Saturday, December 20, 2014


Chubby Has Her First Bath

Brady's Wishlist

Adopt Maverick

Omar and Zoey Say Thanks

Murphy Goes for a Ride

Christina Makes Boston Terrier Cupcakes

I made boston terrier cupcakes for our Christmas party at the Maryland dog owners training club. Thanks for the inspiration!

Christina Mueller

Maverick is Looking Good

Maverick went to the vet today to get some antibiotics for a little Boston cough/cold. Look at how cute he is! He was sooo good too! Weighing in at 16.6 pounds! Vet said that's the PERFECT weight for him!

Shawna Merritt

Thank you for all that you are doing for him!

Update of Foster Leroy - Leroy Shines

Just thought I would give Leroy a chance to shine with some updates.

 I have attached a photo of Leroy in his crate. When I first brought this little guy home he was in sheer panic over the crate. He has come a long way - and goes in on his own. The 2nd photo is a AM shot of him in his bed (sleeps there at night). Although he could sleep him his crate with no issue. I like him next to me at night :). The last upload is a video of us getting ready to head out for our afternoon walk and "potty". He gets so excited - I even get excited. As you can see my Boston on the side - not so much! Cracks me up.

Hope you enjoy - as we are enjoying him.

Judy Liu
New Rochelle, NY
*Foster mom to Leroy
*Fur ever mom to Kai Xin

How funny! His fur brother is yawning and looking at him like, seriously dude...  - Stacie

More Thanks from Scooby

Scooby was incredibly excited when a number of angels rallied together and filled his wishlist. Scooby knew it was all for him. This boy just weeks ago dumped in a shelter with a large testicular mass is now experiencing love like he has never known before. 

OOhugs to Scooby from his NEBTR followers and many thanks to his foster mama for sharing the love!

Jackie O Thanks Ellen Scovotti and Bear

Thank you, Ellen Scovotti and Bear for the beautiful sweater and treats!! She is extra toasty now!! She loves her gifts!!

Member Dogs Christmas Card!

--  Tammy Galvacky

Tuna is a Whale Poacher

Skittles says Thank You

Wilbur Gets Secret Santa Gifts

Wilbur got the goodies he asked for and much more!  Thank you so much Lauren Yeary and family! I am very touched by your generosity :) I'm saving some stuff for Christmas, but as you can see he loves chewies and the coat fits! 

With Love,
Leslie and Wilbur 
Morgan PA

Scooby Says Thanks for Everything

Just in time for his trip to his other foster home (while I am away on vacation) Scooby got some GREAT presents! He is very happy, but also a little sleepy. He's just so very very very thankful!! He and I both appreciate all the lovely presents!

Thank you to Gemma Zarrillo and Barbara Clary Kelly! He's so grateful!!!

OH! Scooby is BEYOND excited with his other packages that arrived today! He was jumping all over the place and I couldn't get him off the couch! He is so very very thankful for the FISH OIL, ASPIRIN, FOOD, WIPES, PUMPKIN, and COATS!!! They are items he needs and is so happy to have received them just in time for the holiday!!!

I would try on his coat, but we are waiting for his back stitches to be removed. Once they are, we PROMISE to send pictures!

Thank you to Lisa Petronelli, Reed Overfelt, Susan Mason, and Maria del Pilar Rodriguez!!!

Foster mom to Scooby
Lafayette Hill, PA

Goldie Thanks April Braun

A package arrived today and I knew it was for Goldie when I opened it.  She got so many things on her wish list.  She loved the new rope toy and the soft treats were a big hit. Goldie says Thank you to April Braun for all the wonderful gifts. Big sloppy Boston kisses to you April. She will be using her new leash when we go to the vet today.  Joan and Goldie, Ontario NY

You're more than welcome Goldie and Joan.  My recuse boy Ozzy sends you big Boston schmookies (his word for kisses!) Hope all goes well for her at the vet today and Happy Holidays to all of you in your home 
Ozzy says Merry Woofmis to Goldie!
April and Ozzy

Goldie saw the vet today and her eye is much better so we will continue the drops.  She goes in for surgery on Monday to remove the mass we found.  Vet feel confident it will be a quick procedure and can get clean margins.  I worry about the anesthetic for are at age 12 but she is in good health so should be okay.  We can use some prayers and good thoughts for this little peanut on Monday

Lucy Got Gifts

Lucy wanted me to say thank you to her secret santa Denice Schnaak and spot , Grimm,lola,daisy,dolly,luna she loves her gifts and her sweater and blanket will keep her nice and warm on the cold day here in the mountains .. Lots of lick wub Lucy . Merry christmas everyone .🐾🐾🐾

