Saturday, September 1, 2012

I Adopted Your Dog Today

Chip In For Florence

Well Miss Florence just LOVES to sun herself! She is a funny gal who is completely unaware of all the problems she has.Turns out that Flo has hookworm, kennel cough, awful ear infections in both ears and is hypothyroid with an irregular heartbeat.She will be on thyroid meds for the rest of her life and hopefully at some point, we can get Flo the cataract surgery to give her some of her sight back. For now, she is very lethargic and on a ton of meds.We are going to set up a "Chip In" for Flo very soon. Her medical bills are mounting.Please consider chipping in for poor Flo !

Jerrilyn Walter

Friday, August 31, 2012

Pictures at a Gallery

Get Well, Archie

Pamela Hess reports that Archie is home from UPenn, where he was recently hospitalized.  He's a little wobbly but it's to be expected.  We've added a third anti-seizure med and I was also given a much stronger sedative to help break the seizures.  He's very glad to be home and we are so happy to have him back!!  Thank you again everyone for keeping him in your thoughts!  He was missed terrible while he was gone. 

Our sweetheart Archie had another episode of seizures Monday night.  I gave him the valium suppositories but it wasn't strong enough to break the cycle.  He was alert and would pick his head up when I called his name but he was blind and unable to physically get up.  They immediately sedated him to give him a "seizure vacation."  Dr. Reinike at UPenn described it as Archie's brain relaxing on the beach.  We are going to add a third drug to his regime, potassium bromide.  They are going to load it quickly over the next 24 hours which will cause him to be heavily sedated so he will stay at UPenn where they can monitor him.  I called last night around 11:00pm to check on him before bed and the hadn't had anymore seizures so they were going to start weaning him off the valium.  He tried to get up a few times but she said he was still pretty sedated.  He's responding to his name but he is still not able to see.  He is normally temporarily blind after his seizures so I am praying this is the same circumstances and his sight will return.

He is definitely one of the more difficult cases to manage.  His phenobarbital levels are right where they need to be but that along with the Keppra it's still not enough.  He will never be seizure free but the goal is to lessen the severity of them.

I want to thank everyone for all of your thoughts, prayers, and donations.  It's breaking my heart that this beautiful boy has to go through this.  We are staying positive here at the Hess house and my two sons are sending him tons of good vibes and love! 

Archie does have some good news - his foster family the Hesses have decided that he will forever be a part of their family.  Archie has found his forever home!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

New Foster Rocky

Meet new foster Rocky. His owner died and he had to go to the shelter, but he wasn't there for long, thanks to our volunteers. He is en route to his foster home! He is an older boy, between 10 and 11 years old. We will be getting him checked out and fixed up and he will be ready soon for a forever family!

Now the good news: Rocky is just so mellow. He gets along with dogs and kids. He seemed to have a whole layer of hair that is shedding and he jut laid down and let me brush him for a long while.. He is just a very sweet guy that will need a lot of medical attention. 

Welcome Rocky!!
A very special thanks to both Sara McLaughlin and to Sandee Herrington, his foster mom,  for acting fast to get this old boy out of the shelter and into a loving home!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

BT Very Collectible Charity Auction

Recently a supporter of NEBTR passed away bequeathing her very extensive BT collection to aid our rescued Bostons. Too many items to count, but probably 50+ pieces of art (prints, originals, etc) 300 or more statues including several Hubley door stops, 2 pieces of Baldwin bronze sculptures, and several items that are pictured in the Boston Terrier Collectibles book. Lamps, pillows, you name it.

Here is the URL to the listing. Be sure to click on the Photo Gallery too to see thumb nails which can be enlarged if you click on it.

http://www.auctionz 1512460.html

The auction takes place on Saturday, September 1 starting at 5:30pm

Unfortunately the auction house (George Cole Auctions in Red Hook, NY) does not have the eye that we all have for a "real find" and have, in several cases, put the real gems in lots. They also mistakenly describe many as French Bulldogs, etc. Here are some that are listed in the Boston Terrier Collectibles book.

Items #84; 95A; 95B - cast iron door stops from 20's.
Item #122 - signed Baldwin BT bronze (estimated value $500+)
Item #109 - Signed Baldwin Pug bronze (probably similar value)
Item #331 in the pic gallery, but #330 in the written list - 3 BT lamps. 2 of which are listed in the Collectibles book - each lamp is worth over $125
Item #340 -Tray of figurines, but the tall one in the back is on a music box and pictured in the Collectibles Book with a value of over $125

Many, many more exciting items.

