Saturday, January 7, 2012

Update on Gracie

It was March when we met Gracie Pickles. She was pulled from a breeding farm in Sunbury, PA. We were notified through NEBTR that the farmer had released 4 dogs from his mill and set them free onto the farm, hoping that they would run away or die from starvation. The dogs did not leave the farm, and the farmer told his neighbor that he would shoot the dogs if they were not gone by the weekend. The neighbor called someone who called someone, and by the grace of god, it came into the hands of NEBTR. We jumped into the van and drove up to Sunbury to pick up the dogs. 4 mangy boston terriers, looking tired, beat down and COLD. They had been out in the elements for days, scraping for food and shelter. The dogs were handed to us, one at a time. The last dog was Gracie. I took her into my arms, and looked at my husband in that "way".....and handed her to him. He stopped in his tracks. He did not turn to the van , he didn't place her into the crate. He handed her back to me and told me to get in the van and hold her. We both knew at that exact moment that Gracie Pickles would never leave our arms again. Gracie has struggled over the years with a choking disorder, due to her past neglect and starvation issues. We have revived her 4 times using CPR/Rescue breathing. I even became certified in canine CPR so that i could assist her. I will never forget the day that dear soul was placed into my arms, and i will always remember the cold.
As the winter season bears down on the east coast, i beg you all to remember the souls still imprisoned in the mills. They do not have heat in the breeding barns, and there are no windows. Cold, dark and alone. Pray for them, pray that someone calls someone and somehow they are rescued.

--Amy Angelo

Mandy Says: It's a Boy! And Two Girls!

Three beautiful, tiny Boston babies! And special thanks to foster parents Lara and Jesse for taking such special care of these darling, Boston lives!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Remembering MomMom

There is nothing in this world that brings me to instant tears faster then the neglect/abandonment or abuse of an elderly animal. The night I met Mom Mom dog, my life changed for good. She taught me about compassion, about what it means to love....about what it means to accept imperfection...about what it means to live life to the fullest. Mom Mom knew compassion, Mom Mom knew imperfection, and Mom Mom embraced life and lived it to it's fullest. She played, she bitched, she snuggled and she fought like a UFC champion. Mom Mom never turned from a fight, she never stood for only one snackie. Mom Mom was strong through adversity, neglect, medical illness and aging. She walked with the strength of a queen. Mom Mom is my inspiration.

--Amy Angelo

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy Ending for Boots

My first foster went to his forever home just in time for the new year. A bittersweet day. Boots was totally happy and comfortable with his new parents. We are happy he can be a shining star in his family!

Thanks to all who helped Boots from Rhea who saved him-just minutes from being put down, to Ginny for her support, to Beth for her guidance, to the Facebook administrator, and all who gave money to support the organization to continue the rescue mission.

A happy ending for Boots, when he was so close to not having a future at all.

Happy that we all share the same vision of helping others-especially our 4 legged friends,
Jackie Foster
Heuvelton, NY (way, way upstate)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Foster Beanie

Hi everyone. Just wanted you all to meet my new foster Beanie. He is my Christmas gift from Jane and Lisa and Jodi! I picked him up the Friday before Christmas as he was so freaked out at the shelter that he was being aggressive to the other dogs. I think the stress of the shelter did it to him as he is now fine with my gang. He is a handsome boy with a funny underbite (Do BT's wear braces?) He needs some manners and for a six year old he has a lot of energy. He loves to snuggle and seemed to be so glad to be with people. When I got him home and after the first 20 minutes of barking to and from my gang, he went a laid on the bedding with a huge sigh and went to sleep! He loves to snuggle and get attention. He is an owner surrender due to health issues. I do not thnk it will take long to teach him some manners and some lucky person is going to get a great dog. I am attaching a couple of pictures for you

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy Gotcha Day Penny!

I HATE the rain and don't even get me started on the bath but this hose thing is AMAZING.

When she first arrived.

I like to watch TV with my dad. Usually it's baseball but sometimes he lets me watch Animal Planet.

Happy Halloween!

I LOVE the car!!

Anniversary day! (She has on Chris' 40th Birthday Hat)

Penny and the kill. Her favorite toy that she suckles on.

She DOES not like getting her picture taken!

I'm SO thirsty, good thing I can drink out of this water bottle!

