Saturday, June 15, 2013

Happy Gotcha Day Mr. Bates


Chops on the left with Dad Tim and brother Billy


The whole family, with Dad Jener

Many of you remember Chops, our former Chip In boy who  came to rescue as an abused puppy with 5 old fractures in his legs that had not been treated.  Look at him now!  A true tribute to love and caring!  He is now Mr. Bates, named after the Downton Abbey tv character and has a brother Boston, Billy.


Forever Dad Tim Rush writes, “Today is the one year anniversary of our adopting Mr. Bates! We're so happy this special boy is in our life. It’s never a dull moment with this fun boy, even Billy has a soft spot for him (we think!). Thanks again to Northeast Boston Terrier Rescue and Carolyn Kamp Kanine for bringing us together. And remember, please adopt, and if you have your heart set on a particular breed, do a little research, there probably is a rescue organization just for them!”


Thanks to Carolyn for her special care for this little boy and for finding the perfect home for him!


Thank you to the hero who saved this dogs life!!!! 

More on Bryant


Bryant came to NEBtR as an owner surrender directly to me his foster mom back in January. Shortly after, he was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and Cushing's disease. Bryant was treated for the thyroid problem but this had little effect on his weight and polydypsia. Bryant then had a loading dose for the Cushing's and since his treatment has been emerging as a dog. He now rolls on his back, comes when called and even today, I saw him grooming his paws. Nothing special perhaps, but for a dog with Cushing's this is amazing. He was more like a statue than a dog and is now becoming more like a dog than a statue. He was seen today by my great vet and will be placed on a maintenance dose to control the disease. I am hoping that within 4 weeks, he will be stable on the meds and ready for a forever home. Bryant is a great dog. I was waiting to see who he was beyond his illnesses. Bryant also lost 4 lbs. With his health issues and his frequent urination under control, he will make someone very happy. Bryant will start the medication maintenance asap. Let's hope the best for him. (I posted new pictures of Bryant in the Photo file)

Linda Brennan

Thank you so much Linda for all you are doing for Bryant!  Linda, this is such a story.  You have been absolutely amazing with Bryant and the teamwork that you and Dr Closser have is a true testament to your dedication to heal.And he even has his own Facebook page!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Happy Gotcha Day Brutus


May 25th was our foster failure/gotcha day for our little guy Brutus. We love him and so does his brother.

-- Angie Dahlman

Property Law 101

New Foster Buddy





Hi everyone, thank you so much for welcoming me to NEBTR! We are so excited to be a part of this rescue! We got our new foster Buddy yesterday.  Buddy is a "Boskimo," which is a BT/American Eskimo mix! He is such a sweetie!

When he first arrived he was a bit nervous and timid but he is gradually becoming more and more comfortable with us. Once he gets more used to being in a new place we have no doubt that he will be able to fully open up to us! Buddy loves to snuggle! He also loves to play & do tricks! He is a very smart boy! When Buddy gets excited he likes to bark and his whole body and tail wiggle all over-- it is adorable! Once we get to know Buddy better I will be sure to let you all know more about him!

Moreen Nickerson

Thursday, June 13, 2013

So Enough With The Rain

Fun Photos from Kom Sitt Bli

You've probably noticed that our blog has a lot of humorous photos with captions included in the pictures.  Many of these are from one source, the very talented Kom Sitt Bli, a very funny photographer/humorist who is a Facebook friend of some of our BT enthusiasts.

So if you enjoy these musings, we are giving special notice to acknowledge the generosity and quality of her contributions.

good web site with lots of information about Boston Terriers.  You'll notice that some of our blog posting are from this site.

Welcome, Fellow Boston Terrier Enthusiasts!