Tammy Galvacky

George Says Thanks to Santa

Thank you to my secret Santa Elsa & Mike Piccinich  and former foster Cody! I love my peanut butter treats, cheese treats and kong squeaky toy.  I adore my Chimney stuffed with two squeaky reindeer and a squeaky Santa! How did you know I LOVE all things that squeak?  The Rescue Remedy pet will help calm my nerves.  My forever foster Mom gated me off in the kitchen alone with her, away from my three foster fur siblings, so I could enjoy all my gifts alone for a bit and I AM LOVING IT!  Thank you so much for your generosity and love Elsa, Mike & Cody!  
Squeaks &  kisses,
-- Cynthia Kaiser

Jackie O at Work

It's been one week since her rescue from the puppy mill.  She is doing well adjusting to being shown affection, getting a good meal, and sleeping in a new soft cozy bed!!  She loves people and other dogs!!  Of course her favorite activity is taking a nap and hanging out with us wherever that may be.  She's at work with me today and everyone loves her!!!  She is the perfect little lady!!
-Patti M.
foster momma

Boston Stuff Score from Kmart

Leslie Kaucic

Thanks to Laury Yoder for the Donation

We thank our supporters like Laury who make it possible for us to keep on helping Boston Terriers!

Not Sorry

-- Nancy Ingersoll

Thanks to Jeanne Axelson

NEBTR received this card today with a donation check inside.  Thanks so much to Jeanne Axelson!

The Boston Pack and Lucy Dancing

Update on Omar and Zoey

Omar & Zoey learned sit!! Here's a video. They are making progress :) We are waiting on bloodwork to get back on both of them and as long as there is no problems with that the vet said they are healthy enough for their dental and spay/neuter. Zoey has gained 9 pounds and Omar has gained 6. The vet said they could gain a little more weight but they are finally in a healthy state. Next step is potty training which they are being quite stubborn about ;)
Amanda Unger
Wyomissing, PA
Fosters: Vegas, Omar, Zoey

Great job Amanda!

Troy Aikman is Adopted

Troy isn't sure why all his stuff is packed up tonight. It's a mystery
for sure!
(gonna miss this little guy)

Troy was adopted tonight. He is one lucky dog. He's got a mom and dad
that dote on him, and a big brother to play with.
Such a good little guy, and thanks to NEBTR he's right were he belongs.

Chris C.
Yea Troy Aikman - you scored the touchdown and the goal! - Stacie

Special thanks to Chris for all that she has done for him!

Manley Says Thank You to Jeff Chance

Manley received a box of wonderful gifts.  He wants to thank his Santa Jeff Chance for everything.  It really made the holiday special for him,  and his foster mom Jane Tirc is very grateful.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Skittles Rules

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Bruno Says Thanks to Tater Tot

Hi my name is Bruno and I want to say Thank You to Tater Tot and Grammy Sharon for my gift card my foster mom Mary said I can go use it tomorrow . Thank You again I could use a few things.


Molly vs. Goggle Maps

Buster Ollie Says Thanks for the Foster Package

Hi all:  Here's Buster (with soft collar to prevent licking to injured leg) happily chewing away on one of his gifts from his New Foster Package as he lays on foster's mom's slippers.  Thank you. You made his day!
Lisa Marino
Howell, NJ

Jackie O Thanks Melissa Trotter

Another package from Melissa Trotter and Trinity!! Thank you so much for your generosity towards this sweet precious girl!! She loves the bed, the treats, and her Kong squeaky balls!!

OH my...her first bed!! She curled up into it immediately and is sound asleep! Thank you, Melissa Trotter and fellow Boston Terrier friend, Trinity! She is so happy!!

Patti M
Foster mommy

Merry Christmas from Joan Stark's Pups

Merry Christmas from Buster and Bella

Merry Christmas from Buster

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Romeo and Panda Like to Play

Holiday Dangers for Boston Terriers

Pangya Talks to Santa

Duke Thanks Santa Candy Manuel

Skittles Says Thanks for the Gifts

Thanks to Uncle Walter From Skittles

Meet Scooby

Remy Thanks Liz Lewis Fee for the Hoodie

Look everybody...I got another X-mas gift from Liz Lewis NEBTR pink hoodie!  Can you believe it?  Liz, I don't know what I did to deserve all the gifts, love and support from you but I can't thank you enough for all you have done for me!!  Don't I look ADORABLE in my hoodie?

Lots of Love and Kisses,

xo Remy xo

Thank You NEBTR

For these two silly foster-failure rescue boys! They just make me smile and give so much love. Everyone should rescue ❤️❤️! (Grimm fka Tigger and Spot).

