Friday, January 13, 2017

Pangyas Christmas

Baking Treats with Lucy!

My Ear - Oh Dear!



Tess In Her Forever Home

Wow! Tess, former puppy mill slave, update!!! Happy New Year! Here she is with her fur sister, Molly. She gained weight and she looks fabulous!!!! Happy life! 💕


Peanut Says Hello

Adopt Rudy

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Chloe is Not a Fan of the Cold


Foster Lady, Foster Rudy at Their Foster Home

My son stoped by for a visit and the dogs were so happy to see him. First they pinned him on the couch and then they sat patiently and watched him dig through the box, probably hoping for a treat! So cute I had to share y son And try out the new site. My son Alec, resident Leo(black and white), foster Lady (fawn), foster Rudy(Albino)

Marty Loves to Burrow

Foster Fred and His Sisters

He loves these girls. The one with him in the bed with Dahlia (black chi) was after she had surgery. She was loopy from the anesthesia and he wouldn't let her out of his site. He loves his girls.


Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Finney Gets a Bath

Finney gets a bath, something he doesn't like at all but he is getting better at it!


New Foster Patsy

Patsy made it to her foster home with us here in Boston, through the storm that smacked us yesterday. Many thanks to the transport crew that got her to Hartford where we scooped her up! She's made herself at home and is settling in nicely.


Jules Before and After

It's amazing what love, medical care and good food can do! Kudos to our awesome foster homes. And many, many thanks to Jules family for this amazing transformation! 

Molly Loves Her Sun Spot

Molly loves her sun spot!


Puppy Pile

This is what happens every time I sit down ..and that is Lucy in my arms she likes to be held like a baby ..and will sleep like that for as,long as I will hold he,

Tammy G

Maggie is Adopted

New Mom with Maggie safely home. And Dad driving her home.

Congratulations to Maggie for finding the perfect forever home, and many thanks to Sandy and family for taking such good care of her until then.

Maggie Says Thanks

Maggie got one of her Amazon Wish list gifts just before leaving for her forever home. We don't know who sent it because there was no note, so thank you to her secret admirer. As you can see, she loves it.


Mr. Peanut

Mr. Peanut!!! He is my shadow and he likes to look at him self in mirrors.


Patsy Settles In

Patsy is settling in here in Somerville, MA. She requires almost constant pets! Good thing there are two of us to serve her needs!

Adopt Jules

Monday, January 9, 2017

Lucys Christmas Tree!!

I'm Fabulous!

Hello From Forever Fosters Myrtle and Yoda


Fred and Bonejangles

Who's who" Fred and Bonejangles


Maggie Naps After Playing in the Cold

My sweet Maggie napping after playing in the snow. She's not a big fan.....too cold.


Scooby Would Rather Stay Indoors

Ella Is Ready for Snow