Strap me in, I'm ready to go!

Hi all-
I've been kind of putting off writing this email because I just don't know how to put my feelings into words.

Monday, 12/12 marked Penny's one year anniversary with us and honestly I can't imagine what our home was like without her. She makes us laugh everyday and gives us love like we never imagined. Chris (my husband) wasn't really a dog person when I met him but then I told him it was a deal breaker. I had waited a loooong time to get a dog (I traveled for work all the time, not the right time for a dog. I lived in NYC in a tiny apt, no dog. I was getting my Masters, no dog.) Finally I was done with school and settled down and I was getting a dog. Chris and I would have conversations about it and he'd say that our future dog wouldn't be allowed on the couch, on the bed and the dog definitely wouldn't be kissing him.

Lies. Not only is Penny on the couch, on the bed but she loves her daddy and showers him with kisses constantly. When she attacks him, he laughs in a way I have never heard before and I can't even get him to laugh like that!

Penny (formerly Alicia) is an irreplaceable part of our home and we have all of you to thank for that. Which brings me to thanking all of you, the volunteers, of NEBTR. I have now been involved in the rescue for a year and love the community that has been created and the work that we all do. I never feel that I can do enough but I know that any bit I do makes a difference. When I think about these poor animals and what they have been through it breaks my heart. It's comforting to know there are good people out there that are looking out for them. I also want to thank you all for taking time to answer the multiple questions I have asked the rescue over the year- again, so thoughtful!

So, happy anniversary Penny!! And to all of you, thank you for everything.

Sara, Chris and PENNY!
Collingswood, NJ

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Willie the Pug Finds His Forever Home for Christmas

Willie the Pug (now Little Jack) has found a home!!!!! She is a really good friend of mine who stopped by for a Christmas visit. They live in Cranberry Lake NY, 4 hours from here but still has family in the area. Anyway, she fell in love with Willie and has been looking for a small dog to cuddle with. She didn't know he was available for awhile until I realized that she was gushing over him way to much ( hinting). Willie will join two other pups: Maisie is a golden retriever and Izzy is a mix about the same size as the golden.

Elly Monfett

Little Jack has settled right in with the pack. They slept together gated in the kitchen, we walked them all up the road this morning, and followed Maisie and Izzy as if he has done it all his life. The transition has been seamless.

Most of the time he prefers a lap to sleep on, or to roll up against Maisie. She doesn’t seem to mind keeping him warm. Really, she seems to ignore him most of the time. I am wondering if I should find a spot for the crate to be in permanently, if it’s his comfort to have one….

He is eating his own food, and then grazing throughout the day on what’s left in either Izzy’s or Maisie’s bowl, and they show no concern over that whatsoever. John has created a Wii dog character for him. We have one for Maisie and Izzy already.

Anyway, just wanted you to know that all is well this Christmas Day. John adores him. He just dressed him in his Christmas Hoodie, and took him to a friend’s house to meet their Boston Terrier, (named Jeter, after the Yankee player : ) )

Oh, today he has begun barking when friends stop by….so, I guess he has decided this place is his to protect…..he has a rather raspy, old man bark. It’s the first I’ve heard him speak, other than his grunting chatter.



Dot and Tommy Go to the Rainbow Bridge

It is with great sadness that we report that Dot and Tommy have gone to the rainbow bridge. Both were older forever fosters who spent the last months of their lives being loved and cared for.

Dot was a sweet older girl who was fostered by Malinda. She came into rescue at age 10, and was loved and adored by Malinda and her family. Dot was super sweet and affectionate, and won the hearts of all who knew her. She had a breast tumor removed in September, but sadly, the cancer returned and progressed to her legs and lungs. She died at the office of her vet, with the staff who had cared for her able to say goodbye to her, and cuddled by Malinda. Rest in peace, sweet Dot.

Tommy was abandoned by his family with a brain tumor. He was taken in by Foster Mom Carolyn, who made him part of her brood for the time he had left. No one could have received better care or more love, and he died among his new family and surrounded by love. He was a special, handsome boy who taught all around him the value of loyalty and devotion.

A special thank you to all those who have forever fosters, knowing that they are the last home for these poor souls who were abandoned at the hour of their greatest need. Malinda, Carolyn and all the others know they were chosen for a special task, and they have all our admiration and respect.