Saturday, February 8, 2014

Milo and Lea Cutie Pies

I have been so busy but I am still taking some adorable pictures of Milo, Lea and my little girl Fiona. Both foster dogs love people and other dogs!

Milo is doing great after his neuter and is getting a visit with a potential adopter on Sunday! He is a sweetheart and has not marked in the house since his neuter! (knocking on wood for that!)

Lea aka Lee Lee is just an just a cutie pie! She melts hearts with her eyes and all those kisses! She is slightly still stressed in new situations but is much more trusting. This little girl can now sit with a treat and assistance. She is also finding more trouble! Lea is a chewer but we are working on this and her house manners! She has several weeks to go before getting spayed. She is going to be a great little girl for someone. I have a bunch of pictures of them. Milo is the tall black/white Boston, Lea is the red/white Boston and my own female Boston is Fiona.


Buddy Takes a Nap

Buddy Loves the Sun

Happy Gotcha Day Angel and Crystal

Bella, Buster, Silas Ready for a Snuggle

Aww!!! They'll keep you warm!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Henry in the Snow

Happy Fifth Gotcha Day, Murphy

Mary Jennings Delay Lmt:

Five years ago today Murphy came to his furever home. It was a rough start, including a couple of biting incidents. Thanks to one of your volunteers, Linda Antonelli, who helped us through the rough spots, we were all able to adjust. The Murph has his quirks but we never regret making him a part of our family. Thanks to all the wonderful volunteers for all you do.

Update on Moxie

Taylor Paige Gonyea:

NEBTR rescue Moxie cuddling with her sister watching movies on an upstate NY snow day! We adopted Moxie from NEBTR last July and she is wonderful. She is a boggle though so half beagle but a beautiful little thing! So athletic!! Couldn't ask for a Better dog!

In the one pic she is hanging out in the shed with the guys.. One of her most fave places to spend time while the guys putter on their trucks and toys! She also likes to try to catch the chipmunks that hide in the walls

Joe Sleeps With a Friend

Tigger Has a Forever Home

Congratulations to Tigger, who has found his forever home with his foster Mom, Denice Schnaak.  He had bonded strongly with the family and with his foster siblings, so Denice felt is was best for him to keep her in the home he already loved - and where he was loved as well.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Maxy Moo is Feeling Better

Happy Gotcha Day, Dottie, Now Birdie

Cleo Goes for a Ride

A Valentine from Tinsel

Hello From Chicki

Adopt Cooper Too

Tinsel Warm and Cozy

Oscar and His Kid

Recent Fena Pics

Dodger With His Favorite Chew Toy

Buddy Thinks His Foster Mom is Awesome

Snow Days

This is how Buddy spends his snow days :-)
Canonsburg, PA

You go Buddy - snowy days were made for sleeping!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Update on Honey

Chris Schezzini

This is my Beautiful lil forever foster Honey. Honey was a Puppy mill girl and had a rough life , that is until I got her a few years ago...she has been spoiled ever since....she may not be the prettiest boston but she is my lil pretty girl and I love her to death !! Mommy loves u Honey boo boo

Tinsel and Her Favorite Toy!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Life's Pretty Good, Says Tigger

Our little sun worshipper.  Denice, Jackson, NJ

Aww!!  He looks so content!

Bella and Buster and Silas

Silas is the grumpy old man.

Buster is doing great, Bella is recovering from her spay.

Have a great group of fosters. I'm a lucky foster mom.
DuBois pa

Milo is Neutered

Milo got neutered today! The snow did not stop the vet! He also had a tooth pulled. He is doing great! I picked him up early afternoon after he woke up. He is now doing what he does best and cuddling. He truly is a lover and is doing well. I hope that the neutering helps with his marking!!! :)

We hope your all warming your selves with some Boston's! I have two warming me right now! 

Wall, NJ

A Bed for Tinsel


We braved the snow storm to go down to the post office today.  SO GLAD WE DID!  The bed was there already!!!!!
Thank you so much!
I'm going to post on NEBTR FB a big thank you to Tara McKenney for the bed with the photos I've included in this email.
SO nice of you to share Tigger's stuff with Tinsel!  You made her a happy dog!

Chris & Tinsel

Oh my gosh she looks adorable with those cute white eyebrows!  Our pleasure to forward it, all thanks to Tara McKenney for being so generous.  It sure traveled fast!  Hope she really enjoys it.
Denice & Tigger, Jackson, NJ

Monday, February 3, 2014

Dooley Has a Toy Obsession

Here is the proof that Dooley has a toy obsession. I'm thinking toys anonymous. ;)

But when he looks at me like this I want to run out and get more. ***sigh***. This little guy has me wrapped around his little paw.

Rochester NY

Pangya and His Baby Brother

I just love my baby brother and he loves me, he thinks I am so funny when I run around!!!


