Saturday, August 6, 2011

Frankie Goes to His Forever Home

My Frankie was adopted today by Brian Karp & Amanda Ullman. He's on his way to the Big Apple (Manhattan). I love this couple very much and most important, their female BT Dakota and Frankie love each other.

Amanda is the daughter of Brian & Chris Ullman who adopted my Sadie a few years ago so I already knew her. Since he came from a shelter and I didn't know his name, I named him Frankie. Amanda wants to name him Fenway. She'll post pictures soon.

It's hard for me to comprehend how just a couple of weeks ago this boy had pneumonia and now is healthy and happy. I was so worried he would die... I owe my vet a big thank you note for this one.

Thank you Julie for doing the house check.

Linda Antonelli

Friday, August 5, 2011

Here Come the BT Cruisers!

The BT Cruisers will be setting up and sponsoring an event on August 13. They are setting up and running the whole thing with all proceeds going to NEBR. You may remember that a few of us here in Rochester decided a couple of years ago to form a playgroup to socialize our Bostons. We then started taking part in various fundraisers for animal shelters and came up with a team name of BT Cruisers. We now have regular get togethers and take part in at least three different fundraisers routinely with more on the schedule this year. It is pretty impressive to see us walking with our BT's. One fundraiser we had 25 BT's walking with their owners! We have high hopes for our fund raisers and hope that some of our NEBTR members would be willing to travel a little and join us.

Joan Stark

Here is a copy of the BT Cruisers' flyer for this event.

Heather Scott of the Cruisers says, "Its August and that means our BIG fundraiser for NEBTR is right around the corner!

Saturday, AUGUST 13, 2011 from 1pm-5pm @ Boom Towne Canine Campus in Farmington NY!

Please join us to help raise money for NEBTR! We are hoping to make our first fundraiser a success! We have a lot of great items that were donated to use in our silent auction and raffles, and we a variety of a few vendors that will be there as well. Hope to see you there!!!!"

And here is a copy of the BT Cruisers' most recent newsletter.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Bailey Goes to Her Forever Home

Bailey was adopted by a nice older local couple. I took her to our local custard stand with an "adopt me" bandana on and the inquired about her since they recently lost their boston to old age. I just spoke to them this evening for their 24 hour check up and they said she is doing great. She is eating good, knows where to go for treats after going potty, and cuddles with them on the couch. Thank you to everybody who has helped me and Bailey on getting her to her forever home!

Megan Sanchez
Altoona, PA

Below are photos of Bailey with her foster family, including precious good bye letters from the two little girls.  

Thank you for taking Bailey into your care and finding her a loving and wonderful home that she so deserves.  Great job!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

New Foster Pinky

Pinky is an owner surrender. The woman who had her had a fenced yard that Pinky dug out of a few times. You should have seen all the stuff she came with ! She is on the bigger side, close to 25 lbs. and is busy checking things out. She's a sweet girl and should make someone a great pet.

Loree will be her foster mom and give her lots of love.

She looks ...sad and apologetic for digging out of her yard ...
She looks like she can't understand why her owner gave her away ...

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Nina Goes to Her Forever Home

Saturday Nina was adopted by the Bromley Family. Nina was the 10 pound girl that was pulled from a puppy mill in Lancaster County, PA in April. She was 6 years old and kept outside in a rabbit hutch all year round. They are a wonderful family and we all liked them very much. This is the happy ending that Nina so deserves.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Update on Ruby

Thought you might enjoy seeing what Ruby found on the lawn out front! A seagull must have dropped it & of course SHE picked it up! She was very proud of herself! Hope you are well...She is just WONDERFUL! Thank you for sending her to us!!! Judy

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Brutus Goes to His Forever Home

I just wanted to share the GREAT news that Brutus was adopted last Sunday, 7/17.  He was adopted by a couple and their daughter in my town - a really great family, and they are just loving him to pieces. Here is what his new dad wrote me this morning:

"Brutus is doing well, doing what dogs do, he is very very good. He seems pretty happy so far. I can't see why someone would return this dog. He is so easy going!"

This is such a relief for me, and I'm SO happy for Brutus - after almost a year in and out of different shelters at the age of 10, he finally has a family to love him! Also, my cats are again enjoying the peace and quiet in the house and hanging around the living room! LOL

Wharton, NJ