A Message From My Heart

The holidays are quickly approaching.  Everyone is in good cheer, excited, joyful, and ready for celebrations with friends and family. 
I’m sure some people are thinking about getting a new puppy to add to their family.  Are you ready to purchase your next Boston Terrier puppy at a pet shop?  Or have you purchased a new Boston Terrier puppy at a pet shop in the last 7 years?  Meet my foster girl, Jackie-O.  She could be your pet shop puppy’s Mommy. 
I’d like to tell you a little about my foster girl.  She was one of 7 mill dogs rescued by Northeast Boston Terrier Rescue on December 12, 2014.  It took many volunteers to organize a successful rescue.  She had lost her litter of 4 puppies a few weeks back, so the puppy mill slave breeder (and I’m being nice here) decided he was through with her.  After seven long-treacherous years of breeding, she was now being dumped.  Luckily it was to a rescue. 
Some mill dogs end up in an auction to be purchased by another breeder so that the breeding continues again….and again…and again.  These dogs are treated like livestock.  These dogs don’t have a name, a warm bed, treats, a decent meal, or even clean water to drink.  They are in tight wire cages to defecate where they lay and stand.  They don’t have the luxury of a kind human’s touch….They are grabbed by the back of their necks to be thrown into another cage for mating.  When they have their litter of puppies, the puppies are taken way to soon from their mother.  Imagine yourself in those conditions.  Wouldn’t that break your spirit?
My pretty foster girl, Jackie-O, came to me with nothing…. No name, no collar, no leash, no soft bedding, no sweater to keep her warm, no treats.  She came to me extremely underweight.  She does not know the simple pleasures of what most dogs as pets take for granted (as they should and deserve to do).  I am teaching my Jackie-O everything, especially what it feels like to be loved!!  When I am finished rehabilitating her, I will find her a forever home that will treat her with respect and spoil her as she should have been since being a puppy herself.
And here she is beside me, wagging her tail….just wanting to be loved.
Please adopt, don’t shop
-Patti M.
Foster Mom to Jackie-O

Our Fena

A Home for Christmas

The Night Before Christmas

T'was the night before Christmas... When all through the house, not a
Boston was stirring, he just slept on mom's blouse. The stocking was
hung by the Boston with care, in hopes that St. Nicholas had milkbones
to share.

The Boston was nestled all snug in his bed, while visions of pig
ears danced in his head. And mamma in her kerchief and a Boston on
my lap, had just settled down for a long winter's nap. When out on the
lawn there arose such a clatter, the Boston ran barking and caused ears
to hatter. Away to the window the Boston did dash, he was jumping and
barking - his teeth even gnashed.

The moon on the breast of the new-fallen snow gave the lustre of
mid-day to tennis balls below. When what to our wondering eyes should
appear, but a little green sleigh and what appeared to be deer. With a
fat little man all dressed up in red, when the Boston spied him he ran
under the bed.

The Beebop Boston crazies had nothing on this guy, as they flew
o'er the house and landed nearby. He hollered and shouted and yelled
out their names, Now Dasher, now Dancer, now Prancer, and Vixen,
on Comet, on Cupid, on Donder, and Blitzen! To the top of the eave and
over the wall, and he landed quite neatly, avoiding a ball.

And then in a twinkling we heard on the roof, the prancing and
pawing, and the Boston said WOOF! I drew in my hand, and wiped my
forehead, the Boston still barking peeked out from the bed. Santa had
come down the chimney with a bound, the Boston got quiet, he didn't make
a sound.

Santa's eyes started twinkling and he grinned ear to ear, then I
heard his gruff voice as he whispered quite clear "and what do you
want my sweet little boy, a greenie, a tennis ball, a nice squeaky toy?"
He reached down and patted the Boston on his head, then turned to the
mantle and nodded his head. "I know what you want" he whispered
again, "I'll set it right here, my cute little friend."

The Boston was wiggling his butt in delight, and as Santa bent
over you could've heard a flea bite. Then suddenly kisses were rained on
his face, which Santa was quick to accept and embrace. Then setting the
Boston back onto the ground, he turned to me, winked, and then turned
back around. He patted the Boston once more on the head, then back up
the chimney he quickly sped. Again hearing clatter and prancing of hoof,
we ran to the window and looked up at the roof. As we watched this old
elf and his deer take flight, we heard him exclaim just as clear as



Don't forget to set out the milk bones!

Contributed by Betty Ann Manganello

Update on Brady

This sweet man is the best boy. I swear he smiles at me when I look at him. When he first got here, he didn't eat well at all. Now that all those nasty teeth ate gone, he eats like a champ. 
Sometimes I think he missed his old owners. He sometimes whines and just seems sad. So he gets extra love and hugs. He is very gentle and loving. He is doing great here. 
DuBois pa