As a Boston Terrier "mom", I wanted to share the knowledge and love I have for this very special breed of dog. So, I created this site as a resource for potential owners and for the people who love these skooshy-faced little dogs as much as I do.
Our family has always had dogs, but it wasn't until we got our first BT that we felt that we had found just the right breed for us. They are intelligent, active little dogs. And, their size, personality and temperament have been a perfect fit for our family.
If you're thinking of adding a Boston to your family, I can tell you that they make great companions. If you're already owned by a BT, then you already know how incredibly special they are!
Looking for information on finding a breeder, puppy selection, health care, nutrition, training, or other additional resources? We can help!
Here's a peek at what you'll find here:
  • An introduction to the breed, their ancestry and history.
  • Learn about choosing a breeder and a puppy.
  • Feeding and proper nutrition.
  • Common health problems you should be aware of.
  • Great names for BTs and help with naming your dog.
  • News and stories about Bostons.
  • Adorable pictures of Boston Terriers.
  • And much, much more!
We are always adding and updating our content, photos and articles, so come back often. We hope your visits are informative, enjoyable and most of all, FUN! Thanks for visiting!

Boston Terrier Mix

Is a Boston Terrier Mix the Right Dog for You?

A Boston Terrier mix is created by crossing a purebred Boston Terrier with another purebred dog. The mix is what is sometimes referred to as a "designer dog" or "hybrid dog".
These dogs are not the usual "mutts" whose backgrounds are unknown. A hybrid dog is a combination of two purebred dogs with known lineage. Hybrid dogs are becoming more and more popular. They are usually are bred to produce a new dog that will ideally have the best characteristics of both parent breeds. Unfortunately, any variation of qualities from either breed may apprear in the hybrid dog.
If you are considering a hybrid dog, research the characteristics for both breeds to be sure there's nothing in either parent breed that would make them an undesirable pet for you.
The American Canine Hybrid Club (ACHC), the main registry for hybrid dogs, currently recognizes over 500 designer breed crosses, including the Boston Terrier Mixes listed below.
Mix with Boston TerrierNew "Designer" Dog
American EskimoBoskimo
BeagleBoglen Terrier
Bassett HoundBasston
Bichon FriseBostchon
Brussels GriffonBrusston
Cairn TerrierCairoston
ChihuahuaBo-Chi or Boston Huahuha
Chinese Shar-peiSharbo
Cocker Spaniel *Boston Spaniel
English BulldogEnglish Boston Bulldog
French BulldogFaux Frenchbo Bulldog or Frenchton
Japanese ChinJapanese Terrier or Boston Chin
Lhasa ApsoBosapso
Miniature PinscherBospin
Miniature SchnauzerMiniboz
Patterdale TerrierPatton Terrier
Scottish TerrierScobo Terrier
Shiba InuShibos
Shih TzuBo-Shih
Toy Fox TerrierFoxton
West Highland White TerrierBostie or Boston Westie
Other popular Boston mixes that are NOT yet recognized by the ACHC are:

New Foster, Gizmo

Meet Gizmo! He's the newest NEBTR boy! He's 5 years old and good with kids cats and dogs! He will be settling into his foster home over the next few weeks. 

Update on Romeo

Romeo is feeling happier and learning how to navigate.  Thanks to all who have helped him, and special thanks to Foster Mom Narelle Wolf for always being there for him!

How NOT To Greet a Dog

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Save a Life

Tuxy Girl is Adopted

Hi everyone --
Just wanted to let everyone know that Tuxy got adopted last night! Her new name is Dink. She knew right away that they were her people, and just played and played with them!

We're gonna miss her so much, but she's gonna have it so good with Angela and James Adams!
Erin (& Katie)

Angela writes, “It's Dink - named after an old farmer I knew as a child. She's settling beautifully! We are so thankful to NBTR, Katie & Erin. She's a great dog!”
Congratulations to all, and special thanks to Katie and Erin for helping this beautiful girl toward the next part of her life.  You were there when she needed it most, and all the thanks go to you two!

Monday, June 10, 2013


Mandy at the Park




I took Mandy on her first outing to a park.  We didn't stay long I didn't want her getting overwhelmed.  She moved along better then I expected. But we didn't see anyone until we got back to the car.  As soon as she saw people she panicked, trying to flee and go under my car.  I made her stand there for a minute before getting in the car.  

Another first, she played with my BT last night outside.  They did the play hop and ran together.  She really comes to life at night...wanting out frequently, running around and taking time to sniff.  I stay up as late as I can so she can have her happy time :-)

Leslie Kaucic