How to bid - The Auction House will take phone calls with your bids (highest you wish to make) up until 5pm on Saturday, September 1. If you lodge a bid for, say $50, for an item but the bidding only goes to $20 - it's yours. In this case you would not be bidding live, just leaving your maximum bid.

Phone number - 845 758 9114

If you want to participate live, over the phone, call them by noon on Saturday to leave your phone number, the item you want to bid on, and they will call you prior to the bidding of that item.

If you win an item they will call you on Sunday between 8-9am to let you know. They will ship any item you win via UPS on Tuesday, shipping costs are additional.

Buyers premium is 18.8% if you use a credit card. 15% if you pay by check.

If you have any questions at all call George Cole at the number above.

Thank you all for supporting our rescued Boston Terriers.

Sheryl Trent
Northeast Boston Terrier Rescue, Inc
www.nebostonrescue. org


Chibby was surrendered by his former family to the New York City Animal Control Shelter.  He came with a lemon sized growth on his anus, which had not been treated.  Fortunately, his luck changed when he was rescued by NEBTR and his foster mom Laurie Williamson.  Laurie writes:

Hi everyone,

My foster child Chibby had his surgery today at the University of Pennsylvania Vet Hospital.  He came to me with a terrible perianal hernia, unneutered and a case of pneumonia.  Dr. Holt called me this afternoon to tell me that the surgery was a success.  He was able to neuter him, repair the hernia and start him on treatment for the pneumonia.  He was impressed at what an awful hernia he had and felt certain that, if not repaired, would have had dire consequences.  U Penn is my A number 1 hospital and am so blessed that they are so close by.  I'll send pictures once I get him home to update everyone.  He will certainly look like a whole new guy and I bet feel 100% better.   He is my dear sweet man and I can't wait to see him tomorrow.  I just love him.

Pennsville, NJ

New Foster Smokey

Hey Eberybuddy! Im Smokey! I've been in my foster home for a few weeks so it's time to introduce myself. I am 9 years old but you wouldn't know it! I was in a shelter since February, but now I'm living the good life! I am a little shy at first and it takes some time for me to get to know you, but once I do I am a MUSH! I will be available soon!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Emily's Yard Sale

A special thanks to Emily Tiemann and her fmaily.  They had their yard sale last weekend, and they made about $100 for our pups!

Thank you so much Emily!  It means so much to have the funds to care for our beloved Bostons!  Such a great idea and now such a great help.

Maine Marathon Fundraiser

Loretta and Joe Miner are running in the Maine Marathon on September 30 to help raise funds for NEBTR. If you would like to support them, please make a tax deductible contribution at the paypal link on our NEBTR web page !

If you live near them, you can also give them your refundable bottles or cans. Thank you so much!

What an amazing job the Miners are doing, and we all thank them for their loving concern for the Bostons! Volunteers like you two are truly an inspiration.

The Online Romance

Nitro, pictured above, hits on Lucy

Lucy is enthralled. But Words of Caution, Lucy: Nitro says "he's sexy and he knows it". He may be a woof in BT clothing.

Wouldn't it be great if they were adopted near each other so they could move this relationship to the next level...

Follow the online courtship of Nitro and Lucy by joining our facebook page, the link is on the right of this page, just click and join the fun.

Monday, August 27, 2012

New Foster Florence

Please welcome new foster Florence! She was just pulled from the Hartford CT shelter after being found wandering the streets. Flo is blind and deaf but very very sweet and loving!  Special thanks to Shawn for pulling her!

She is very friendly and has the body of a little piggy!
She is currently sniffing her way around my yard.

-- Jerrilyn Walter

The shelter said the following about her:

She has the sweetest personality you can imagine
She adjusts to her surroundings very fast
LOVES walks
Great on leash
Good with dogs she met but they need to be gentle..she gets startled easily
LOVES to be carried
LOVES body rubs
Very mellow and laidback and sleeps a lot but is ready for a walk at any time

Dog Tags

Sunday, August 26, 2012

New Foster Sebastian

Please meet new foster Sebastian. He's an older guy that was just not getting along with the resident pup. He likes people though!! More updates to come!

Pet Bill of Rights