More Ace Adorableness

Princess Nala Says Thanks

Nala would like to thank Lisa McGarthwaite for her new pink harness and squeaky duck toy.
She would also like to thank the Braunstein for the bully sticks.
She is quickly learning how to enjoy life :-)
~Kristy Ieraci

Tinsel in Her Vest

Here is the latest update on Tinsel.
The poor thing had 3 pounds of poop in her belly. When you feed a
starving dog, you can't give them all they want to eat, or they will
literally bust a gut and die. It is like killing them with kindness.
You have to give them small amounts of food every few hours apart so
their digestive system can slowly increase in size until they can
accommodate a normal size feeding.

So now that we know that giant bulge in her abdomen is poop and not
puppies, she is on a feeding schedule that allows her time to get all of
that poop and gas out of her system.

 I also would like to thank Maria for her suggestion months ago about
using toddler clothing from thrift shops as dog coats. I had bought
some back when she first mentioned it, but I chose poorly because none
of them fit my dogs, or my foster at the time. But as luck would have
it the cool ski vest fits Tinsel like it was made for her, and she just
loves it. Thanks Maria for that tip! Who knew it would benefit Tinsel
so well!!!
I'll attached some photos of her in her ski vest. She is such a love.
Hard to believe someone would throw her out into sub zero temperatures
to die.
Onward and upward for this little girl! :)

Chris & Tinsel

Poor sweet girl.  Thanks for taking such good care of her Chris. This girl must think she's dreaming, after all she's been through to be so warm and cared for.  Thank you so much.

Update on Willie

Willie in a reflective mood, enjoying life with Cindy Fox

Jack Says "Don't Forget About Me"

Jack is still looking for his forever home!  He is such a great dog, getting along with his foster sisters as well as other dogs he has met over the holidays.  He loves to play fetch with tennis balls and his foster sisters are teaching him how to play tug of war.  He is totally fine with the 2 girls teasing him and is very gentle with them.  He also is fine just by himself and he loves all people.  He is an easy going older gent that would love to have permanent home of his own.  He brings lots of fun and laughs with him and wants everyone to know not to forget about him!

Christine Morse

I had Jack for four days and can say that Christine has it 100% right.  He is a great dog.  I hope that second picture is on his petfinder bio.  Great shot of him.  He is very special and deserves a great home.  JOan S Ontario NY

Ace Wants to Play - Now!

Hey, you can't fool me! I see your eye open! I know you're not sleeping… You need to play with me!! I need the ball!! I need the bone!!  Yes I know I'm sitting on your chest! How else do you expect me to get your attention?!?!


Former Foster Eddie - Celebrates his 3rd Birthday

Hi Everyone! Here is an anniversary update. Eddie was fostered by Leslie Kaucic and adopted Feb of 2013. So freaking cute! 

Thank you for the ecard! We are just in love with our boy and recently celebrated his 3rd birthday on January 22nd! See the attached picture :)
Thank you!!!
Shawn, Jenna, and Eddie

By the looks of  it, he's in love too!! Happy Birthday, sweet boy!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Vic Does the Morning Crawl

Just got a video from Vic's owner Damen McKernan. He does this morning crawl now, and
Damen got it on video....Vic such a cool dog! :)

Chris & Tinsel

New Foster Ace

Hey, you can't fool me! I see your eye open! I know you're not sleeping… You need to play with me!! I need the ball!! I need the bone!!  Yes I know I'm sitting on your chest! How else do you expect me to get your attention?!?!


Ace is a 2 1/2 year old, very energetic healthy boy! He is about 20 pounds, good with other dogs, great with kids, and needs an energetic household to take him on and spoil him rotten.  He is housebroken and crate trained.

So far it is looking like he will do best in a household with kids or other dogs that can match his energy level.  I had to take over 10 pictures before I could get one clear enough to use!  Ace is settling in with me, and we will post more pictures later. 
Because Ace and my own dog looked so similar and came from the same puppy store I pulled the pedigree papers and compare them. They actually have the same father! I am fostering my dogs half-brother!!  
They are very similar in personality also. I'm going to be sad to see Ace go!!

Marjorie in Huntington with Maggie, Sunday Valentine, and the adorable Ace!

Update on Fena

Ori and Fena are overall doing quite lovely.  Fena is absolutely loving all the attention her FB page and wish list are helping her to receive.  It has been such an amazing blessing to this family to have so many of her basic needs (and wants) met over the past several months so thank you thank you thank you!
I need to call doctor ford and get her thyroid meds again and some more pred.  She may need a blood draw to check levels in a little bit but overall is doing pretty well.  She is spry and onery and thinks the downstairs bathroom is for HER in this cold weather....sigh, at least it's in the right room in the house!

Felicity is 10 months old and absolutely loves both Ori and Fena.  A true animal lover already!  So excited!
Ori lounging with Fena.

Update on Teddy

Story telling time. He actually looks up at like he's listening. Took advantage
of unusually warm winter day.


We'll never, ever get enough Teddy updates. Unbelievable that is the same dog.  This is so great so see!

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Look who's smiling now!

Chris & Tinsel
Arendtsville, PA

Yay!  Thanks for making her life happy-Denice, Jackson, NJ

Dooley's Video