Saturday, February 5, 2011

Update on Dynasty

Here's an update on my foster Dynasty...she continues to be more amazing everyday! She is feeling very comfortable here, and is enjoying life it seems!! She is just a real sweetheart of a girl! One funny thing I will share, my son had gotten a mylar balloon for his recent birthday party, it has a small weight on the bottom of the ribbon to keep it from floating all the way up to the ceiling, well, Dynasty took interest in this balloon, and been carrying it around the house by the weight..its so cute and funny..she looks like a little kid at a fair!! She is doing very well. I posted some new photos of her..take a look :)

-- Betsy Frary

Ten Peeves That Dogs Have About Humans

Blaming your farts on me....
not funny... not funny at all !!!

Yelling at me for barking.

Taking me for a walk, then
not letting me check stuff out.
Exactly whose walk is this anyway?

Any trick that involves balancing
food on my nose. Stop it!

Any haircut that involves bows or ribbons.
Now you know why we chew your stuff
up when you're not home.

The sleight of hand, fake fetch throw.
You fooled a dog! Whoooo Hoooooooo what
a proud moment for the top of the food chain.

Taking me to the vet for 'the big snip', then acting
surprised when I freak out every time we go back!

Getting upset when I sniff the crotches of your guests.
Sorry, but I haven't quite mastered that handshake thing yet.

Dog sweaters. Hello ???
Haven't you noticed the fur?

How you act disgusted when I lick myself.
Look, we both know the truth. You're just jealous.

Now lay off me on some of these things.
We both know who's boss here! You don't see me picking up your poop, do you?

-- Contributed by Jane Tirc

Doggie Bed Pile Up

How many Bostons can you fit in a doggie bed?! Former foster Cliff is the little guy on the right, then foster Mom Lisa Vaughan's residents Penny and Cleveland!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Happy Gotcha Day Norman

I wanted to share Norman’s Gotcha Day collage with everyone. We celebrated his gotcha day back in September, marking the year anniversary of the day that we started fostering him. It was last January though that he officially became a Jansky.  He is still typical Normie Boy… as ball-obsessed as ever. His current favorite is a rubber ball that is shaped like a lime. Luckily we have two of them, so when he forgets where he left one, I can usually locate the second and thus avoid total meltdown. As a lot of you know, when he becomes frantic over something, his manly parts tend to pop out and get stuck in the out position… once a totally mortifying experience for me, but now, oddly normal. He’s not always fond of our new fosters. Tends to growl and snap at them, and then promptly proceeds to mark his territory. Needless to say, he now has quite an array of stylish belly bands and has been deemed “Grump-a-Norm”. But, nonetheless, we love our grumpy old man. His birthday is Feb. 2nd – so pupcakes are certainly in order. He (supposedly) will be 11, but I find that hard to believe. He still does not have an ounce of gray on him.

Hope all is well. Norm sends his love and continued gratitude to NEBTR.
Amy Jansky

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Welcome Mami

Hi All--Here's a picture of an awesome sweet old girl pulled from the ASPCA in PHL (this ASPCA is a wonderful partner with us). Lisa V. drove down in the nasty weather to grab her and Tammy T. will be fostering her. She's at LEAST 10 y/o and completely blind. Her nails were growing into her pads. Lisa has already gotten her a much needed mani/pedi. Welcome, Mami!! We promise you will never be scared, cold, hungry, hurting or alone again. Ever

Zack Hill on Dog Walking

Tucker Plays the Piano

Tucker, a one and a half year old Schnoodle, plays the piano and sings along 3 or 4 times every day. In spite of all of his practicing, he really isn't getting any better.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Artie the Blind Pup Finds Forever Love

Artie just left our house with his new family, JulieAnne and Michael Cross, and their son Gavin. They drove all the way up from Delaware to Wharton NJ to meet the little guy, and it was love at first sight. Artie licked them all over, jumped in their laps, and practically bowled Gavin over with all of his kisses. They were so excited to meet Artie, and I know they're going to spoil him rotten. Artie was very special to me - my little blind guy and I was protective of him because I didn't want him going to a home that didn't understand his special needs. Gavin was super gentle with him, never reaching out to him, waiting for Artie to go to him. I know the Cross's are a perfect match for him and are going to love him like crazy!  He is a special little boy going to a special family.

Artie is a one year old, 25 lb, sweetheart of a Boston! Artie is blind, but don't tell him that. He has no idea that it's not 'normal' to have sight. We're pretty sure he was born blind because he compensates so amazingly. Within in a day, he'll have his entire house and yard mapped out. He's learned that when we say 'stairs' he's to be careful and go up or down and when we say 'door' he knows to step over the threshold. Because he can't see, Artie needs to be walked using a harness only. He doesn't understand that a leash is being held by his owner, so when he feels a tug at it, he panics and tries to get away. A leash hooked to a collar only escalates this. When his foster mom picks up his leash she now says, 'It's just me' and he knows that the tug will be okay.

Artie is a total cuddle bug. He will lie for hours on the couch with you, snuggling but when he's had enough of that, he's still very much a puppy and loves to play. He'll wrestle by himself on the ground, but is just as happy to have you wrestle around with him. He's not sure what toys are, but every now and again will chew on a stuffed animal.

-- Heather Coursen

Truck and Bomber

My Tootsie's pups (that I kept) were Truck, Dolly, Angel & Sara. The other two Junior & Bomber were sold. I'm a bad breeder (lol). Well Bomber went to a couple in PA. Bomber knew about 50 words by the time he was two, and they raised him so well I was almost embarrassed that he was smarter than all mine together.

They kept the portable house phone on a low table. When the phone rang, Bomber's dad said "please get daddy the phone Bomber". He gently took the phone off the cradle and brought it to his dad. After a hard day of work, he would sit in his recliner chair and tell Bomber "please take off my boots and socks". Bomber meticulously unlaced his boots, pulled them off and then pulled his socks off. Then "please go get daddy his slippers". Bomber not only got the slippers but put them on his feet!

He also ran out every morning, unleashed and got the newspaper. My absolute favorite was mother and dad ran notes between them in Bomber's mouth. Dad would write a note on a piece of paper give it Bomber in his mouth and say "Bomber, bring this to mom". Bomber would run to where ever she was and drop it on the floor in front of her. She would write back something (anything), put the note back in Bomber's mouth and say "Bomber, bring this to daddy". And he would.

I laughed when I heard all these stories and teased that they made Bomber a slave. He was so intelligent and well rounded. Bomber died a few years ago, after Truck and Dolly. They now own another Boston named Truck. When I got the letter from them I cried that they named him after my Truck. Truck and Bomber were the big 30 lb. boys that looked like twins. The other four looked nothing alike and all were about 20 lbs.

I will never forget my beautiful pups and the nice people I have met from them and my fosters. I still talk to Bomber's owners about their new boy Truck. They are so wonderful and of course, he is just as smart as Bomber.

Attached is a pic of Truck & Bomber when they were 9 months old. I drove 5 hours to go visit them for a weekend. Truck is on the left - Bomber on the right.

Linda Antonelli