think its a race and they will chase her.

Jameson is a very young dog. I am sure she will not be here long as she should be ready in her allotted time for her new home. I am hopeful that there will be applicants approved so Jameson can start her new life ASAP. Not that I will be in a hurry to send her. She is very sweet.

She is a cuddle bug! Loves to be held, loves to lay on laps and listens very well.
No potty issues yet. She goes outside with the rest of them. and will pee on command. (I think she likes it when I clap and tell her good girl) LOL

-- Tammy Trivelpiece

Friday, November 11, 2011

Chef Amy at Peddler's Village Competition

Here's a picture of Amy Angelo at the Aetna Healthy Food Competition at Peddler's Village. She's just awesome!!

Amy is an award-winning baker and NEBTR member. She has generously offered to donate her talents by conducting an online bake sale. Her site is called "Bites for Bostons," and is located at

All proceeds from her bake sale will go to NEBTR. Among her yummy goodies are chocolate chip cookies, Southern Mama pajama cookies, white chocolate macadamia nut cookies, and pumpkin filled sugar cookie sandwiches. She also offers handmade scones and homemade breads!

Go to her site, and pick out what you want. Then send a email to Amy will contact you to arrange payment through NEBTR.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Happy Ending for Tiny

Tiny was adopted on Monday by Kathy and Chris Thomforde. Tiny was put on craigslist by her former owner and we were able to get her pulled off fast, especially since she wasn't fixed.

Tiny is a super sweet playful little girl. She is just a little bundle of sweetness. She and our Penny had the best time playing and wrestling.

Tiny's daddy is the president of Moravian college, making Tiny the "first dog" of Moravian.

Her mom gave me an update on Tuesday night that everything was going wonderfully. Tiny met lots of the college staff, went for walks, and snuggled up for hours with her mommy. They are going to get her enrolled in some training classes soon. Kathy said that she is just on Cloud 9 and totally in love!

Im so happy for Tiny!

Lisa Vaughan

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Vivienne the Model

Vivienne, who owns Jerrilyn Walter of New Rochelle, New York, has been a busy girl. She has been scoring some modeling gigs lately. She did a Kohls ad and recently a White House Black Market catalogue. Her mama is so proud of her!

They have decided that they would like to give the proceeds from her latest shoot to NEBTR so we can continue to do such great work and take in all the doggies who need us! She made $300 last time just for being so lovely.

She is quite beautiful but she has a big big heart as well :) Thank you Vivienne and Jerrilyn!

Monday, November 7, 2011

New Foster Trooper

Trooper loves the car!

Trooper went to the vet today and got all fixed up. He was neutered, and had to have 2 teeth extracted. They trimmed his nails a little bit more & cleaned his ears. Dr. Tack is wonderful & very kind. He is at home now resting. I hope this helps some with his marking around the house.

He is a very good dog & very sweet. Now that he is allowed to roam the house, he doesn't cry at night anymore. I crate him overnight with my Zoey and he is quite comfortable with her. Soon he will be ready to start looking for a furever home. i keep saying how sweet he is. He doesn't bark much (just when we first got him & he had to stay separated from the other dogs for the first week), he's very kind, not dominating at all but very passive with me & both my bt's and anyone else who has come into the house. Not even one tiny bit of food aggression which i cant get over since he was homeless for who knows how long. And they even said at the vets that he was passive with their big resident siamese cat.

Just overall a really great dog! Breaks my heart to know he was walking the streets of Philly.

Happy Birthday Beadoe