Saturday, April 14, 2012

New Foster Wilma

Lucky Wilma! Carolyn of Kamp Kanine pulled this seven year old girl from NewArk animal shelter, took her home for a nice oatmeal bath, and relaxation in her own doggie bed. Wilma may only see with one eye, but knows that life is appearing lots better with a loving foster home. Carolyn reports she is a sweet girl.

Two Former Fosters Playing

Carolyn McCarthy's former fosters Chops, now Mr. Bates, helping former foster Oliver, now Otti, adjust to the good life:) Both pups having big fun! Both of these adorable boys have found forever homes! Congratulations to Carolyn and to their new families!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Oliver/Otti Has a Forever Home

Carolyn of Kamp Kanine reports that Oliver has a new home.

His new mom, Jennifer Larini, is thrilled that she is the lucky new Mom for this little pup, now named Otti. It's kind of like winning the lottery - so many people wanted to adopt him. Jennifer sends her thanks to all for making this adoption happen.

And kudos to Carolyn for her third foster placement in a week in a loving forever home! You rock, Carolyn!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Fosters Mazy and Pangya

Fosters Mazy and Pangya playing with Evette Heinle's pup Lily. 
It's so great to see little Mazy's progress and watching her have fun with friends!

Mia is Spayed

Mia was spayed yesterday and I just picked her up this morning. I attached a pic of her nestled in my lap, I'm glad she's resting. On the day before her surgery, she had a trip to the trail with my Yogi. She also had a retained baby tooth removed and an umbilical hernia fixed. This will be a challenge keeping her calm while she heals! Leslie Kaucic

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

New Foster Amelia

Meet new foster Amelia! Amelia is being surrendered by her owners because she is very anxious around the husband and their young children. Originally she was from a puppy mill. Amelias foster mom will be very patient in working with Amelia and hopefully she will be ready for adoption soon!

Goodby, Buggs

One of our hospice fosters, Buggs, crossed the Rainbow Bridge last night. He spent 5 wonderful months in his foster home and his foster daddy was sitting with him comforting him when he passed. He was very lucky to have the McFadden family in his life even if it was only for a short time.

Thanks to the McFaddens for their kind hearts in giving a happy, peaceful ending in a loving, comfortable home. And to all those foster families whose good hearts generate the love to care for dogs as they are passing.

Cleaning Tip

Do you find yourself needing a response to comments about your windows...

Need a good non-toxic solution?
Combine three cups water, one cup distilled vinegar, and a few drops of liquid dish detergent in a sprayer, shake to combine, and spray the window. Use your window squeegee to wash off the marks and then wipe dry with the squeegee. Fast, easy, cheap, and safe and you can avoid putting up signs that will further annoy your neighbors

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Monday, April 9, 2012

New Foster Tyson

Tyson is our newest foster. He is a 10 yr old neutered male whos owner (whos had him since he was 10 wks old) is surrending due to marking issues.
Tyson spent the night sniffing and eating - we've already nicked name him "the vaccum". This may also account for the reason he's a little overweight LOL.
He is sweet, low key and likes everybody. He and Skeeter are busy ignoring each other so there doesn't seem to be any domination issues.

We'll keep you posted as we learn more about ths senior!

Thanks to Loree McOwen for fostering this sweet senior.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Rescue Angel Linda

Rescue angel Linda Antonelli with two of her fosters. Lady, the BT, is heading to a forever home; Rocky, the Dogue de Bordeaux, is still with her.
Definitely not twins, but do provide an interesting contrast.

Porkchop Goes to His Forever Home

 With Foster Mom Carolyn McCarthy

 Recuperating with Carolyn

Porkchop got his forever home last weekend. Porkchop is the abused puppy with a leg with 5 fractures. He went to an incredible couple in Brooklyn. They have renamed him Mr.Bates after a character on a tv show who is a war hero with a bad leg.

He was our fundraising dog for the month of March, and we wanted to give an update on him.  As you remember, he is a ten month old baby, but he has already had more than his fair share of suffering.  His is the kind of case that makes you question people.  How could you do this to a baby?  Like Rocky, last month's featured pup, Chops was injured and abused by the very people who promised to care for him.

Although still very much a puppy, Chops has already had five fractures of his leg.  Four are old and calcified, and it is unclear if anything can be done for them.   He will probably always have a deformed paw.  The newest, we hoped, could be fixed with orthopedic surgery.

He went to the safe foster care of Foster Mom Carolyn McCarthy, and underwent surgery. After the surgery, Carolyn reported, "Chops is doing super. It's amazing how TLC and vet care can fix an abused boy in no time. Chops surgery was a success. His femor was shaved so it would sit in his hip socket. Chops now gets physical therapy and swims 2xs per week."

He stayed in foster for 2 more weeks so we could keep the PT going.  Then he went off to Brooklyn to live with his new family, which includes a Boston Brother - Billy.

Congratulations to everyone involved, and for giving this story another happy ending!